[N-RP:] Journal Entries

(Note to self: The older you get, the faster time seems to pass by.
Note to self #2: You are quite old.)

My last attempt at reviving Evermore Entries was a booming failure, but if at first you don’t succeed… And if at second you don’t succeed…


A dwarf in his prime, wearing shiny plate armor, and the tabard of the Mithril Guard, has been seen and heard in various neutral / Alliance cities and settlements, speaking with various adventurers, as well as some low ranking members of the disparate class orders - and some Argent Crusaders…

I went and investigated that thing that that … knight … mentioned.

Nay, of course I dinnae go alone! Do I look daft?? Or dead?

Anyway, I dinnae see any sign of those … things, but the river bottom did seem strangely … scoured. It’s indeed possible that somethin’ large has been transported there. I dinnae see anythin’ odd by the lake, but who knows what might be hidden beneath the surface… It’s a bloody big lake.

Aye, I’m gonna spread the word.

Aye, them lot at the meetin’ seemed to be folks that know what they’re doin’.


An Argent Crusader accompanied by two Orcs rode out of Hearthglen on an urgent task. The group returned several hours later, covered in gore and with a salvaged circular saw in tow, the very same that had been stolen in a cultist raid several weeks ago. Word is, part of a larger flesh crafting operation on in Western Plaguelands was put to stop, yet more dangers continue making their presence known across the region.


In a weathered journal smelling of equal parts tar and fish, there is a very recent entry.

I thought I saw Vestibule today, but it was just some other gnome adventurer who found The Botany Band intriguing.

Unfortunately I made other, fishy plans for the coming night of the moon, but I told this Herb to say hi to The Botany Band for me.


When the time came, and I was just about to go to the Dalaran Greenhouse, a courier intercepted me with an urgent request…

I had to make some preparations and go on a mission, but I caught some glimpses of The Botany Band.
They seemed like a nice bunch. I even saw the other gnome that Lillian talked about.

Hopefully I’ll get to meet them some other day.


I feel terrible for inviting the Band to a fishing / herb picking trip, and then I didn’t show up…

I hope the very rushed (and belated) message I sent, reached at least some of them.

An old fishing friend needed my help, and then after that I went straight into my adventuring trip - which has been great - but I miss my Botany friends and the good times we have together (except that ice swimming thing, brr!)

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I was in Boralus the other day, and I saw a group of soldiers dressed in not quite standard Kul Tiran garb. Their tabards were blue-ish, but had an anchor on them.

I was curious, but I did not ask them.

The ones I saw were human, so they might be Kul Tiran, or some volunteer regiment from other human nations to aid Kul Tiras…

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Stopped by Stormwind for some trade, and saw a group of seemingly accomplished adventurers, on a rooftop overlooking the Trade District.

They looked like they were planning something, and I am wondering if they were after that mysterious worgen I saw snooping around earlier.

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Got upcoming assignments in Kul Tiras.

Met a certain worgen and a particular gnome outside the Blue Recluse, and we went inside for something to eat and drink.

Talked about hope for the future and such, but after they left, and I was eating, a mysterious and enigmatic paladin appeared.

He said some unsettling things, but he seemed to be of some rank and renown in the Order, so I think he spoke true.

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So many work orders. Luckily, Jazzy helps. It’s good to have friends, but when every friend request a little thingamajig or ten, I almost wish I had fewer friends. Almost. They’re grateful and nice, though, so that’s alright.

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Apparently, they made me “supply officer” or something…
So now they send loads of materials, products, and equipment to me for distribution or storage.

And if they need anything, I am the one getting the requests…

Well, at least they didn’t try to make me cook or clean.

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Kul Tiras is very … fascinating. I understand why the local patriots love their homeland so, even though I am forever a Dun Morogh lad. Against well-meaning advice, I went to Drustvar with a squad of soldiers on peace-keeping patrol, making sure the witch covens and such don’t start up again.

The region is kind of beautiful, but also quite scary. It must have been absolutely terrifying at the height of the recent conflict with the Drust.

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Patrol report from Drustvar.
We found some evidence of dark magic, but it did not seem to be very fresh. There were signs of recent activity, but none of our findings indicate any malevolent presence. The region had a bit of a rainstorm prior to our patrol, so it was difficult to assess how old the tracks were.

