[N-RP] The Monthly Storytelling Night 📜

On each last Sunday of the month all those who hold storytelling close to their hearts are invited to Gadgetzan for a night of traditional fables from faraway lands, tales both old and new, stories completely made up and those you swear are real! Gather around the “social” area, share a mug of ale and enjoy the night!

28th of February, 20:00 Server Time
28th of March, 20:00 Server Time
25th of April, 20:00 Server Time
30th of May, 20:00 Server Time
27th of June, 20:00 Server Time
25th of July, 20:00 Server Time
Where: Gadgetzan, Tanaris. The eastern side of the city, with the tables… and the butcher?
Who: All those who wish to tell (or hear) a good story.
Requirements: Elixir of Tongues, as the event is now A/H-RP-friendy!

Participants are encouraged to prepare their own stories to share! Be it your favourite real-world fables repurposed to fit the reality of Azeroth, brand-new tales made up on the spot or even a drunken recount of that one time on Argus that you collectively swore to never mention again, in this traditional pastime there’s time for them all.


BONUS! Storytelling tips and tricks:

  • Elixir of Tongues can be bought from an NPC for less than 30g. Don’t ever get it from AH, sellers overprice it dramatically!
  • If possible, pre-write your story! If your story doesn’t rely on the audience’s input, having it pre-written in a text document (and ideally put in small chunks that can be copy-pasted) can greatly speed up the process.
  • Install a storytelling-friendly addon. Story Teller is a fun one that allows you to copy-paste a long chunk of text and automatically breaks it up into neat one-say-long bits. Another one I recommend is Emote Splitter–perfect for those who have trouble estimating where the /say limit is.
  • The best copy-pasting pace seems to be dictated by the speech bubbles–after posting your /say, wait for the speech bubble to disappear and give it another two or three seconds before pasting the next chunk. It seems to be a good balance which gave people enough time to read everything.

Bump to ensure this doesn’t get locked.

This addon I found named Story Teller could prove useful for the upcoming event. :slight_smile:


Silly Q: is server time aligned to British summer time?


I think there’s one hour difference! (But don’t ask me which way it goes…)


I find this tool very useful. Thank you for sharing! :yellow_heart:

Yes, all European servers uses UTC+01:00, which includes both Central European Time (CET) and British Summer Time (BST).


* Bony fist bump *

For an embarrassingly long time (rotting brain and whatnot…), I thought this event coincided with Greeting the New Moon - not that such is an issue for yours truly, of course; the Firelands will freeze over before the likes of me are welcome there.

However, while friends of some of my brothers in arms attend the Moonrise, I am occupied with, uh… Death Knight meetings, at that time.

Imagine, then, the splendor of my joy when - after several weeks of cluelessness - I realized that the post said the last Sunday of the month, not the first

I am fairly certain the corner of my mouth twitched upwards.

Shadows willing, I shall attend (or someone else might, if I find myself jittery at the thought of being around so many living storytellers).

Awkwardly lowers extended arm with bumpy fist.


Last minute pro tips to hesitant storytellers:

  1. Start, perhaps with the popular “Once upon a time…” phrase.
  2. Add content (audiences tend to enjoy love, blood, jumpscares and/or lengty descriptions of dinner tables).
  3. Wrap it up, maybe with a classical “…and they lived happily ever after.”
    Good luck!

Today is the day!

For raid invites please poke Kagana-SteamwheedleCartel. As usual, poking any online Hand member also does the trick. :slight_smile:

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So… that was pretty damn great if I say so myself. In about three hours we got to hear a total of eight stories! (Could’ve been four more, had real life not claimed Zarajan.) The stories from tonight’s event are as follows:

  • De Priestess Nobody Could Silence
  • The Tale of Tuni the Haughty
  • De Tale of Zura
  • The Clever Little Fox
  • Sizzy Knucklewrench’s Crazy War Story About A Snowstorm, The Slushmobile, And Xarly Stranglestring’s Blessed Buttocks
  • The Pumpkin (with special choreography by Kimble)
  • The Eagle, The Magpies and The Sparrow
  • The Girl With The Fiddle

A big thank you to all those creative souls who enriched the story night with their stories. I am already looking forward to next month’s event! :relaxed:


Let it be known that I love my wonderful guildmaster dearly enough to give myself a headache while juggling three different events (and getting two of them hopelessly mixed up, for I have the multitasking skills of a chipped brick).

Anyway, just dropping by you let you know that the next Story Night is happening on a Saturday this time, which gives you one extra week to come up with stories!

Next month’s event is back to the last-Sunday schedule. I promise not confuse my brain with my own dang events again…


My fault. I am leaving to Mexico for two weeks for reasons of love. So things were hustled around to make it all fit. I hope it won’t inconvenience anyone.


You had me at ‘love’.
Inconvenience? Not at all!

As long as I have miscreants to lavish suffering upon, I am happier than a worgen chewing … me?

(And there are plenty of sinister creatures all over our marvellous world, so I am quite happy -

to the extent I am capable of, anyway:)


/caffeinated /sorry

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Love stories are the best stories. :two_hearts:

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Event tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring some stories to share!


Aah… I really wanted to go to the story night, but someone else is doing something else, so I am needed somewhere else.

(OOC: RL happening. Hope it’s as great as last time, or if possible, maybe even better! (Edit: The story event, I mean:))


Storyteller Kagana here with another post-event report! Yesterday we shared the following tales:

  • The Story of Pippit the Bunny
  • Why the Shu’halo Wander
  • The Story of Another Bunny
  • A Treasure Hunt in Netherstorm
  • A Fat, Lazy Bear
  • The Frozen Heart
  • Improv!

Once again I’d like to thank all the people who prepared stories to tell and those who showed up to listen.

A little announcement, by the way: starting from January 2020, the events will become open to the Alliance! I’m very excited to soon invite our friends from Team Blue to participate in a traditional Horde custom. The location will obviously need to change in order to accomodate cross-faction RP, so during this month I will do some scouting to find a good place. Suggestions for friendly and accessible spots are strongly encouraged!

Another announcement: due to IRL Winter’s Veil, the next event will take place on the 22th. Because the end of the year is always hectic as heck and your event runner will probably end out tearing out her hair. Such is life!


It seems I will spend tomorrow with / keeping an eye on family, so unfortunately I cannot attend that Story Night either… :confused:

I still hope the night and the stories will be marvellous, and that everyone has a good time!


This will be the last Story Night of 2019! Time flies when you’re having fun. :star:


Erm. For Reasons™ (spoiler: I slacked and lost level 3, lmao) the top post can’t be changed, and as such only the title got updated. That said, yes, indeed! The Story Night is now open to the Alliance. Here’s the new contact info:

When: 26th of January (Sunday), 20:00 Server Time
Where: Gadgetzan, Tanaris. The eastern side of the city, with the tables… and the butcher?
Who: All those who wish to tell (or hear) a good story.
Requirements: Potions of Tongues, as the event is now A/H-RP-friendy!

The main post will be updated as soon as possible!