My Wishlist. Make WoW Perfect. (Ideas)

Let’s get straight into it, I’ve been playing this game since the very very launch, And am well over 16k hours played and haven’t missed a single expansion, so here goes my thoughts…

:round_pushpin: Wishlist :round_pushpin:

:one: - :loud_sound: Proximity voice chat (Open World) :loud_sound:

In games like Dayz, Vrising, and even the failed New World this is something to me that adds a lot to a game, especially in open-world scenarios. It Makes for interesting Interactions. And much much more.

  • Adds Immersion.
  • Adds Funny moments/memories, Strategy planning, more interaction, etc…
  • It Could use different channels for Bgs, Arena, and dungeons that limit it to hearing your team only, this is especially interesting for Solo Q where you can more easily adjust strategies or attempt to coordinate plays instead of having to type.
  • Most of these games also have the option to turn it off for people who don’t like it. so it doesn’t hurt anyone’s personal feelings :wink: !

:two: - :womans_clothes:Transmog System : removal of all restrictions :womans_clothes:

So This is a very simple and great way to add a ton of customization without having to create anything extra at the cost of nothing.

With some of the current ‘Cosmetic’ Labels, we can already see it in very few places at the moment where you can wear cloth-looking pieces as a Plate wearer and vice versa…

  • Enormous amount of free added customization.
  • If you are concerned about people Ninja’ing things they can’t actually use :
    The Simplest solution is that you should still get it as a drop on the correct classes as it works now but the items can be then used on others…

:three: - :-1: WM OFF :-1: = Opting out of the Game… and Incentivise :+1: WM ON :+1:!!!

To this day I still think WM off was a mistake and divides the community way too much…
But hey I’m not here to rant. I’m here to help find a solution and share my thoughts on how it would be a better system… So you should be penalized for Opting out of the Game and playing on easy mode.

:-1: WM OFF :-1:

  • Decreases All Experience and reputation gains by -50%…
  • Decrease all chances on ALL loot (Toys, Mounts, etc…) All of it -50%…
  • Gold drops -75%
  • Rares and Elites = Hit like a truck and Double their HP… Since you aren’t fighting for a tag and have it easier you’ll need to group up.
  • Decreased Rare, and Chest spawns…
  • Gathering Professions = Spawn less frequently and give -50% materials…
  • Locked out of Certain achievements if not all?..
  • Half the amount of World Quest available.
  • Increased Durability Loss on Death. + 10x the repair costs for a week when opting out of the game.
  • Decreased movement speed Grounded and Mounted = cut by half.

:+1: WM ON :+1:

  • Normal HP and damage from Npc’s since you’re actually fighting for a tag…
  • Pretty much everything how it normally is.
  • Mostly just the normal game as intended to be played. Since we are penalizing WM off as it should be and WM ON then naturally gets beneficial.
  • More Events
  • More PVP Events and Rewards
  • Warmode Bonus always active = PVP GEAR stat increase always ON.
  • CD of the aerial ‘Knock from mount ability’ from Dragon-Flying Halved.
  • 2 charges on the Qalashi Wingshredder + Halved CD
  • 2 Charges on the Net-O-Matic 5000 + Halved CD
  • Toy CDs Halved.

:+1: WM ON Additions :+1:

  • The Ability to Prone/Crouch (Like New World did) So that it Hides your Nameplate when out of combat. Creating some Sneaky Interactions… With easy standard Binds like CTRL/SHIFT/ALT-SpaceBar… = Loads of immersion value!
  • Titles/Banners for World Kills and feats that reset Monthly (Permanent Rewards).
    100 kills…
    200 kills…
    Top Kills…
    A Ranking Like Classic But only for Open World Kills.
  • STV or Darkmoon Faire Ring event for Fat chest loot = 1 Winner

:four: - :trident: Titles :trident:

Diablo4-Like Dual Titles. While still keeping the Full titles available.

