Mob tagging just for the kill

Randoms that come and tag mob you are killing and just run away is something I really dislike. (for the quest kill).

I felt used and I can’t do anything for it. its like homeless just takes something from our bag and you cant do anything ><

Theres already items that remove some anoyances, like Neural Silencer.

how about… if blizz could make items that tags you “unfriendly” for everyone, so next 24h you couldn’t tag other mobs or noone else could tag yours (exept if in party) (maybe bosses excluded)

I dont play this game to give free ride for horde losers… (Only reason I’m horde is that my friends want to try them) ><

What you think? :slight_smile:

I … will just shadowmeld. I am very snidy mean person. When people just think they can tag and run, i can just shadowmeld and laugh.


I don’t understand a problem?
You get your own loot and same xp still.
You’d kill a mob with or without help regardless.
It’s a MMO.


If you don’t see a problem you don’t know this game or you are ignorant, if someone tags your mob, mob’s health pool will increase and it will take longer to kill him. Many times i had this issue while fighting Azerite Giants for world quests, these with 400k+ hp, someone just dots him and run away and mob immediately gets 600k hp because it will scale to 2 players fighting him.


Oh come on, even in my crappy gear it doesn’t take long to kill mobs. Tagged or not.

I personally have never had much issue with people just tagging and running off. Nearly everyone I have seen has always helped kill stuff, or even better we group up two sets (one each) drag them together and proceed to AoE them down.

No grouping involved, just nice co-operative play and understanding…


Make a shadow priest and try then.


I’m sorry I feel your pain for the issue but this bit made me lol! How many times has a homeless person taken something from your bag? And of course you can do something because stealing is wrong even if they are homeless :woman_facepalming:

Onto the tag and run, I’ve got to admit I’ve kind of done that but only in mob heavy areas where I’ve tagged lots of mobs others are fighting and then helped finish them all off so I guess I’m only a partial PITA. I wouldn’t tag and leave, I even stop and help horde if I see them struggling cuz I’m a nice alliance :smiley:


I do it.

Pop a wee shadow word pain on everything I need to kill. Some will be killed by others, some will be killed by me.

Had it done to me before and it just means the thing I was killing died quicker

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Sooo a class that uses DoT’s right? xD

I mean idm helping a class that may struggle to kill things slowly on it’s own, even if it means am doing most of it by myself.

When you would play ramp-up spec which needs around 30+ seconds to do good damage you would know how painful it is to kill those high hp monsters, and poof suddenly they have 50% more health, let another one tag this mob and it has 700k hp instead of 400, gg killing it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more annoying when you farm some leather and people just tag the mobs you fight and never bother to loot them.


Yeah I guess that would be annoying but I don’t think a solution should ever involve dividing the playerbase coz of some outlying situations.

Last thing I think this game needs is more of a “me first” mentality or ways to further separate the community.

Stop playing the ramp up build then? And use more burst trait/talent and essence when you are out in the world.

I mean Is not like priest don’t have more direct things for pvp and wquest.

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I never said that, mobs just shouldn’t scale to players count, it should be the old way, the more players vs hard mob the easier it becomes, now it’s artificaly extending the fight.

That would be fair, tho it would have to be limited otherwise we run into the situation where things die far too fast for people to get stuff done.

I.e boss mobs.

Shadow priests aboustley melt things what you on about make a shadow priest and try it :joy::joy:

How to stop ramp up build if whole spec is about ramp up? Please, think before posting, and no, we don’t have more frontload spells.


Did you try shadow priest in open world recently? Or your whole knowledge is based on raid parses?

You’re one of those snowflakes that I hear about ain’t you. :joy::joy:

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Stop using x3 chorus while questing since your are gonna build horribke stack anyway.

Use Death Trones instead, no ramp up and more direct swp damage. Just an example.

Don’t use lingering insanity since things will be dead fast and you will have really few stack anyway.

Play with CoF and more damage proc essence instead of one that benefit you from 38483 min fight.

Use burst damage trinket instead of stat ones.

Just few example