Multiboxing, Cheating or not?


Ok so lately i come across a lot of multiboxing players.
Everyone have come across these swarm of owls or the big train of kittycats.
They farming their butts off but they bugg out the game aswell.
They make it impossible for others to get some herbs or ores, as when they start collecting the ore or herb it instantly buggs out for other ppl and you literly cant touch it anymore, and when they finally take off again the herb or vein says “there is no loot”.
Now i have asked blizzard and appairently its allowed to multibox wich i find really strange as the rules clearly state that you cant use out of the game software to benefit from it.
My question is : is multiboxing cheating or is it not cheating because players pay for the other chars in the multiboxpool or is it allowed cheating because they pay for it?
What if there is software wich makes it possible to play multiple chars from the same account, would that be allowed then aswell?
My opinion is that multiboxing should be banned as i cant believe that this game is designed to play multiple chars at the same time.
I would love to know what you guys think :slight_smile:

(Dottie) #2

Blizzards rule is one key-press per action. Yes, multiboxing channels each key-press to different WoWs but it’s still one key-press per action.


Nope, not cheating. Annoying, but completely fine rule-wise

(Elaynne) #4

This thread makes no sense. You said you asked Blizzard and they said its allowed. If highest authority already told you its allowed who are you asking here?


Its not against the rules because Blizzy can make a lot of money from it.
Thats their only pro.

Cons include:

  • These people condone this kind of bot programs, which may lead to ToS misunderstanding.
  • If a Multiboxer Realm Hops in to an empty shard to farm 24/7, you creating a character in that realm made it pretty much pointless if you wanted a quiet place to farm.
  • The AH market can get impacted by the multiboxing farmers. (See reason above ^)
  • If you step on their toes, get ready to be 5x+ Reported, and even suspended/banned by the automatic system.


you might re-read the topic again.
I know it is legal by rules, im just asking opinions from other players if they find it legal aswell.


It used to be, but with the bnet account sharing things changed from blizzard’s standpoint and that’s all there is to it.

I’m not happy with how such practices are directly responsible for inflation of markets with herbs and ores, plummeting prices in the process, but I don’t care enough about it to be infuriated either.

(Osangar) #8

It has never been cheating and it has been part of the game since at least TBC, if not Vanilla. It is more prevalent now as more people can afford an PC which is powerful enough to run more than one instance of WoW at a time.


well for me its just annoying, not infuriating as i only farm the mats to craft pots and flasks/cauldrons etc for 2 days of raiding per week.
But then again if thats even hard and im nearly forced to buy herbs from the AH for idiotic prizes its getting kind of riddicilous.
Then again if you look at the possibilitys these multiboxers have doing what they do, thinking of things like the alani mount, the warlock books, or the battered hilt, basicly all the high end selling stuff in AH, imo it should not be legal

(Gatherix) #10

It may not be cheating, but it is definitely messing (with a “F”) up the economy. Blizzard put gold sinks like the spider mount and the brontosaurus mount in the game to get gold out of the game. Guess it makes sense that they would allow the economy to be destroyed as well. Suppose they don’t want people to buy game time with gold. I don’t think they know that that may be the only way some people are able to play.


Im not sure that its about the WoW tokens tbh, because ppl who pay their GT with WoW tokens literly pay more then a sub.
Let me explain that: For example, if i would buy a token in AH i would pay an X amount of gold for 30 days of GT.
That X amount of gold is what you get when you buy a token in the shop.
The token in the shop will cost €20,-.
The token from the AH will give ppl 30 days or €13,- Bnet balance.
Either way blizzard makes €7,- on every token sold in AH for doing nothing :slight_smile:


This thread makes 100% sense if you can read. He asked our opinions, not if its allowed or not.

(Gatherix) #13

Bottom line is for about 180K gold you can buy 30 days worth of game time. So if you can farm herbs or trade stuff to get a 180K gold in a month you can play for free, no sub required. A sub or a €12.99 game time token means €12.99 goes into Blizzards bank account. A 180K gold token (that gives you €13 in Blizzard account balance) bought on the auction house and then used to buy game time means €0 goes into Blizzards bank account. Which one do you think they prefer?


well they do sell the 180k via a shop token for €20,- so they basicly make €7,- but i get your point ofc :slight_smile:


In respect of the Blizzard rules it isn’t cheating. In respect of what the activity involves and what any reasonable person would consider as being cheating, it most definitely is.

There’s a very interesting point made above though that multiboxing can now be used to farm gold for tokens whereas previously each account needed a full gametime payment. Perhaps over time that will have more influence on the decision to allow it if the money flow to Blizzard is being reduced and the disruption increases.


It’s still 20€ for a token that someone bought to begin with, how are you even thinking?

(Moothilda) #17

I don’t know if I will call it cheating. The multiboxer certainly gains a massive advantage compared to the normal 1 char/1 account player, but only if they are able to control it without any problems.

If there are many players in an area the same thing will happen regarding materials and mobs, we all have to wait after being told the object is either busy or you can’t loot it.

I have sometimes experinced one player in the same area as me (not a multiboxer), who keeps sweeping in and take the materials I was about to take and that irritates me a lot - they can see I am near it, so why sweep in and do that.
I would get that annoyed feeling no matter if it was a multiboxer or not.

A multiboxer is easy to spot, so I think you seing the same gain again might bring more irritation than experince everything being snatched before you :slight_smile:

I think I would be more angry and call it cheating if I was one of those PvP’ers who have experinced a fight with a multiboxer :slight_smile:


To bad what we think actually doesn’t matter to the devs but nice try !
Multiboxers should be banned !

I don’t like speaking for most players , but all players that i’ve talked to consider multiboxing unhealthy for the game . But here is the catch blizz enjoys 10x accounts subscription .

(Gatherix) #19

I am going to tell you a secret so keep it quiet. There are always tokens available even if no one buys them from the store first. The availability and price in manipulated by Blizz in the back ground to make it seems like a trade able commodity.


Ofc there will Always be tokens and that fine aswell, i even think its awesome that this option is available for players, and it ok for blizzard to make some money of it aswell as they have enough ppl working their butts off behind screens.