[N-RP] Fisherman's Friends: Margoss

On the first Friday of the month,
at 8 pm realm time,

I would be honored if interested fishermen - and -women - of all creeds and factions, would gather in neutral territory, and share the serenity of casting and reeling, and the excitement of seeing what we might catch.

October 1st: At Margoss’ Retreat, off of Dalaran (Broken Isles).

I, or a faction-appropriate alt, can ferry you there if you are unable to get there on your own.

Remember Elixir of Tongues, -
and maybe turn off War Mode? (I honestly have no idea if it matters…)


Big thanks to the nice worgen who attended, I enjoyed some social RP interaction while significantly increasing my Legion fishing skill!

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Light, time flies!
Friday is the first of October, and I
(or, more likely, one of my alts)
will again dedicate a portion of the evening to fishing, getting some skill points,
maybe in cooking, too. :grinning:

Margoss’ floating island seems a nice spot, close to a neutral city, where both factions have relatively easy access.

As mentioned in the original post, I (or an alt) can ferry you from Dalaran to Margoss’ Retreat if you need it.

(Not that I’m expecting many attendants; I know most of you are busy doing other things, and that’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:)

It has been suggested to move ‘the fishing event’ to another weekday, and
honestly, if people will come on another day, I am all for it :grinning:
I just chose Friday because it’s the easiest for me. :smiley:

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I was a little late, but now I am fishing :upside_down_face:

Edit: Had the pleasure of a mysterious adventurer’s company for a while, but I went to get some food, and when I came back, he was gone.

Probably off saving the Shadowlands, he seemed like a capable fellow…

And I perfected my Broken Isles fishing techniques!

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