Missing Honor

Every time I PvP late at night or early morning, the honor goes missing. Does anybody know if this is just a display bug, or did I just lose 20k honor?

i.imgur .com/nAGWbt4.png

350 HK’s, 488 honor? Was ~20k

If you play over the daily honor reset, which is at 8am ST now I think, the honor of around 30 minutes gets delayed and will be added on the next day. So it’s just a display bug.

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it is just a display “bug” (well technically not a bug since it’s intended behavior). the honor UI does only update once per day. which is sometime between 9 AM to 6 PM.

but the ACTUAL honor calculation stops at midnight. so honor gains that happend in this timeframe is simply not shown in the default UI until the next UI update.

I have this problem too

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Oops sorry wrong chat

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