Missing enemy health bars

I recently installed the Shadowlands UI and ultimately decided I didn’t like it. I then tried to uninstall it and all the extra addons it gave me and found my UI still messed up. Specifically, enemy health bars that appear directly above the units are missing. I can see their names and elite/rare tags, but no health bars.
Yes, I have checked with “V” to ensure that enemy health bars are turned on.
Yes, I have tried turning off all addons.
Yes, I have tried renaming my Cache, Interface, and WTF folders for a fresh UI.
I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling WoW all together. With zero addons.
Still. No. Health. Bars.
Please help. What am I missing? This makes combat much more difficult.

Try going to the names tab of the interface options and reset those settings to default to see if it helps at all.

Hi there Pegathus,

There are a few variables that can affect this that are only accessible via addons or in-game commands. Most commonly it would be the one you can toggle with this command:

/console nameplateShowOnlyNames 0

If that still doesn’t work, check out this thread for more info:


THANK YOU! That totally fixed my issue!

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Any other suggestions? Tried them all, two of my toons is without healthbars. have doublechecked interface so the settings is identical.

And you tried the console commands listed above? If that doesn’t work, then unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sorry. :confused: