Monk, shaman, or hunter

Hi. Wich of those 3 is more fun for you, and why? Purely for dps, PvE play.



monkey dps okay, kinda fun sorta. kinda. ish.
elem shammy, sickeningly good and fun with plenty of procs all over the place.
hunte …ugh, i died of boredom before finishing the name

Probably WW monk for melee and Ele for ranged depending which you prefer. Hunter maybe is not most crazy fun but every class will fall in boredom sooner or later so i rather picked reliability with hunter - you can talent stealth to avoid some tricky spots or if you just dont want waste time with trash on way to boss. Monk and Shaman dont have it. Sometimes you will want solo something and dont wait for other players to show up - hunter pet can do it for you, otherwise you must rely on selfhealing with ww monk or timer for your earth elemental on shaman. And with hunter you can troll with misdirection to put aggro on some party/raid member etc.

From a PVP perspective, they’re all monkey dps classes with 0 thought process. From PVE. I see monk being fun from having the you must do different abilities for your mastery to have impact, the energy starving will be a problem. So that leaves you with shaman and hunter then if you don’t like waiting on energy, shaman is great all around with very little buttons to not press, same for hunter. However hunter can go oom just like a rogue or monk figuratively speaking can. Game play wise? Nothing of mention comes to mind which would sell any of the classes unless the class fantasy sells it for you.

Follow this process:

Ranged or melee?

If ranged: discount monk

No “OOM” mechanic
Resource management entirely conscious
Consistent DPS spread (spenders close to builders)
Has casts, not terribly mobile
Good utility

Hunter, BM:
Fully mobile
Simple rotation
Resource has almost entirely passive management to build
Dependent on pet AI

Not fully mobile “pseudo caster”
Resource is passive and active
Bursty profile
Rotation is more complex than BM

If Melee:
Two resources
Resource is active and passive
Rotation requires obeying mastery (cannot just spam). More complex than other two.
Profile is quite consistent but CDs impactful with leggo
Some utility

No resource
Simple priority list rotation, easy in theory, can be complex when stars align.
Slave to RNG
Damage varies a lot based on procs
Some decent utility

Passive and active resource
ST and cleave are very talent reliant, you cannot do both very effectively.
Can be quite complex when juggling bomb infusion timing with mongoose windows
Lacks utility.

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You forgot to mention that if you talent into storm elemental you can turn your rotation into mashing a single key while its active.


Mobile + ranged is a winning combination.

This was for ele, I’m not totally down on how ascendancy affects them honestly.

Hunter is fun for as you have 3 diff specs and they function differently.

BM is nice as you can sit back and chill.
MM is fun but honestly not my cup of tea but it can feel great.
Survival is really unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The thing that always lets hunters down for me is the Pet AI.

Shaman is a safe bet, two DPS and a healing spec so you have some diversity.
Ele is strong right now and feels lovely to play.
Enhance can get mental and feels just as fun!
Resto is a great healing spec imo and I really love the toolkit it has to offer.

WW is fun the mastery can get a bit dry, but you dart around with swirling kicks and flurry’s of fists it’s awesome.

MW is probably my favourite healing spec, the only thing is I’m pants at managing mana on it. Mainly lack of xp.

BM is a very interesting tank spec and obviously you have a trinity in a class so no matter what you have que and content options.

All in all your best bet is creating a class trial of each class and seeing what you personally prefer. I never thought I’d like priest, started levelling one and well I really enjoy it!

Melee vs ranged is first and primary choice. I find melee is more hectic, but simultaneously more mobile since nothing you do will channel (well, except jade lightning, but you won’t use that for anything except precision pulling or tapping a flag capper).

Monk is a fun melee, in my opinion. Tons of gap closers or gap makers, teleport, fishing chair (once we can fly), and a satisfying rhythm to their skills, especially Whirling Dragon Punch (which you basically will talent). The mastery is one that will occupy quite a lot of your thinking, so don’t expect a simple 123 rotation and being able to watch Netflix while running a +18. Be warned that your CC is very tepid in PvP; 20 yard range and 30s CD, and instantly breaks on damage. It has it’s place, but it’s not nearly as offensive as shamans’ Hex. However, you have a very viable tank spec, and hopefully with 9.1, a decent healer spec as well, which does make it the most flexible of the choices presented.