:five: - :school_satchel: Back slots and capes Separated :school_satchel:

What the Tittle says… Sepperate these Slots like how it is done with weapons =
Drop down menu for Cape or Backslot/Backpiece.
It could even have more Options like :
Long Capes
Short Capes

+++ The Option to show your Weapon or not when using a Backslot/Backpiece

:six: - :hut: Player Housing :hut:

To this day I think this would still be the MOST wanted feature by far.
And the perfect game to look at would be Runescape or Vrising Building wise for the interior placement of things (not the looks ofc :wink: )…

Player housing

  • Make use of all Professions… = Work Orders is also a perfect thing for this…
  • Portals like RS in Specific Zones for instanced housing…
  • Assets/Props are already all there in the game…
  • Trophies
  • House parties
  • = Gold Sink
  • Blueprints or schematics for designs from all sorts of sources.

:seven: - /

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions please feel free to add your thoughts x


How to lose the biggest chunk of your playerbase in one move

It’s a shame that the only way to make WM on appealling is if they bribe/force the players to turn it on.

From my point of view it’s a big fat No Thank You.


And this is how you make majority of the players quit the game.

But y’know what? I’ll play along.


Cool idea. Maybe idea 3 is a little bit hard. The server situation is incredibly confusing. I think they should just make a big server revamp and have less servers, which are for open world pvp players, and servers for pve players. However, the transfer cost should be reduced to 5 euro per character, because that makes it less punishing for people, who chose the wrong type of server

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There we go.

I’ve fixed your War Mode.


Wm off should not be rewarded, that mindset is just wrong.
Back in the day the biggest servers were PVP servers not to PVE RP ones xD

Argent Dawn was one of the biggest servers, alongside Silvermoon before War Mode was added. So this is a blatantly false statement.

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This is a fact, the biggest servers were PVP ones go do some research before coming in with lies xD

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Back in the day you got no benefit for rolling on PvP realm. It was a personal preference.

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Some PvP servers were big, and some of them were the biggest.

Some where, but not all.

How do I know? I played before War Mode.

Good, we agree that your post has zero value and nobody with a sound mind would even consider them.

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Could you kindly and friendly remove all your posts, thank you!

After you remove yours, certainly.

I agree with the op they should impliment this after all its been nearly 20 years wow has had a good run it would kill it even more efficantly then ion’s incomptence

but it’s not nearly neckbeard enough so when you die in pvp you actually delevel and lose a ton of honor :wink:


Flagged as trolling

we should flag you for trolling as you obviously are


Yes, this needs to happen along with some eye/head separation so you can wear a hood/mask or glasses and a scarf.

No they were not.

WM off is not rewarded. You get a bonus for switching WM on

That’s one way to kill the game.


Lets bring back PvP Servers and PvE servers, here’s my wishlist.

:+1: PvP SERVERS! :+1:

  • Bring back PvP and PvE servers.
  • You cannot play on PvE servers if you have a character on a PvP server.
  • You cannot access characters on a PvE server if you have a character on a PvP server
  • Toys will not be available.
  • No PvE content.
  • No heirlooms.
  • Can only level through BGs.
  • Gear can only be obtained from BGs, RBG, Arena, Shuffle.
  • No PvP vendors - it’ll all drop from boxes from WINS.
  • No Elite sets.
  • No flying mounts.
  • Ground mounts only, with 60% speed.
  • No professions.
  • No transmog.
  • No player housing.

:+1: PVE SERVERS :+1:

  • Flying mounts.
  • PvE Content.
  • PvP Content (BG, RBG, Arena, Shuffle, War Mode).
  • PvP Vendors.
  • Transmog.
  • No Negative Effects for using War Mode.
  • Professions like usual.
  • Elite Sets.
  • Heirlooms.
  • Toys with 5-10 Min CDs max.
  • Can level however they want.
  • No transmog restrictions.
  • Basically everything else we currently have.
  • Player housing.

What do you think of my idea?

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Only housing is good all others are bad suggestions