Mythic + Timewasters!

BLIZZARD! Please implement a consequence for people that leave a Mythic + before completion. I am sure me, amongst other people are sick and tired of having our time/key wasted due to people leaving prematurely due to a wipe or some other reason. In this instance around 10 minutes ago, We had a druid tank in Halls of Atonement +7, a few ninja pulls from him, caused a few wipes. He then left. I really think that a consequence of suspending people from doing Mythic+ across all characters on their account for a few days should be put in place. It should deter them from being a cry-baby. If not, they should quit the game. I have been playing since Pre-TBC. I like to finish the dungeon regardless of how good/bad it is going. I’m sure others do aswell. You have a system for PvP leaving put in place, I think it’s time you do the same for PvE.


You’re not entitled to other people’s time. If someone feels their group isn’t going to be successful, they are free to abandon it.

If you dislike this so much, try playing better, running with friends or finding a guild/community.

Staying in a failing dungeon (when failing to time also takes half the loot away) is an uneconomical use of time. Reduction in loot has made players more economical with their time.


Nah. People have always been selfish like that. Myself included. Tho I don’t leave groups for timer fails; only for insufferable people.

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Hes right. I play for loot if dont get loot why would i play ??

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A Tank can’t ninjapull, perhaps misspull or underestimate certain packs, but not ninjapull.


A tank sure can ninjapull. I’d know, I’ve done it myself.

How can someone ninjapull when they are the ones who are supposed to pull?

An accidental pull != Ninjapull.


As much as I hate leavers mid dungeon. I’ve left as a healer in plague fall after just prior to first boss 2 dps died NUMEROUS times for not jumping to remove the DoT.

Literally not jumping up and down to remove it after the hive was killed.

I simply stood saying. “I cannot dispel this you just jump” and they popped CDs, self heals. Died. And whispered me asking why no heals.

I knew the full run was going to be a joke. So I left prior to wasting 50 minutes.

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Stop being a cry baby mate, and get over it.
While you’re doing that, try to use the search function, and check the million other posts about this, and why it’s not possible.

What ever system you come up with, will make it worse.

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I’m not going to waste hour+ of my lifetime because of insuficient dps and players that can’t kick, tank don’t know routes and how to kite.
Just no…

If it’s not your key, why do you care?

@holymagisch stop wasting 4 peoples time by leaving late in just because it aint gona be in time

i hate rio hunters a punishment is definitely needed for these sorts of people

You can easily tell very early on what kind of run it’s going to be. If i immediately see that we have one or more DPS pulling under 1k dps cosistently and i notice that people very obviously has no idea about any of the mechanics i’m just not gonna waste an hour (especially not now when you only have a 1/5 chance to get loot from a failed key) because they decided to sign up for a keystone run without having even done the dungeon on regular mythic. That, is incredibly inconsiderate.

A few days ago i literally had a retribution paladin at around 190 ilvl actually pulling 500-700 DPS. Like, how do you even accomplish that? Are you literally just auto-attacking?

When i see stuff like that, i’m out. Especially considering how low the chance is of you getting anything and if you do happen to get something it’s most likely gonna be some vendor trash since they didn’t just nerf the amount of loot but also nerfed the item level of said loot to the point of irrelevance. Until changes are made M+ is outside of the weekly vault just a complete waste of time and effort. If you are pugging it’s almost guaranteed to be a messy, frustrating and utterly unrewarding experience.


So you should be allowed to bully people for 40 minutes,and hold them hostage because if they leave because of your bullying,they should get punished>?

I will always leave if someone acts like POS,and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Very true. Which makes it even more weird when people leave on timers. After all, then you just ragequit over what you knew was coming, and signed up for, allegedly.

Just get good no one wants a dps that does not know what to do and is under performing, you can complain all you like nothing will change you will always complain, instead look at what you could’ve done better and improve so it does not happen next time, like joining a guild and getting friends.

what about under preforming leavers?, had a few of those

Great idea. That definitely wouldn’t lead to groups trolling people, starting a M+ and then two or three go afk (or just the tank or heal), forcing the others to leave and take the punishment.

And what about people advertising an “in time” run and then making that impossible. Why should someone be forced to finish the dungeon with a group that can’t do what was promised.
Plus, would someone who gets kicked get that penalty? What about people being kicked for no reason at all?
And if not, what about people not quitting but just afking or trolling until they get kicked.

And what if a group decides that they can’t finish the dungeon? They’d need a possibility to leave it without punishment.
And how would that work? The lead decides? The key keyholder? A 3 of 5 vote? 4 of 5? 5 of 5?

Give me some details how you would solve those problems and we can talk about it.

On the other hand, I’m still waiting for punishments for opening already existing threads before anything else should happen.

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Totally unreasonable, illogical and out of proportion measurement against leavers. You are just angry and want the guy to get punished so that it makes you feel better about it.

You are also putting forth your personal subjective wish: to complete a dungeon regardless of how bad/good it is going. So, basically your saying whoever doesn’t conform to my wishes or needs must be suspended for days.

On a more practical note, your ‘solution’ will never work because the punishment your suggesting is so severe that it will requre some sort of ‘tribunal’ were the entire party has to report the leaver and justify it. Then, a Blizz employee has to review the case to determine if the reason for the report is justified for a suspension. This will coste blizz a lot of time, effort, and money.

Also, I will tell you a little secret. Generally speaking, they higher the keys you are doing, the faster people will leave. Because people do only care about completing a key in-time for their rio-score. Any indications of failing, or just a single full wipe, and people are out.

So, if you are already a crybaby on a random +7 leaver, you might as well just quit m+ right now

For someone who has been playing this game pre-TBC, you have not really developed with it. There are different motivations for doing m+ (weekly vault, loot, completion in time) and if someone’s motivation doesn’t line up with yours, then you are not entitled to say what he can or can’t do. Maybe you should quit the game if you can’t deal with that


But that’s exactly what makes it perfectly in line with how the community works. It’s a perfect fit for an unreasonable and illogical community that likes taking things out of proportion.

Maybe not the hero we need but definitely the hero we deserve.

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