Mythic plus - Tyrannical/Bursting/Grievous

Please change anything in this affixes. Next week is dead for mythic plus. Friends talk “make 1 week break”. With pugs is terrible. (i have >2600 rio)


Bursting is just bad affix which should be deleted

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I’m sensing a pattern here… it’s almost as if… they ALL need to just get in the bin.


Alt week. There’s no reason to play your main in M+ this week. Unless you enjoy torturing yourself.

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My alt is a healer… ._.


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Let’s just say, my healer won’t do this without a shadow priest in the group!

Just did my worst run in 3 months. Azure Vault 17 - first pull, 3 dead, the tank is alive. Ok, no biggie, just getting warmed up.
First boss, places the mark, I put on Aura Mastery, shield myself and the burst damage somehow wipes me and a hunter off the map. Not a good start but there is still time.
We try again, this time everyone topped right before the blast with defensives. Somehow this time 3 die to the strike and when I look at the summary I was hit twice by the same ability.
I’m either unlucky, stupid or both.

And all the pink tree-thingies were gone ?

On my shaman, I will focus more on world stuff, I am not healing pugs this week. Or just spam some +2 for valors.

It’s a weird week. On one hand grievous exacerbates issues with multiple players taking avoidable damage, meaning its a nightmare for pugs.

On the other, as long as people are mitigating the unavoidable damage they take, as well as not taking needless avoidable damage, there’s not actually anything slowing you down on trash. Meaning all you’ve got to do is survive bosses.

Here’s today’s report, I did another 4 runs: 1 AV and 3 Algethar. Managed to time Algethar and the rest were a a comedy of errors. For some reason PUG’s think it’s hilarious to just spam cleave on the birds ensuring no less than 7 stacks of grievous. 2 of my algethar runs didn’t end like that but when I asked to please stop dps I and got ignored I just jumped off the platform in front of everyone. Sure, the key got bricked but I’m sure the rest of the party got the message.

AV was a different story, I had a very focused group that mitigated unavoidable damage, that didn’t just spam the dps buttons and we rounded a solid 65K dps on average. The problem came on the second boss, at some point we got separated on the overwhelming power phase and I remember the “oh crap” moment we all had. Azureblade was doing her bullet hell phase, while we killed 2 of the adds at the same time. The floor got covered in swirlies from the dead adds and the free areas got covered by Razageth’s “MARKED BY LIGHTNING”. It was stupidly beautiful how 4 of us died at that moment (a warrior heoric leaped but didn’t make the cut, and the mage’s ice bloc saved her but she lasted 2 more seconds afterwards).

If I went front or back, the boss would nail me with a sphere, if I go left or right I get nailed by a thunderbolt, if I stay in place I get killed by the swirlies.

Bravo Blizzard.

After we ressed the tank very solemnly said, “no” and we all agreed that this week is just unplayable.

These sequences of events are completely unrelated.

Why you died has nothing at all to do with the affixes in this week.

Managed to time (heal) 2 +15s, I admit, there was a shadow priest in both parties, that helped a lot :wink:

Gotta say as a healer this week seems really rough…
Timed a couple of 16 -18s but its been a bit brutal tbh.

Nastt affixes teaming up on us healers!

I had a timed HOV18 and RLP18 that ran like a well oiled machine. No wipes or deaths.
Shadow priest with talented mass dispel, lots of focus on kicks, stuns, health potions and defensives etc. instead of being concerned about padding the meters. Pretty lucky to get a group as coordinated as that in a pug.

Every other run has been a lolcow though. If your group isn’t playing almost perfectly, then it’s going to make even a 10 feels like a 16 for your healer.

I’ve been grinding low keys for valor on my priest and I’ve pulled more HPS in 10’s than I have in a 15.

p.s. affixes suck, Blizz need to do better.

Duly noted.

Grievous is beyond stupid. Healers have hard time as it is and then you give them an affix which makes their lifes miserable. Some bosses are literally unplayable with grievous + tyranical.

No they arent.

Grievous with Tyranicall it’s just really, really stupid, unhumane, and stupid again and impossible on 19+ keys .WTF Blizz…