Molten Core still alive, the Season Of Mastery fiasco

Fun is subjective, obviously.

I don’t want to min-max, since I don’t find that fun. I min-max in real life and play a hunter in Vanilla. Not the best, but hardly a nuisance.


The only thing that was pointless imo was shortening the release time yet adding double health to raid bosses alongside getting rid of world buff…

How it should have been seen -
Getting rid of world buff = same raid boss health but maybe they have more attacks.

Not getting rid of world buff = double raid boss health and give them more attacks.

I would also like to have seen 2-4 flying mounts added to each faction, with a few rare flying mount drops in raids - making normal mount elite lvl at lvl 40 for a more reasonable price say 200 gold and a flying mount at lvl 60 for 1000 gold.

Raids took enough time WITH world buffs, doubling the health bar of the bosses and getting rid of world buffs is probably the worst thing they could have done in all.

Flying mounts in som would have nailed it.

Flying mounts were one of the biggest mistakes they ever made.


How about you get your facts straight before wtiting random stuff.

The only bugg that was involved was the 6th player (when creating raid) getting party bonus during the leveling. That was available to us all, and was known. Hmm, perhaps also the bug that resets Shamans mana after each point in the talent tree - altho I dont know if thet used it. Wouldnt have been needed.

They (APES) killed Ragnaros after 5 days, while the “pro’s” live from Las Vegas - Method (who somehow managed to think it was theoretically “impossible” before Day 16) - were wiping at Zul Farak at lvl 50. So I wouldnt discredit their accomplishment at all.

Not hard that however. My guild, a bunch of dads on vacation, killed all but Ragnaros @ last day of first reset (night of 4th September) as many others did.

The reason nobody is doing it now (at least that fast) in SoM is because people like that arent the target audiance and MC has been buffed by quite alot relative to what 55-60 players wearing greens can do. A mix of both most likely.

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This pretty much.

Ragnaros was also cleared in EU earlier today.

Now I’ve read the topic line of this many times over, I still do not get it.
How is it a fiasco that Molten Core is still alive?

molten core is not still alive.

Another statement - not an answer!

Not it wasn’t :slight_smile:

I’m not touching SoM, because it only lasts 12 months.
Especially during its release time.
It released during TBC, so only the people who don’t really play TBC would play it.
It was probably one of the worst times to release it :man_shrugging:
I’d probably have played it, if it was after WOTLK.

Indeed, no idea why they would release it 40% into The TBCC experience.

Should’ve done it when sunwell was at least 2 months old.

Also that, I’m already bummed out that they released TBCC, so short into the era lifespan.

I’m not a speed runner, i want to enjoy and take my time with stuff.

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What’s the point in doing any pve content at this stage (dungeons or raids) when you can literally semi-leech AV and get your full rank 10 set in like 3 weeks and a few epics for exalted AV. You could then spend a further few months casually grinding r14 & you won’t even need to do BWL on release. Get your AB & WSG reps to exalted and grab yourself the off peices/weapons and you really don’t even need to step inside a raid until AQ.

I love the idea of faster ranking, but I really don’t think it’s good for the health of the game to have it available so early in the game. It kinda makes the first 6 months of PVE content completely irrelevant, bar a few specific items such as trinkets, rings & few weapons. Those items will probably start getting farmed by gold bid raids once there’s enough people with PvP gear to do the content easymode.

Because PvE contents are fun as opposed to doing AV over and over again?

I thought the PvP system was bugged in SoM and the “Faster ranking” did not apply at all.

Saw a few thread about it.

It is now double as fast. They fixed it with the last reset.

So it’s now double RP gain but also double decay. Which transfers to faster ranking overall, but you still need to be bracket14 in your last week (or last two, didnt do the math) in order to achieve rank 14. Which is 1-2 weeks of absolut no life.

The reason it was released was because TBC was bleeding numbers. As nostalgic as it was to enter the dark portal once again it just doesn’t have the same playability as Classic - many players including myself have maxed out everything we need to and have no interest in TBC PvP so people are raid logging.

I’m currently playing SoM and with everyone leveling it’s nice to experience a fresh realm once again and I still raid in TBC over the weekend.

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I stopped playing TBCC because I just saw a stream of bots everywhere I went.

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