Multiboxing, Cheating or not?

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I can’t wait for the classic multiboxing complaint threads to start. Looking at the way it’s structured you can log into classic with every active BfA or Legion account at the same time.


First of all its not a complaintread, its a discussion weither multiboxing should be considered cheating or not.
It clearly states that you encourage multiboxing and i respect your opinion.
my personal opinion is that it should be considered as cheating because the game is not designed to play multiple chars at the same time, besides that multiboxers bugg out recourses on purpose wich makes it annoying for other players, but just because they pay subs for every char in the pool they are allowed to do that. for me that sounds really wrong.


I agree, but the fact of the matter is that multiboxing, if done properly, is just not against the rules because that is the stance blizz has taken on this matter.
No matter how annoying, its not against rules, allthough A LOT of people would like to see it be different

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2-3 boxing is feasible. However when you move into 5, 10, 20 you have to rely on “totally not botting tools” to keep things under control…

But hey they pay for more subscriptions.


Fair enough.
However blizzard can do some things about the multiboxing wich makes it less annoying for other players.
For example phase multiboxers to 1 realm as they do in high farmed areas.
That would be way less anoying for all other players and the multiboxers can do what they want to do.
Because what the game surtainly doesnt need is more annoyances.
Players already need to deal with to much of that, thinking of being in combat, tagg targets, being attacked by everything in a 10 yard radius, buggs, questareas etc etc.
Imo The game should be a fun experience not an annoying experience


Blizz not only can do something, they should do something.
Im not saying to ban it outright, but that might partially be due to me never having encountered a multiboxer, but seeing the numerous complaints about them all over the forums i think they should maybe try to shard multiboxer with other multiboxers or something, dont really have any suggestions about that xD


agreed! ,
i normally come across kittycat trains wich are 10+.
Tbh because they pay for more subs doesnt make it less annoying :wink:


Blizzard says “or not”, who cares what you consider. Really, a topic so fresh and never yet discussed… Also as to my personal experience none of my ~100 wow acquaintances ever had any problems or claims (spoken of) against multiboxers. “Amusing”, yes, "REEE BAN THEM’, never.

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If someone wants to spend money on PC rigs and accounts to support Multiboxing I say let them, it has never had any slightest influence on my in-game experience other than the fun in seeing 10 characters run around in perfect unison.

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Personally I don’t think it’s fair but I know it’s not against the rules. They strip mine/herb zones and no one else can touch the nodes because they are depleted by the multiboxer. They affect the AH because they can mass farm in a way most can’t. Some of them now multibox on multiple realms to take advantage.

I can’t imagine a more boring way to play the game either.


yea but this kind of multiboxer sometimes going into world pvp and coming into city and kills everything on sight almost no way to avoid them , also was using druid so they was self sustained completely even with heal dots and combat ress face one on these and u will hate multiboxing like i do

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Multiboxing does not bug out zones that’s just silly. and the error message your describing is the exact same if you click any node or herb after someone else before it despawns. it just means you cant loot that, it’s gone. all i can recommend is be faster.

That would absolutely get you banned and or arrested, because the only way to do that is to spoof connections to the server create multiple instances of your account connecting to it and stop it checking for account status, all of which are individual cybercrimes. Interfering with the normal operation of a service on the internet is a crime, believe it or not.

The way the meta of the game works right now, i don’t see any real advantage to multibox farming, you can kill most things in a few hits and you can’t grind elites for anything useful, except maby mana pearls or mounts, but you can do that solo anyway.

Even pvp wise there’s nothing wrong with multiboxing, there’s little difference between one player commanding alts around or one player recruiting other players into a gank squad. 1v5 you’re going to get wreaked either way, if anything the difficulty of syncing the characters and crowd control effects makes the multi boxer at a serious disadvantage versus the same number of individual players. if it’s an issue, get some help or dephase, or move someplace else.

And if you really think it’s some kind of advantage, pony up the cash for all the accounts, upgrades and game-time and feel free to do it yourself nobody is stopping you.


Blizzard said that “cheating or not” is solely determined by the anticheat software - that doesn’t even detect gold buying

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Multiboxing is someone in control of the characters, pressing keys/performing actions that are duplicated on the other accounts. It requires player interaction.

Botting is when there is no need for a player to be present. The character(s) will go off and perform all the actions by itself. There have been various bot programmes that have levelled characters for you, gathered resources, basically play the game for you. That is against the rules.

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Surely multiboxers can only be in one place at one time picking one plant? Can someone explain to me how one player picking a plant with a group of five toons, is worse than one player picking a plant with one toon? And if they aren’t in the same place at the same time, how would you know they’re multiboxing? Genuine questions btw, I’m not sure how it works. :thinking:


Multiboxing is someone in control of the characters, pressing keys/performing actions that are duplicated on the other accounts. It requires player interaction.

May I point out that whenever I observed Multiboxers farming in a certain area, they were targeting enemy NPCs before they showed in my screen (i got low ping, high i-net speed and a gaming PC rig) and being extremely accurate for many hours at the time.
Inhuman reflexes for 24/7.

I have tried to report a GM about it, but he dismissed me.

I did sniff bot software because no human can target enemies every half a second before they even show up for 10 hours at the time if not more (I was leveling on an alt at the time so I always saw the same multiboxer).

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Many people mistake multiboxers for botters. It’s a common mistake. I would imagine blizzard deal with a fair number of cheat reports when it comes to multiboxers who aren’t actually cheating.

However even if a bot programme is being used Blizzard do not ban on a one by one basis. They investigate and identify a particular bot or bots that are being used then ban all the users in one ban wave.


As soon as a multiboxers touches a herb/ore no one else can touch it, and as soon they leave the spot the herb or vein cant be targetted anymore.
This will not happen when a single player picks/mines the herb/ore before you.
Its not hard to see if they multiboxing as its Always a perfect sycronized kittycat/raven train, multiple druid chars doing exactly the same as the masterchar

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Oh yes it does, I lent someone some gold, they nearly got banned, when they gave it back to me, I got a gold buying warning email.