MW Monk looking for mythic+ push


Hello there :slight_smile:
My name is Denys, and im from Ukraine.
I know this is not CIS forums.
I don’t know why but its very hard to find a group in CIS forums. So I decided to try it here, since 95% of the time im keying with EU buds. So, im looking for the group to push high keys. I can’t link my raiderio page, or logs one, but for now I have 1820rio s3, and orange logs in EP, with 5/8m. Im good :slight_smile:
My english is good so I can talk and understand almost perfectly (at least in WoW chat^^)
I’ll update the page if something will change, for example my rio/progress.
Also feel free to dm me in Bnet: MrSunWukong#2154.



My bad, this is my main!


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yo here people 3/8m with 2.7rio we push high keys we lf a monk if u are intrested Draenor horde zaza#21612 add me on bn


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up the theme!


I see that you had no luck on forums, so maybe this helps :slight_smile: