[N-RP:] Journal Entries

I heard that the Dragon Isles have splendid opportunities to improve one’s craftsmanship skills.

Presumably, that includes jewelcrafting.

Also, it will be good to aid the … Dragonscale? Expedition with resources, healing, and some occasional supporting field work.

I have packed some useful things, and inquired about passage on one of the ships going that way.

The boys are curious about the Dragon Isles, but I do not want to let them go there by themselves.
They are both impressively capable, and infuriatingly uncareful.
I will get on the next ship, and go ahead of them, make sure they are safe.

While there, I will inquire about interesting Engineering opportunities.

The latest report said our main craftsmen are ready to start crafting in the Dragon Isles.

I understand lots of hopeful adventurers from both the Horde and the Alliance, are making their way to, and around on, the Isles.

Resources and finished products will be very much in demand, as all those adventurers - and the local allies - will need all kinds of supplies.

The future is full of business opportunities, but hopefully also safety for Azeroth.

Had a very interesting lesson on first aid with the Hand of the Titans’ healers the other day.
It is important to know how to keep one’s allies in fighting condition.

After I learned the news about the planned multi-guild joint Horde and Alliance effort on the Dragon Isles, I initiated meetings with my Ebon associate on the Alliance side.

We both have acquaintances in the Horde and Alliance respectively, and we agreed to try to make them useful.

Some are decent at various crafts and professions, and most of them have at least some successful combat experience, so we don’t have to worry about them getting killed by a stray dog or a lowly bandit.

They are definitely not all suited for head-on fighting those flaming “Primalist” enemies I keep hearing about.

However, with the right instructions and proper equipment, they can help indirectly.

An inconspicuous gatherer can keep an eye on, and report, enemy activity.
Small acts of sabotage can slow the enemy down.
And of course, when there is conflict, there is always a need for supplies and resources, repairs and medical aid.

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Signed up to aid the Dragonscale Expedition yesterday. It wasn’t the biggest crowd, but they were all very interesting characters.

We’re leaving later today, and I am absolutely certain it will be an exciting voyage.

I may have packed too much food, but fortunately most of it is not easily perishable.

Apparently, we will meet the Horde group before continuing to the Dragon Isles.

Unsurprisingly when traveling by ship, space is an issue, so I’ll only bring Bonnie and Bagheera this time. If I miss the others too much, I guess I’ll arrange something with Ethan.

The following entry, in a skull-adorned journal, is a few days old:

I heard he was on the ship that carried the Hand, the Beastmaw, and the Vagrants (and possibly some others that I do not know about).

Initially, I regretted not traveling with the rest of the Hand, but by the Light, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

I will meet up with them as soon as I can. Hopefully, they got my message that I journeyed to the Isles ahead of the reinforcement ship carrying the aforementioned guilds.

I finally managed to get on a transport to the Dragon Isles!

Being sort of a quartermaster is exhausting. There’s always mail, and reports, and lists, and items that need to be sorted out…

I am not off the hook just because I managed to get to the Isles - I will still have to do all those things.

But now that I am here, I can get to know these lands and their denizens a little better.

And I want to learn from the artisans I have heard good things about.

I have been informed that all of our united crafters - both Horde and Alliance - are ready to expand and improve their crafting and gathering knowledge and techniques with the exciting new ideas and tools that I am sure the local crafters and gatherers can show us.

The Dragon Isles can be quite perilous (hence the name?) so several of our people will not go there, yet, anyway, but they can be supportive by gathering resources in other regions, and send useful supplies to us, or to other Horde/Alliance/Expedition representatives.

Heard hushed rumors about something ominyx - I mean ominous - happening in Stormwind. …Or to Stormwind…

Don’t know what it might be, but it supposedly has S.I:7 on edge.
Then again, being secret missions people, they’re probably always on edge…?

I haven’t noticed anything, personally, but…

I’ll ask and snoop around, keep it on the down-low.

I finally managed to prove to the Tuskarr
in the Azure Span,
that I am worthy
of their dinghy technology!

I am used to having to convince
superior fisher-persons
before they will share their knowledge
or resorces with me,
but by the light of the new moon,
they had me almost literally jumping through hoops,
and chasing wild geese,
before they eventually bestowed upon me
the honor of having my own dinghy.

Another reason to not envy the living:
Stomach flu.
Also a reason why the urge to socialize should sometimes be ignored - at least if you are one of the living.
I do not think I have ever seen them this sick.

Heard a rumor there is to be another one of those Dragonscale Expedition summit meetings in a … couple of weeks…? Or was it one week…? We should probably find out.

Paul said he introduced himself at… No, wait, that was on the journey over. Light, has it been that long?

Well, we will have to wait and see if they manage to beat that stomach flu in time.

Children’s Week.

It warms my heart to see our people give back to the orphans this week.
Several of our constituents were able to combine their interest in both fishing and cooking, and offer the children, as well as the caregivers at the orphanage, a veritable feast.

Most of us have lost loved ones over the years, and some of us have endured horrible hardships in the past, thus it feels so amazing to be able to brighten these kids’ days.

I saw Gordon running around kiting with one of the orphans, and I know he missed a lot of his own daughter’s adolescence.

She, in turn, took one of the more adventurous boys along on a historic, emotional, and exciting day trip. She was so happy and proud when they returned, and the boy was practically bubbling, utterly beside himself with joy.

I like the idea of relocating the Moonrise to the Dragon Isles, but it is a very mountainous landscape, so it might be that we’ll need to find an elevated point with an ocean view to actually see the moon rise. Time will show.

Gordon was almost bubbling when he returned to camp tonight.
It seems Greeting the New Moon was a success - at least in his opinion.

He admitted that not everyone in attendance seemed interested in the Moonrise, but
Greeting the New Moon was not the main reason everyone was gathered there.

It was actually a meeting for the guilds who are Aiding the Dragonscale Expedition - the very folks I journeyed with when I came to the Dragon Isles.

Gordon said he told them a bit about us, in a meeting with officers from the participating guilds, the night before.

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