MMR (Healers) is still not fixed in all lobbies. Devs?

Now, having a high rating, it makes no sense to get in line for a DPS. Because the healers from 1800 MMR, in 2700 MMR (Lobby), in their defense, tell the warlock that he (Healer) has not yet learned how to maintain (warlock) health on this MMR when he is tunneled by 2 melees (p.s. he dont bind dispell button vs elem, another one dont bind purge for restodruid, another one dont trying to CC target, but now everyone plays on 2700 MMR). The healer now does not lose the rating (warlock 0-6, 2700 mmr, -70 rating, healers 3-3, 2000 mmr, ± 0 rating), and the DPS loses -70 and -100 mmr. In the next game, not an experienced healer comes out again with 1900 MMR on 2600 game, sorry, why play it in this case in principle? Rating and MMR exist in order for the player to develop and play on his rating and grow in the course of his progress, now not experienced healers are thrown into a super experienced lobby, but with the current pace of the game the healer can not cope, it is impossible for him to adapt to high MMR games, they even have ilvl 411.

Just think about how absurd the situation is, it used to be hard to get a rating on healer, because every lobby is 3-3 or 2-4 or 1-5. And blizzard couldn’t come up with anything other than this solution, where a completely inexperienced player now enters a super experienced lobby and ruins the game as a result.

That is, now everything has changed places, healers are happy that they have the opportunity to play high mmr (p.s. games are still 3-3 or 0-6 for one of them, But now they do not take away the rating).
DPS lose their rating, due to inexperienced healers and terrible game balance (Super fast meta).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a RATING system, it’s not a SKIRMISH

a player with little experience should not play at a high MMR:
0-1500 (After getting 1.5, he thinks it’s time to move the buttons from the spellbook to his action bar)
1500-1700 (After getting 1.7, the player thinks about not clicking on the buttons with the mouse and starts doing binds)
1700-1900 (After getting 1.9 the player writes macros)
1900-2200 (After getting 2.2 Starts use personal save into enemy burst - not always)
2200-2400 (Starts giving out CC - not always)

And I’m not talking about the rest of the base that everyone should know, but I don’t understand one thing, what is that a S**T? Why is it throwing a healer with a 2k rating into the lobby at 2.8, who can’t purge/dispel, doesn’t try to give control and doesnt know how u need heal everyone here.

I hope that the person who managed to send this code to live servers (although there is a PTR for this). And the whole team that approved this code and tested it inside the company and everyone who gave the general go-ahead to push it to retail, I hope will be fired.

So dear developers, instead of reducing the queues, you have reduced participation, I’m not going to play this until they give me players in the lobby with my experience, no less.

Wake me up when this f****d-up is fixed.


its cringe really.

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Still not fixed. I’m completely confused.

Can someone clearly explain to me the meaning of this? Has anyone come to terms with this yet? Have you ever encountered guys who are 600 ratings below you, start to stand on off and give you 0-6? That is, I can leveling a healer and ruin games for everyone at a high rating just because I can enter such lobbies using the opportunity provided by Blizzard.

Low exp healers use randomly trinket and get blind+sap. Low exp healers don’t use grip. All lobbies are filled with discipline priests who are not able to heal without using their utilities competently. Why do I have to suffer in high mmr games due to the lack of experience of the healer in my lobby? In addition, now even more trolls have appeared, people deliberately ruin games, stand afk, use specially visual cooldowns in preparation for the start of the match (power word barrier).

I think this is just because of the healer shortage, the system tries to match you with a healer as close as possible to your rating but the longer the queue the more “relaxed” the requirements.

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that is correct :slight_smile:

just like for healers at high or at the beginning of implementation of ss

it doesnt matter what mmr u are the stretch of the matchmaking will give u lobby of ppl with xxxx mmr lower because they are some intelligent ppl who sat a 5 hour que for no reason to play casual game lol

so one thing we can conclude from this is that the strech on matchmaking is bad if its for heal or dps

put same mmr people together in same lobby that is the only way that make sense

people want to sit over hour que to play something casual that is their choise i dont care

im not playing system which pairs random mmrs together

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