Missing flight path connection from Loamm to Dragon isles

On my dk i noticed that it wont show me flight path connections from fly master npc in Loamm to outside fly path points in dragon isles. I asked GM for help and did all that was suggested by him and still no fix. I am wondering is anyone else having same problem??


As far as I know thereis no flight path connection between Loamm and the outside dragon isles :frowning: I hope I am proven wrong though as I really hate the divei into the cave :slight_smile:

every other char that i have can fly to and from Loamm via flight master, only my dk cant fly out of Loamm

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I am amazed. I never knew that you can fly via flight master into the zaralek caverns! I did not see the flight points just by clicking on the flight master in Valdrakken though, I had to click on the area of the caverns on the right bottom corner of his map and then click on which ever of the 2 I wanted!

I hope you get your flight points sorted out for your DK :slight_smile:

To rule out the obvious: have you talked to the flight master in the cavern to discover the flight point? It is not available by default. I did parts of the campaign few days ago on my alt and I was able to pick up the FP and use it without issues.

I’m also having this problem all of a sudden. Can fly to ZC but when I try to fly back to the DI it’s not showing any FP’s at all - and yup I’ve discovered them. This has only been an issue for me this week, had no problem flying back and forth before then.


I have the same problem on my Warlock, but it’s only my warlock, all others don’t have a problem .


has anyone found a solution to this yet?


I have the same problem.


I have the same problem.

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Same problem here

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I also have the same problem. I also notice the when you are in any FP in Dragon Isles and talk to flightmaster and open the map, when you click the bottom right area to see the Loamm FPs (i can see them) and click back the Dragon Isles area all the FPs are disapear and i have to close and re open the map to see them. When i’m in Loamm the only way to go to Dragon Isles is to fly out of it.

I also notice that not all my characters have this bug. Only the characters (2 of them) that have finish the questline (or until the quest to tell you to do the raid).

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This has now spread to all my characters as well, can fly to Loamm but not back. Must be a new feature, Fly there heath back

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I just noticed this as well, it’s a bug that just appeared.

You can fly into Loamm

But if you try to flight path OUT of Loamm from within?

All flight paths are gone now.

EDIT: The problem more than likely has occurred because Loamm was not planned with the idea of the map updating with Amirdrassil.

So now that you try to fly out of Loamm, it’s trying to find the old map without Amirdrassil, not updated. Thus it doesn’t register that the map has updated to the new zone and thinks it doesn’t exist.

Then if you click Loamm and back out, it blanks out and it turns to this:

Here to further zoom in and highlight the glitch:


Can confirm.
Mage who is renown 20 with the dream warden, no flight point back from Loamm to
Evoker who has never been to the new area can still fly in and out of Loamm.

I have screenshots but can’t figure out how to insert them.

Confirmed, none of my characters that have completed the Amirdrassil story can fly out of Loamm, but all my characters that haven’t, can. Definitely a bug.

Just come across this issue too. No flight paths from ZC and as posted above it seems to show an old map.

In addition to what’s been posted above, if you click into Forbidden Reach or the dream the map zooms into the sea in the top left corner instead of the zones. The four main zones zoom correctly but no paths.

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Yep, same here. Character that USED to be avle to flu out of the Cavern can no longer see and flight ppints.


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No fix yet. A solution is to put a portal from Loamn to Valdrakken.