Molten Core still alive, the Season Of Mastery fiasco

More than 2 weeks after the release, Molten Core is still alive. We all know this raid is joke if you compare to a Retail or modern raid, so why nobody can pretend to kill him ?

It seem most people aren’t interested to rush Molten Core and Onyxia for a 3rd Race To World First.

The population seem not as high as Classic Vanilla, if you /who high level zone at night time, you can see there’s less than 50 players sometime in theses zones. There’s a massive issue to find dungeons group, already, with a big shortage on tank and heal.

What does that mean ?

  • SOM was semi-successful on launch. Way less hype than Classic Vanilla 2 years ago obviously, but still populated. Like always, there’s a massive player cut after the first week.

  • SOM was to so soon. 2 years ago you had Classic Vanilla. People are playing TBC and plan to play WOTLK if Blizzard release it. Having a SOM in the middle of the ground is not how you can get many people in the same boat.

  • The game lack fundamental change that would make the gameplay more pleasant without touching the class balance. For example, 21 yard nameplate are atrocious when you have 41 yard nameplate in TBC.

  • The lack of world buff drived away many hardcore raiders. The lack of real change in PvP drived away many hardcore PvP boy. Ranking is still an unbearable task that will make you lose your job and your family. Not really wanted in 2021.

  • It seem there’s a general lack of interest in SOM.

  • The faction balance is way better than Classic Vanilla. All realm seem way healthier and you can breath as Alliance AND Horde this time.

  • Toxic community is back like each fresh Vanilla, with people streamsniping each other on PvP server, double account to /who opponents, player that follow only hardcore player and try to kill them. There was an exploit on Plagueland towers where people farmed honor “en masse”, and probably more hidden things that theses guys exploited.

  • Dungeons provide more XP than anything else, and it’s bad. Mage are already solo-ing ZF at level 40 and then BRD. The boosting nerf doesn’t work, people can still solo dungeons and make boost because the issue is not about mob that can be slow, the issue is about mob pathing. Dire Maul is still easily farmable for a Mage. People that do quest in the world should get way more XP than people in dungeon, because questing in the world is way more dangerous especially on a PvP server.

  • To many Rogue. It’s like 25% to 33% of SOM players are Rogue.

  • Launching PvP Rank, Battlegrounds, enhanced loots in dungeons, and Dire maul, all of that at launch, is a bad idea. The original Classic Vanilla release schedule was way better. We aren’t going to see any Hillsbrad Battle in SOM, T0.5 available on launch is a misstake because it make Rogue so overpowered in PvE and PvP.

SOM is not that bad, but it’s not that good.


I think that the whole HC hype, has taken over the raid hype but yes, overall SOM just didnt appeal to as many players as classic did for various reasons.

I said this before, SOM just didnt offer enough to be played again for a majority of players and it seems as if classic in 2019 did profit mostly from retail not having content as Shadowlands was delayed.
Besides that, streamers even tho I hate their sheep, do bring large numbers of players into a realm. Problem is, if they dont play or leave, the realms are empty.

I do level a Priest, so here comes your heal, but I am slow and I dont pug as a healer due toxic environment there, not on retail, not on classic. Knowing that the realms go down in about 12 months, is surely a killer in motivation for me, so that I still spend more time on era realms, where my progress is permanent.

Its not as bad as you make it, but over time we would have been better off with just a single realm of each type and maybe one for HC folks with special features, but just one.


You know it’s out for 12 days? How is that more than 2 weeks? It is not even 2 weeks…


The OP writes to us from the future :wink:


The only toxic people are like you, always complaining about others and everything.

World of Warcraft Karen


No one wants that plague

so what? it wasnt an achievment in classic and its not an achievment in som. players know exactly how bosses work. clearing mc is not an interesting objective, its just a source of loot. maybe this time people really try to enjoy leveling and understand how stupid rushing is and that theres nothing to achieve in the end of the rush


Maybe people are just enjoying the experience and taking it easy.

