[N-RP:] Journal Entries

Bless your bones, kind sir!

I have been completely enthralled with family these last couple of months.

While I understand many of my fellow Dracthyr wanting to continue their destinies on our native Dragon Isles -

I have found myself intrigued by the “small things” surrounding our new allies.

I have explored much of the lands surrounding Stormwind, and learned much of their recent history;

I even made new friends among the humans, who found my visage form comfortingly familiar.

I visited the hot coals in Ironforge on the last Friday of last month, but there weren’t anyone else there. I cooked up some fish while I was there, and enjoyed it with a nice drink. Suddenly someone swooped by, on a flying mount or machine, but whoever it was, they were gone in mere seconds. Probably a hero or adventurer in a hurry.

I heard there will be a new summit for those Aiding the Dragonscale Expedition in a few weeks.

I don’t know yet if any of us will be able to attend, but regardless,

I should send them an updated inventory report, in case they need materials, foodstuffs, or other resources we can provide.

That means I need to make an updated inventory report.

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