Fisherman's Fronds

Just a ‘heads up’ to the “Headless Horsemen” out there:

(Not that these “events” have attracted many players lately, but on the off chance that someone decided to attend the next one;)

I will not be attracting any

Fisherman’s Friends

on the first friday of September,
due to RL socializing.

If any eager fishing enthusiasts want to meet up (with each other, since I’ll be off Azeroth), I hope you all have a good time!

Silent fisherman’s nod.

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Believe this is today

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It has been a while. Busy busy, like most of you, I reckon :nerd_face: I’m not going to abandon my fishing ideas, but it might be a while until the next one, as I tend to forget stuff like this when I’m busy :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you’re all having good times, whether it’s in Azeroth or elsewhere. :v: :tropical_fish:


So the next first Friday of a month is in May… Hopefully I will go fishibg somewhere then. Or someone else will…

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Mayhap I should try to catch some fish for the next Evening At The Forge… :thinking:

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Aye, tha’s a good idea, Mina!
An’ beer goes very well wi’ grilled fish!

Friday, June 3rd, 8pm realm time.

Dalaran off the Broken Isles.

Margoss’ Retreat.

Ehh… I’m stuck in, uh, Gryphon traffic. Will be late fer my own fishin’ session… :expressionless:

The first Friday of the (next) month is fast approaching, and I’m busy traveling, quite unable to fish with friends in the near future…

I do take some comfort in my travels being pretty amazing, but still… I miss fishing.

Hope everyone is well.

I’ll be doing some patrols in Kul Tiras, and I hope I’ll be able to try some fishing spots when I’m off duty.

I have lost track of the days, on my epic adventures and fantastic travels. I’m almost beginning to miss civilization, a little bit… Haven’t caught much fish, but luckily there’s plenty of other edibles around.

So, the first Friday of the (next) month is next week.

I kind of want to fish somewhere a bit… exciting…

But I would rather make it easier for others to attend, than to go to some exotic place and fish all by myself.

The Refuge of the Lost is hosting a fishing get-together today
at 7pm
realm time.

Copied from Refuge of the Lost’s big kahuna:

The Jade Forest fishing hut
(fly to the Arboretum, then on to coordinates 62:42)

  • All welcome, nice relaxing camping/fishing/swimming evening.

Edit: Unfortunately I had to leave early, as my presence was needed elsewhere, but there was a nice turnout when I left.

I’m eager to go fishing again!

The first Friday of the month is just a little week away!

The middle of blackrock depths, right in the lava!

Bad idea? Maybe my dark iron dwarves have been encouraging bad things…
Hmm… Exciting fishing places…
How about the Sewers, in dalaran, people have a chance to get a pet. :slight_smile:

Interesting! Dalaran seems more accessible than Blackrock Depths, though. Isn’t there some PvP stuff in the Dalaran sewers, though? Or was that removed…?

Sailing for weeks over Azeroth, sure you go fishing, looking out over the surface of the sea. And sometimes wondering how your friends are doing who are not in the Hand.

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The first Friday of the month is in a couple weeks. I do love fishing, but there is elemental unrest…

Fishing on the Dragon Isles?

I tried a bit in the Shadowlands, and it can’t be stranger than that…

I did some fishing on Draenor as well, but that, at least, is an actual planet, not just a … strange and eerie plane of existence.

The next first Friday of a month, is the 6th.