More hints that the Shadowlands leak may be truer


Here is the link for the leak:

A current post from the US forum which shows that the ship Vrykul-Forsaken ship models are in the new PTR:

Well, the leak doesn’t seems to be that bad but BfA remains dog💩


Well, no matter if the “leak” is true, Helya’s involvement isn’t that surprising, is it? Sylvanas did have some deal with her, we do know she is still at large, and the Kvalldir have a history of fighting Naga. Also, the Vol’jin story stuff still isn’t finished, and Helya wasn’t asked, yet.

So… while this is indeed interesting, I don’t really think it gets much closer to confirming a Stormwind-raid where everyone dies, etc.


Second link and recent replies in 1st confirms that leak is fake, indeed boats are in game files but they are without Forsaken logo, just standard vrykul ships.

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By Elune this is madness can you imagine Jabjan being right all this time ! I don’t even know what to feel about this leak.


starts laughing in zandali


This can’t be real, there is a mistake for sure!

But the leak was posted before the ships even existed in the ptr, so I don’t know how to feel about it.


Why would he? That doesn’t prove anything. For all we know they’re just part of a small scenario dealing with Vol’jin’s questline.

8.3 having a B plot involving the Shadowlands is possible, what isn’t happening is that the Shadowlands are the endgame of BfA, which is clearly not what the ending cinematic of 8.2 showed.


They were in 7.x.x check out that twitter SS,


I suppose what we saw in the last slide at Blizzcon wasn’t actually Fish N’Zoth, but some unknown fish of death. :roll_eyes:


Those fish models already exist in nazjatar around the waters surrounding the raid entrance.


Okay… and? I appreciate your help Erevien, but you’re not exactly the first person I’d ask help to if I needed to back one of my points.


It was fake.

Laughs at Erevien in Kul TIran


Seriously, I doubt that Blizz will come with a better story.


That was a better story?

"For the first time in thousands of years, an old god has finally broken free!!!

However that’s a story for another time. Look, the dead are attacking Stormwind!"


Yeah but we already killed beings which are much stronger than Titans. Blizz pretty much ruined the feeling of heroism by putting Demon Lords and Titans as bosses.


Prepare your condolence speeches, buy gallons of water and dive deep in 8.3!

Farewell Stormwind!


That is as fake as CNN news.


The leak sounds so stupid:
After Teldrassil the Alliance now leaves SW defenceless.
2nd raid boss is an old god minion.
Because Sylvanas is suddenly best buddies.

The Lich king helps the Alliance. Let’s ignore the fact, that non-DK Alliance charas saw him the last time in WotLk and that noone was supposed to know that he’s still there. After all his daughter is in danger!!!
This time Nathanos is a whole raid boss (yepp, now even Tyrande+10 player charas have to put up a longer fight with him until he would finally be dead).

Suddenly all Horde leaders have no problem helping Sylvanas. As it sounds even Saurfang, Baine and the Horde PCs join her.
Jaina and Anduin will declare war. Because it wasn’t a war during whole BfA. Who cares about thousands of dead soldiers, the important dog with a unique model died

When we die Sylvanas and Nathanos, the probably 2 most hated charas lead us, even the Alliance seemingly without resistance. Also let’s ignore that both shouldn’t be in the shadowlands.
Gallywix becomes Mr. Niceguy and not only brings back Mekkatorgue instead of sending his goblins to plunder the dead. They even build a ‘teleporter’ that kills and resurrects you so you can travel between the normal and dead world.

I honestly can’t bring them in order for what would be the most moronic statement from the ‘leak’.
I guess it would be either N’zoth suddenly wanting to stop the Horde/Alliance war by using peace-loving Anduin as some kind of weapon, or the Lichking striking down Lor’themar out of all possible leaders. “Look I’m helping by killing on of your rebel allies”

There can be as many super serious pics of undead boats and so on. The leak is so horrible written, that even Illidan’s story and WoD combined read like a true masterpiece compared to it.


So it’s legit then you mean. Yes.

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Honestly the leaks are so preposterous for us the fans, which makes them very likely true LOL, has anything made sense in BFA?