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I am finally starting to feel at home here on Azeroth. Teenesa is progressing very nicely, and our … extended family is doing well. There is, and has been, a lot of building and rebuilding after what they call the Fourth War.
Many have found new ways to use their abilities, aiding the rebuilding and recovery.

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Holy goldnuggets!
Elemental invasions??
What is going on?

And I heard these aggressive elemental forces are rich in loot, so fighting them will be a win-win.

I gotta check this out!

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I recently arrived in Stormwind, along with the rest of the Obsidian Warders.

The Adamant Vigil was entirely lost, except for Scalecommander Emberthal… I feel so deeply for her, but she seems determined to work through … everything, and she does not seem to want comfort nor consolation.

I hate to think how I would feel if I lost my weyrn - but I must admit I … do not remember them as well as … I think I should…

The Healing Wings stayed behind, and I greatly admire their courage - although I like to think I would be equally brave if I was one of them.

The Ebon Scales just … left…

And the Dark Talons went to join the Horde, which worries me a little, because apparently the Alliance and the Horde have had some very bad conflicts in the past.

I do look forward to exploring and (re?-) learning everything I can about Azeroth.

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In a mage’s journal, there is a fairly recent entry:

Tonight was … exhausting. I met someone in Stormwind with a Bastion-ish look, and we started talking. Turned out she was a warlock, and we had an interesting conversation. Then a Dracthyr came along, and things got weird. Suddenly, a worgen mage appeared, and my definition of ‘weird’ got a brutal update. The worgen mage placed a big keg, and the warlock and himself poured its content down their throats in a tempo I thought impossible. Unsurprisingly, this led to the two of them projectile vomiting in all directions (including straight upwards, thus showering themselves with vomit)…At this point, I decided to take a break from them, and go to the lavatory.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I returned, but I had hoped they would have calmed down somewhat…

The square in front of the Trade District Auction House looked like a warzone.

A translucent Arakkoa,

a skeletal pirate,

and a shimmering image of the warlock,

were all fiercely attacking, with weapons and spells -

I swear, I am not making this up! -

a man-sized turnip on the ground.

I was flabbergasted, and completely speechless.

Then, as I was trying to comprehend the scene in front of me, somehow I got covered in Blight!

Needless to say, I panicked, and jumped into the fountain, running around, trying to get the stuff off me. It didn’t work, so I laid down underwater, holding my breath as long as I could. That didn’t work either, so I ran for the biggest, nearest body of water that came to mind; the little lake in The Valley of Heroes. (In hindsight, I might have been better off just running to the Canals, but I was not thinking straight.) I ran all the way to the flight master, and jumped down into the water, where I spent a couple of minutes swimming to shore, and then sat down (or lay down - I honestly don’t remember) to catch my breath, finally blight free.

After a bit of rest, some conjured refreshments, and a change of clothes, I walked back into the city. I really didn’t know what I was walking back to - or if Trade District was even still standing, but I must admit I was a little relieved that they were gone when I got there.

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I met one of those Dracthyr the other day.

She was fishing, of all things
(as was I, which was how we met).

We talked a bit, and then out of the kindness of our hearts, we asked some local refugees seemingly not yet permanently housed,
if we could share their campfire.

There, we cooked some of the fish we caught,
and shared a veritable bountiful feast,
and invited the refugees to eat with us.

It really was a quite enjoyable,
except for the fact that this Dracthyr
picked me up and dropped me in the lake.


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There’s a bit of a … lull … in the Botany Band’s activity, so I’ve gone back to Kul Tiras, and been doing some fishing, herb gathering, and a bit of hunting.

It is good to be back home, but I do look forward to seeing the others again sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.

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These ‘Dragon Isles’ are … a lot.

Lots of dragons - luckily the ones I encountered were fr… not host… not actively trying to kill me.

Lots of other interesting creatures, too.
And fishing.

And it seems the crafters here really know their stuff!
I have only been here for a few weeks, but already I have learned great new things.

I’ve seen a lot of people riding dragons, perhaps to build good relationships between the dragons and the ‘mortals’.

I think what surprised me the most, were the local centaur being willing to trade with us.