I cleared all the content 15 years ago, so why rush now, when I beat everyone else anyway?


You’re right, most people really AREN’T concerned about rushing Molten Core and Onyxia for a 3rd race to world first. They are more concerned about IRL stuff like their careers, family and other hobbies. Most normal people won’t be 60 for quite some time yet. So expect to struggle finding groups. Sacrificing other aspects of your life for this game is a massive mistake. Most people realise that by now except the ones who are an absolute mess IRL.


I think it’s fantastic that MC is still alive.


This and only this.

I think that contrary to Classic, loads of people did NOT take days off this time. I remember in classic, where I took a frikkin 3 weeks off, I was not reall ahead of the curve since thousands of players had taken vacation days. This time, not so much. Most people didn’t take days off and hence level slowly. I rememer being level 30 in the 3rd or 4th day in Classic. Now I am lvl 30 after 12 days.

My prediction though is still that the number of players will decline sharply when more people realize that they have to play a couple of months of 2h a day to get back to 60 again just to have the endgame start. A bit offputting. It’s still the same ole after all: /who diremaul on Kingsfall and I saw 10 hunters and 10 mages.

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The thing you call plague is a blessing in my eyes. Which means I want them. Speak for yourself.

The level of delusion about how poorly SOM is doing is legit hilarious.
I’ll never understand this weird desire people have to defend video games to the death - yes SOM has a surprisingly low population, yes Blizzard’s team will be worried, yes your casual guild will collapse before BWL due to lack of interest assuming it even gets to MC.
Getting all snippy about people spending too much time in game is just a childish distraction tactic.

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You’re right. Not many amongst the playerbase care about “World first records” “speedruns” or silly stuff like that. There’s less people than classic as evidenced by the lack of populated servers, and even less of the “recordsmen” who were few even the first time around.

That said, if molten core came with nochanges it would already be cleared. We already know it requires a bit more preparation. No more lvl 58s in greens wrecking molten core week 1. What’s the point of going in without farming out consumes and bis from dungeons/pvp rep? Wiping repeatedly? I certainly don’t see it.

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the 2019 MC clear was done by bug using wasnt it? I heard there was this private server guild abusing mechanics, therefore winning the race.

Maybe they dont play now or the loopholes are fixed.

The majority never went for MC in the first weeks, it was just a tiny amount of players, but those mostly non legit.

The buffed the health and damage by a lot, so i doubt you can rush it with 56’s in blues like in original classic.

Every one knew that SoM would not even manage half of 2019 classic’s population.

Like the release of 2019 classic was such a massive hype thing, like "They are finally doing it, Re-releasing Classic after so many years, we can finally go back and play/experience the game as it used to be when it was “Good” "

But people have done all that now, there is no reason to do it again, especially this soon.

Also, Most (not all) of the changes are dumb af as well, and just made me not want to even adept the SoM.

That is actually one of the main reasons SoM is bad imo.

It was fun going from 10-12% crit to 22-25% crit on my mage after world buffs.

Same while leveling a warrior or hunter (never played either in endgame, just lvling), The damage buff is insane and it makes the game overall more fun.

High damage = Fun

Low damage = Not fun

Some of us don’t care about numbers. I enjoy the social aspect of the game more than numbers, hence I never pick a class on how well it performs, numbers-wise.

The game is what you make it.

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Kingsfall totally full off players. SOM is doing great here and you dont need to come here and write “death of WOW” posts everytime you fail to like this game. Like it or not this will last beyond BWL and no …blizzrd isnt sad about the numbers of SOM. Only delusional people that want to write those “i hate wow” post waited for some sort of numbers because they fall flat without any…where we dont fall, we just enjoy the time. HC or non hc with our own slow pase to Ragnaros.


That might’ve been fun back in 2006 when i was a noob.

Ignorance is bliss and all that.

But i can’t enjoy being the ”Worst” or Sub-Par any more