Mount Up for the Outland Cup!

Mount Up for the Outland Cup!

Take to the skies of Outland with a new dragonriding racing event!

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No thanks. Increase mmr in pvp. That’s all.


I will be smasing this out later. Pretty much the only thong i enjoy in DF. Just wished rhey had leaderboards to make it more competitive.

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I will have to endure later to get the outfit currency :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:

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Is it a different outfit from the previous cup?

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Outland cup got a recolour


I remember you telling about suffering from motion sickness, but if you have some alts you can maybe do all of the races on each of them. As long as you complete a race, you will get a token, which is an account-currency if I’m not mistaken.

If “racing” slow even helps that is? I don’t have that condition so I honestly have no idea. If it makes no difference whether you gently flap through or dash like a B2 Stealth Bomber, then I am sorry. :frowning:

I can’t get enough currency on one because I only do each race mode once and I’m happy to scrape through with a bronze on advanced and reverse. I’m just happy to survive the circuit :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

I actually feel as sick as a dog atm and I’m about half way through on Puny. Then I have to wheel out whatever alt did it last time. At least on the second I only do the quest and just the regular race route.

But this content is fun for others and I see lots of people out and about doing these races.

i was very happy with this cuz ive lost the 1st cup. I say that is a lot worse than the dragonflight one. Flyin so low is really weird and more difficult. And not so fun.
But ill do all the races.

gotta love these new race tracks that are full of tight blind corners, janky hitboxes, particle effects that make it hard to see & losing the race by 0.5 seconds.

only gonna get enough currency to get the transmogs i want & leave, rly not worth the effort.

After having experienced so many the other way around, this was a nice change of pace


I find doing the races in first person a lot easier than in third person, more so with Black Inky potions.

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thanks. i tried in baldes edge in 1st and it was terrible. But i guess its that im not so able :smiley:
I will try with black ink potion. my main has some spared. Thanks for the tip

I also race in first-person, but inky-black potion was new to me. I only have 3 races to complete left, but I will try that if one of them gives me grief. Thanks for the tip.

The Domes in Netherstorm are horrible, being flashbanged three times while passing through a single energy barrier is so exciting. Something should be done about these dark themed zones because racing in them is just as annoying as DunMorogh/Winterspring which are are very hard on the eyes.

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Ooh this was a pleasant surprise, could buy everything because they’ve increased the reward from the quest. No alt racing required.

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The pink domes do that to me too!!!

It’s good that they’ve discounted the cost of transmog pieces, but they could go a step further and rework the quest to require bronze in al three version of a single racing track and be rewarded a full transmog set for it (if we are getting a recolor for each new continent).

Gold on basic + bronze on other two is just “enough” to buy everything new from the vendor in combination with the current +80 main quest reward.

13x3 is already at very least a 90min chore, and that is the minimum without repeated attempts at all gold medals. Keep the prestigious rewards for top performers but please don’t force players to play several alts in order to all acquire vendor items in the future. I had missed Kalimdor Cup and had to run 7 characters to catch up with the glyphs as it was the most efficient way of earning currency.

Hoping for account wide timekeeping. There’s too many locations and versions of each race so earning achievements is very inconvenient if you have alts.

Plumber addon has a nice cool feature which displays the earned medal next to each race dialog, devs should consider implementing this quality of life themselves.

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It doesnt need to be done in one day. The event is up for a long time and getting gold on the normal races is a walk in the park for 99% if people.

Did you try using the “Inky Black Potion”?