Missing Twitch Drop - Goblin Weather Machine

I just noticed that there is no confirmation on my Twitch notification page that I am eligible to get this drop.

I did receive this notification, but still no item. Closing in on the 24 hour mark now.

Didn’t receive this even after 24hrs

Is there anyone who has actually received the drop?

I see people to use it in BGs or capital city.

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I did receive:
Perpetual Purple Firework
Swift Windsteed Mount
Cenarion Hatchling Pet
Feldrake Mount
Dragon Kite Pet

I did not receive:
Goblin Weather Machine

I can confirm that I have claimed the drops on Twitch
I can confirm that I have my Twitch account linked on my Battle.net account management page
I can confirm that I have waited 24 hours


I bet everyone that had issues with the other drops, got this one straight away.

yes, same problem here. followed every step but still didn’t receive it. hopefully blizzard acknowledges there is smthing wrong with this system …

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Hi I watched 4 hours of twitch I claimed it just like I did for the fel drake and pet

Still nothing I have relogged , signed out of bnet , signed back in nothing

My two friends who did at the same time , both got there’s please help

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Wait, it’s not always instant, I haven’t got mine either.

same issue here… i made a ticket , they replied me with auto-answer , i re-opened it , and still waiting…

CS cannot grant any drop rewards, creating a ticket has no use.

It may take 24h to arrive. For some people it has been instanteous or arrived a bit later so definitely check again in awhile.

Edit: Provide more info with the format here;

Just checked this and im wondering, does the fact that i recently changed my name on twitch affect this ? (i see nothing about it listed here though!)
only that if you reset your password you need to relink it.
Am i correct?

I don’t think so as it only checks for internal link and whether if this link has been broken… If you’re still connected at Twitch what you can do is break the link then reconnect it.

As long as it’s the same accounts the link will be accepted without cooldown.


So i guess since it doesnt get affected and its all good i shall wait until tomorrow.

Claimed 19hrs ago… STILL… I havent received it…


same issue…


same issue, claimed it 24h ago already.

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Got same issue. Watched 4 hours. Connected on both battle net and twitch. Received other drops fine.

same issue, waited 24h but still no weather machine :frowning: