Missing Twitch Drop - Goblin Weather Machine

Account linked, watched streams for 4 hours, said it was at 100%, claimed it, nothing.

I’ve claimed all the previous Twitch drops without issue.

Not in my mailbox, inventory, toy collection.

Anyone else?



Tho, I’ll start worrying after a few days rather than a few hours.



Watched for way more than 4 hours, claimed the loot on twitch.tv (like al the previous loot) - not received ingame.


Same issue here. Previous Twitch drops went through, but this one hasn’t.

Haven’t changed any passwords or other details, which would make my account ineligible. Everything is identical to last time’s Twitch drop run.

ive got this issue aswell.
ive been able to redeem the previous fel drake & the purple firework tho, so it must have something to do with this toy.

You need to go here (https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory) and click there a button to get it.

The item displayed in the inventory says it was claimed 5 hours ago, which is when I pressed Claim.

I have still not received the item.

Same, I haven’t received anything and I claimed this this morning … Twitch says claimed but i haven’t received anything.

Yep same here, my previous rewards where rewarded instantly. But for this, it has been over an hour and still nothing.

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adding to the list, also didnt get it, as both a player who plays on NA and EU side, logged into EU first after claiming on twitch and the toy supposedly supposed to be granted is greyed out in toy collections as if not even owned.

Havent checked if it shows on my NA accounts yet. but id guess the same, previous twitch drops were claimed and showed up instantly.

I didn’t get it yet either but I did notice this on the claim page

Depending on the number of claims and the game developer’s fulfillment schedule, it may take some time to fulfill the Drop rewards in the game.


+1 :slight_smile: tooo

No we dont, because we already did that.

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I haven’t received it yet but it could take up to 24 hours. The previous drops I received instantly except 1 which I received on the next day. So let’s wait a day and see.

Does it appear as a toy ingame in retail?

Haven’t received mine either, almost 24 hours up. I remember I clicked the Claim button during the downtime though, wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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I didn’t think of the downtime maybe delaying the drops. I knew my luck with the drops would run out with one not showing up straight away and it’s this one. Going to give it a little longer than the others before sending a report or whatnot, see if the downtime did something

Watched 4 hours, claimed the item, but like everyone else here, I didn’t receive anything.
It was 24h ago, and still nothing.


Probably the devs were too busy fixing the issues in the latest patch and forgot to turn on the drops.

Okay its been 24+ hours since i’ve claimed drop on Twitch. Got nothing atm.