Mutually positive endings

(Koradan) #21

we use the dark portal to go to a anternate azeroth where none of bfa has happend yet and stay there.


That… would actually be nice for night elves. So it’s not going to happen


TBH, I think it’s kind of impossible for there to be a mutually positive ending for either faction. IMO, the way Blizzard wrote the faction war has poisoned the chalice.

The player base is split on what would be satisfying for any one party, and writing a satisfying ending for a player for a person who feels strongly on one side of the faction war may involve writing an ending that would evoke strong negative feelings for any other side.

For example, some who follow Sylvanas out of spite would like to see her redeemed, whereas those in the Alliance would consider this a slap in the face for them, seeing the negative consequences of one race to be hand waved and their justifications for vengeance made moot.

While such an ending is probable at best and at worst, a fringe theory, any possible ending involves a degree of compromise, and the state of the story in BfA is such that the stakes have been raised to such a level that any compromise is a victory for the other faction in-story.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts.


This is the best way to go.

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My ending would be get rid of Sylvanas for good - her time is long overdue, but I’d get slaughtered to ribbons for saying this out loud.


As people have already written here, there will not be an ending which will satisfy both parties.

Honestly, I have no clue. It would be nice if all the Old Gods woke up, Black Empire is rebuilt and everyone gets screwed equally.

But Khadgar waking up and realizing it was all a nightmare is acceptable too. I’ll say it again, if that happens, I’ll forgive Blizz for everything.


Hmmm, tough.
I guess I would go with the “it was all just a bad dream” scenario, but only for the whole messed up faction war story. So no burning Teldrassil, no blighting UC and most of all, Rastakhan still alive.

But I really, really wouldn’t want to lose the beautiful new zones and allied races, and the respective storylines on both sides were well done too imo.

If I woke up and Khadgar told me I had just dreamed Zandalar and could never return there, I would literally start to cry…

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Well it if it was Khadgar’s bad dream it could happen during WoD span, and therefore Vol’Jin could still be there. If Vol’Jin is alive then Rastakhan is alive. Loa could give him a vision to contact Zandalari and would get some nice alliance eventually.


But well If that is not an option. Then the only way to kinda make things even would be for both sides to lose so badly that they’re at verge of being dismantled. It’s not positive ending but if both sides are screwed up at least it would be somewhat even and bearable imo.

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The happy ending for both sides would be impossible,it is highly unlikely anyone can come up with a mutually beneficial ending. I like this one tho


Thise video is cursed.

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why :stuck_out_tongue: no humans?


Aside from the fact that that’s wrong, No. It’s because the music and voice are cursed.


Oh, I just want to add… I can’t imagine what a positive ending for the Horde would be at all. The Horde has been a marionette of whatever whispered in dying Vol’jin’s ear for 2 addons. Even if you think it’s great that you finally started going all-out in the war against the Alliance scum, and even if you think Sylvanas is the right person to lead you in that war… you were still the puppet of something outside of the Horde. You were a tool, just like the orcs were Kil’Jaeden’s tool before. Not only does your character have no agency, your faction didn’t have any, either.

Even if you were manipulated into doing good in the end, you did it because you had faith in Sylvanas. But Sylvanas wasn’t really at the helm, was she? Your faith was misplaced.

Even eradicating the Alliance wouldn’t be your victory, but your masters’.

I’m sorry, but you are thoroughly canoodled.

To be fair, though, the Alliance ending that will happen won’t be any better.

(Zarao) #34

Given the current trend regarding cosmic energies, wouldn’t rule out the possibility of having the Alliance playing the same doofus role the Horde is having now, but with some Light/Naaru variant.

But yeah, currently, the issue is definetly Horde tho.


what did I just witness with my two homemade eyes

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I agree with your post but i think it must go one more step.
After Teldrassil the Horde is trapped, its for the Aliance to decide if the war will become a war of annihilation.
The masters must be pleased with the Alliance Holy Crusaders.

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Imo only way to get a mutally possitive ending is to retcon like 90/95% of bfa basicly adn just make it less extreme(like azshara burns tree but ally thinks sylv did it, or sylv still does it but its not on purpose,or most where evcuated of civilains)
No evul warchief,rebellion mop 2.0,rastakhan actully alive and still doing stuff(not finnaly meet him and o crap he is dead before he really did anything).

But really without a alot of retcon its not possible,and bfa has been sucha mess its better if they do it(but needs to be done good and not made even worse)

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haha, I found the video amazing :stuck_out_tongue: the audio/music suits Blizzards’ writing expertise.

(Cyrisela) #39

il support anything that gives us rastakhan alive. and gets rid of all the crap bfa gave us it calls story/lore.

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well to be fair litterly ervything on Draenor wants to kill you so… might not be best choice to live, or most fun