Mutually positive endings


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Last night I was reading this topic in US forums.
It already has 611 replies.

I decided to copy it to our forums, to see your opinion.

Here’s what the author has to say:

“In this thread, I’d like for people to discuss possible conclusions to the current plot line you can personally come up with, with the intent also being that these endings are as mutually positive as possible. By that I mean, an ending that all the various fan groups can accept and be happy enough with to move on.”

Personally, I support, the ones in which we wake up and realise, it was just a nightmare.

Thanks for your attention.


The Infinite Dragonflight use their powers to revert the world back to Classic.


Sylvanas wins. We all go to the shadowlands and discover nobody from teldrassil is really dead but became an immortal nightwarrior army fighting by the side of Elune against the void forces. Happy reunion.


There is no ending where all various fan groups would be happy, not even if it’s just a nightmare because we would already have the allied races and it would also show that the whole expansion was pointless. There will be always a group which will be butthurt. Blizz just showed us over and over again that it’s just not possible (with their story writers?).


As opposed to what we have now ?
Everyone is pissed off ?

After reading several replies in the story forum, I conclude everyone should have a good experience, or at least see that their needs were look after by Activision Blizzard.

Going back to my suggestion.
Activision Blizzard could silently admit they lost customers with this story.
And try to come up with a excuse, without being one.

In example, they could write that the player character was actually, captured by Old God’s agents in the end of legion and tortured till madness.

He wakes up, he was rescued by either Matthias Shaw if you are Alliance, or Saurfang if you are Horde.

Meanwhile you realise that the world has progressed.
The heroes of your faction dealt with the recruitment of the Allied races not you.
Everything positive that happened in BfA, was done by your faction, while you were imprisoned.



I really don’t care about the ending at all. I want them to do the same thing I wanted them to do after WoD: Ignore that the addon ever happened at all, and avoid all future references to it. So… I want an ending they can ignore afterwards.


Point is that they will have to retcon a lot of stuff to make it happen but I think we can all agree that the plot of the war or war campaign is just horribly disappointing and should’ve never happen in the first place. Btw. if you’ve interest to write in the more active US forum aswell you just have to create a free US account and level a character to lvl 10 there.

(Vonen) #8

Mine is what they really show us in Sylvanas Warbringer cinematic.

I remember a fool/I remember a fall.
And then with eco, hinting(?) tow voices or that someone else talks through her.
Arthas: ‘Life is pain. Hope fails. Now you understand’

That also fulfills the Boy King prophecy.
If anyone is interested i ll write more.


Thank you for the information.


I had a similar idea but it involves yogg-saron from months ago.


I still maintain that this should’ve been a nightmare or a day-dream by Khadgar.

“Ah! Hero… there you are. I just had the strangest dream.”


Very well said, however judging from what Blizzard has been saying in interviews the end of this expansion will be instrumental for the future of Azeroth.


The war destroys Azeroth and the planet is dead. You can’t complain about anything if there is nothing left.


We both know they’ll be complaining at Draenor about living privileges even then…

“Well at least YOU still have somewhere to live. GAWD.”

(Däkär) #15

Fixed that for you.


Evil draenei captured draenor. Even that argument is flat.

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At this point, if we are to aim for “Both sides should have positive endings”, thats about the only conclussion that could work.

Another possibility, much more feasible, is that “Both sides end up equally screwed”.

But if you ask me to come up with a scenario for either case…at this moment i lack the imagination to create one.
Too many factors at play. Too many people pissed at Blizzard, and with too many standards and preferences regarding what each considers “just” or “reasonable”.

But yeah, the “This was all a dream” route seems about as good as it can get. Just besides the “We all die and start over on equal footing on a different planet”.


Man, you know it’s bad writing when people are asking for the old “it was all just a dream!” ending.

And you agree with it…

(Vonen) #19

Yes, through his blood. Since you replied I will write some more about the Arthas theory.

They recycle a lot so the question isn’t if they will bring him back but when and how he will return.
BFA story mirrors Arthas story. Lazy writing or intentional?
Delaryn’s arc. If the story was a crime story the detective will be certain that Delaryn and Sylvanas was raised by the same serial raiser.
The lines in the cinematic are a little off
‘Now you understand’. We saw Sylvanas raised by Arthas, from there you can evolve to Putress or Leonid Barthalomew. What we were supposed to understand?

‘I grieve for you’ Grieve for the enemy of life, the killer of hope, the servant of the true enemy, the destroyer of all, the laughing shepherd who leads us to our doom?

(Rangoor) #20

Universe implodes and we start again in a fresh timeline.