Most healers having interrupt will be a killing blow for playing a caster

I don’t know… melees having more mobility than ever, with every healer having a kick… why would anyone bother playing a caster anymore? that juking pvp talent won’t really help much lol.

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You seen how many tools a Mage has to kite and create room to cast in Dragonflight?

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but have you seen how many gap closers melees will get? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it will be really harsh for casters ngl

I played beta and it wasn’t hard to stay away from melees tbh.

2 blinks, 3 when you use alter time, the displacement blink, the Slow spell Arcane used to have, Mirrior Images slowing for you, Alter time, Ice Nova, Blast Wave and Frost Nova.

You always have something


Probably gonna be horrible for locks and people playing caster/melee/heal comp.

Except if they make every caster like ele or boomy it’s probably pointless to play caster especially if you got o ly 1 school.

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2 blinks? how

Shimmer; The only reason you play normal blink atm is because of Blazing Soul. But that gets removed in Dragonflight so you’ll most likely go back to Shimmer.

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xaryu and other top mages said that removing stuns is the main reason, you will more likely play normal blink + relentless ;p

llike xar ssaid he is no longer shimmer believer XD


It’s both, but it’s mainly because of Blazing Soul. That’s why they recently nerfed it too, the free Barrier and being able to blink out of stuns is really strong. Then you have Tempest Barrier ontop of that when you blink.

You are welcome to play whatever you want, I don’t really care.

Oh! you also have Cone of Cold too, there’s also a talent that makes it root people.

still, heals from ret or enh are stronger than blazing soul =P eh, we’ll see how it all works out but im reaaaallly not sure

Not sure why that’s relevant? They are different classes entirely.

it’s relevant that these classes will dominate mages anyway,

I highly doubt that, especially in 3s. Also we were talking about why Mages were using Blazing Soul, not it vs other classes. It’s gone in Dragonflight anyway.

Even this season where Mages aren’t as great, they are still good. It’s probably the best support DPS in the game and will stay that way.

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Not all kicks are the same.
Mistweaver’s kick is melee which requires them to expose themselves in order to land the interrupt. It’s not like wind sheer where you can use it at all times with very little commitment.


if you spec kick as a healer you lose alot of good talents for healing/utility so it might be ok for super aggro comps, but probably not the best overall, also except for shaman, other kicks are melee

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Not everyone is a mage. Shocking i know.


Just some random input…honestly, this is the biggest perk of playing a mage.

Like, if every class has an unique, QoL of life spell usable across all forms of content (for hunters I would say it is Feign Death), Blink has to be it for mages. Not having to sit stuns feels so smooth.

I think it fine, you dont simpley just run in and start interupting yolo as a healer just because you can.

Not only will most have to spec into the interupt and sacrifice talents points spent better elsewhere for it, it will be a risk over reward to use it since they have to come off their pillar (if the other team is positioning correctly) and risk being swapped to or eating cc.

Time will tell, but i dont see it being a big of an issue as people think

We were talking about Mage, not other casters. he plays a Mage, so it’s pretty safe to assume that’s the perspective he’s taking on it. Hard for you to understand I know, maybe you should think about what you are reading next time before replying.


You realise these last 2 seasons (which is the same season split into two) is the only time Mage has played normal blink baseline this expansion right? if blinking out of a stun is so good why only in these last 2 seasons (technically one season) are people playing it? Been there the whole time and no changes for Shimmer to make it worse in these patches either.

Shimmers been the go to since Legion for Mages.

Also, the biggest perk for Mages is not blinking stuns, it’s their control and mobility, which has helped to make them be borderline unkillable most this expansion with legendries and all that mess.