Ele shaman is ‘good’ but you often find yourself waiting on procs and building enough maelstrom. It’s entirely possible that the melee dps will have a pack on half health by the time you can cast earthquake, and that does take the shine off it. Nontheless, you have a bunch of utility to bring to a group with ranged CC, decurse, totems and bloodlust. As long as the dps tuning is sensible, ele shaman will be desired by groups. Ability to switch to melee dps or healer is always a plus.

Hunter… is what to play if you want to be the person who says ‘I can do that mechanic for the raid’. BM is so mobile, and so simple, that you can spare the brain-space to watch out for anything that needs soaking, clicking, or CCing. MM is solid, but more rooted than BM, so you’re a little less ideal for handling mechanics. Survival… we have hopes for 9.1! It is actually very fun mechanically but has been chronically undertuned the last patch and fallen out of popularity.

Thanks for all the answers guys!! As for looks, (mogs) wich of those 3 is coolest - in ur opinion ofc :slight_smile:

WW, hands down, is one of the most fun melee spec.
Regarding transmog, leather has better options than mail in my opinion.

Hunter because i still have that feeling that I’m a ranger and i like the dmg output of the class kind of feels like the safest DPS.
MM hunter is just so good

Shaman on the other hand is good dmg wise but im having trouble understanding the DPS rotation for them.

Monks I’m not a fan of Kung Fu panda :panda_face: it constantly reminds me of that and idk i never got into it because of that childish thought.

give MM hunters 80% mastery like in end of BFA and i promise i will play MM hunter 100 hours a week :rofl:

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I play all classes, but I haven’t purchased the expansion.

I have:
1 Shaman. Which I only finished leveling to a decent level cap (50) recently. I always had her as a low level, since vanilla tbh …

1 Monk. I still need to raise her HoA neck to 80 and her Legendary cape.
Not looking forward to it tbh …
She feels way too squishy.

2 Hunters with a 3 rd one being leveled up atm.
One of them has the HoA at 80 and Legendary cape at decent level.
After my Mage this character will be next and I’m looking forward to it.
Hunters make everything much easier.
There’s nothing wrong having a complex rotation like WW Monk, the problem for me is when all that work is worthless …


i already have 5 hunters level 60 :rofl:
and like 45 level 50s …

i am a altoholic does blizzard pay for terapy ? :rofl:

Bias, but monk wins mogs.

Leather generally speaking is more versatile than mail, with mail there are shaman tier sets which look good for shaman, and for hunter there are some mail sets which work, but there’s a significant amount of huge towering mail sets which are bit obscure for either honestly.

With monks, they can get away with wearing most leather and pull it off as they suit the robed look, and the non robed look. Monk tier sets are typically very cool and suitable for the class, but they can also work with druid and rogue sets depending on race.

ATM my mog for example is a hodgepodge of monk tier items and some DH pieces so my skin shows to capture that nightborne tendency, and it works.

Your race very much determines the mog, but I’d say monk has more to play with by sheer fact of huge amounts of leather appearances.

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I don’t know if this is because my main is DK but I agree. If you don’t use your defensives properly, and even then in some cases, WW is not a really tanky melee.

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Yes WW is like a rogue, where if your defensives are up, you are actually stupidly tanky (assuming karma isn’t removed) but when they’re down, you lack some general robustness as you really only have Expel Harm healing as a consistent source of healing that doesn’t require you to cast. The CDs are very strong though, very few classes can duel a competent WW unless they trade big Cooldowns with them or can remove Karma. In PvE karma less helpful.

But monk tankiness is built on idea of CDs, and when they down, hyper mobility.

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Monk for mogs. Epic hats.

Mail options are poor in general.