Mythic+ leavers, penalty for this please

Blizzard, could we please get some sort of penalty for leaving mythic+ runs please, this is starting to get really frustrating, not only do the key owner lose their progress, but there is no backlash for the leaver…


disagree, you dont get to hold people hostage. You may be the reason they are leaving, after all.

I would say that there should be like a 3 strike rule for depleting. It would make people less toxic overall.


if you play vulpera i would leave too


Thats why i refuse to pug dungeons, its usually the worst player that messes up and then just leaves.


Simply make the game deplete the leavers key instead of / as well as the key holders? Then people won’t want to leave.

If a dungeon isn’t going well, there could be a “vote to end” (somewhat like vote to kick), where if the majority including the key holder votes to end, the dungeon is cancelled and no-one gets a key level drop.


How are you having so many leavers that you make a thread to complain about them on the forums while I do not? :thinking:


I think they are embarrass, for being so detrimental to the group mates. Then think they are going to get insult, rejected, so they leave before this happens to them.

Nah men you are so so so wrong about that one just punish them instantly xD if we suffer because of their leave let them suffer also with 1/2 hour max ban from group tool

Why should I stay or be punished for leaving that group?


There is no set reason why people leave keys. People’s goals vary. It can be very frustrating sa the key holder ofc.

Punishment systems also don’t tend to work well. If being the first leaver meant yours was the key to deplete people would just go afk to avoid that. If removing someone had the same effect you’ll see the lead removing someone as a sacrificial lamb.

It’s not part of my build anymore either, I only take it if specifically asked to. I would expect that conversation to take place BEFORE the key starts though.


then we also need punishment for failing mechanics, not interrupting and not doing a certain amount of damage/healing. Also taking damage from avoidable mechanics needs to be punished.

Sound ridiculous? Because it is.

We can’t police keys this way, unfortunately.

People can just stay in a key until it disbands and refuse to do anything. No “leavers” punishment and there’s not a thing you can do


Why should I punished even more when people are already wasting my time?

Earlier I tanked a HoV15 and people died on Hyrja either during the bubble phase or to the light orbs so we had to waste all CRs on the first try, I explain to them what to do, second try 3 of them die during the first bubble, it’s like the healer just didn’t heal.

I gave up because none of them had ever timed a 15 this season and I knew it was going to be a pain on Odyn or even Fenryr if an easy boss like Hyrja was a problem.

If somebody makes a mistake then it’s whatever it happens I’ll stick around and finish the key, on the other hand if I see a group that will clearly be unable or take ages to finish a key then I’m out.


people do it in 20s also lmao. Die to sanctify or no drs during storm

They shouldn’t even need a defensive during the first one in 15, they were all ilvl 395-400 including the healer, he should’ve been able to keep them alive regardless, even the enh shaman could’ve use a healing surge to help but nope, they just died.

Oh and I forgot to mention they were all below 35k dps in overall, the evoker dps was even behind me.

My friend had his key downed from 16 to 9 in one night, all pugs.

He’s 402ilvl warlock , sure he’s not the most experienced player but still.

On the +10 azure vault, tank pulled all trash mobs in the section where you jump down ( probably didn’t know you can skip them) and healer left.

No wipe,no nothing. I guess the person just thought it was waste of time.

I got downgraded +15 the other day, cause one of dps pulled some trash mobs by accident. We cleared them fast.

Tank asked him,why he did that ,dps said that he didn’t pull, tank left…

I had people leave in some dungeons at last boss,while still having 7-8mins left to clear,just cause we wiped once and that for a first time.

There are already punishments for all of that , fail mechanica : probably wipe
Not interrupting : probably some1 dies
Not enough dps: probably not gonna be able to finish the dungeon/enrage etc.
Not enough heals : wipe
Take damage from avoidable mech : dead person - wipe 90% of the time.

I have to agree, punishment for leavers unfortunately wouldn’t fix anything.
People would just afk until the timers ends or someone1 else leaves first.

There should just be no key depletion if someone leaves ,and no depletion even if timers runs out so that people don’t abuse it.

And don’t even start with arguments : it’s an achievement, it’s for pro’s, etc etc.

You can buy boost for any M+ ( 10-20+)
So everything special or hardcore about M+ is already ruined if 4man can time even M+20

Currently ,the only people that are stuck M+ progression are people who don’t have premades,guilds,friends.

But i guess Blizzard benefits from all of that.
The more people are stuck at progression of any kind ingame, there’s higher chance they will buy WoW token and just pay for raid/m+ or any other kind of boost.

That’s why they will never punish leavers ( not an easy thing to do anyway) and they probably wont remove key depletion as well.

i HATE leavers myself and its annoyes me deeply. but there just isnt any solution.

the solutions would be WAY WORSE than the problem in this case.

It is what it is.

People who dont create their own groups but join others dont need their keys. Theres no way to rnd the leavers.

People join groups expecting to time the presented key, if ur dps are sub 20k overall and your wiping on silly things, u simply wont time the key.

So people leave.

To try and change this would lock several players raging inside a singular group, and it would become nasty, and players would troll / afk til another took the penalty.

And even then, if u punish leavers ur gonna punish all 5 of you with deplated keys as u all in turn leave the group.

Its faster to take a -1 on the key and +2 it a new group then it would be to deal with that sott of behaviour

yes. like in my last azur +18 run. rogue died 3 times on 3rd boss. he got 2 br and still died. then he just left the group. great!1

its easy for dds. but not for tank like pala. i have cds only for 4 frontals on +18 and then i hope to get my 15%+10% ready and play huge lottery with block chance.
but +15 is easy for geared people right now. i can pull hardcore here.

i meet idiots who die on 1st boss in jade 19/20.
tons of people just buy rating and have millions of gold. then he just try to leech weekly in pugs.

i see no real solution too. even if we remove key downgrade → key owner can kick everybody from the group if its not timed and search for new group.

problem is that dungeon mechanics is retarded and you must know a lot. tank is hardest job at the moment.
and: when you are in dungeon you dont know what to do or even can see deadly effects properly (grey garbage on grey background for example). most people dont want to to spend hours with guildes, tricks, addons or what ever. this will never change.

At that point, noone will ever deplete a key and those will never drop. Its a decent idea that i can see abused before you wrote it down.

Your friend then really needs to learn how to make a group.

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To be honest, theres no fireproof way to deal with this issue as any punishment put in place will be quickly circumvented by the players. The only way you’re not gonna get people leaving your keys is to do them with friends/guild/community as (in my personal experience) they generally stay until completion unless its painfully obvious you’re failing any dps checks, enrage timers etc.