[N-RP] The Vulture Company

Dalaran is a city filled with wonder and entertainment. Thriving bars and lively shops with all manner of trinkets, armours and weaponry yet in a dim forgotten alley sits the doorway to an office that promises untold adventure and excitement. A bolted on sign above the door promotes an ever watching avian however it is not a majestic eagle or a wise owl but a humble vulture. Fitting calligraphy etched under said vulture would proclaim “The Vulture Company”.


The Vulture Company is a neutral mercenary guild that operates within the confines of a roaming hub. Every month we will have a new location where we will make landfall and operate a series of main line interconnected events across that month in the location we are operating within. Members and friends are also welcome to DM ‘side jobs’ within the location we are operating that month as well.

Naturally we accept a wide variety of character concepts. We only ask that your concept fit in with the theme of a ship travelling mercenary company that is more ragtag than militaristic.


Rather than having a singular figurehead, the Vulture Company (at the moment) has three Brokers which are the officers of the guild. The only other two ranks are Carrion and Vulture. Carrion is the trial period where we make sure that you are right for the guild and that the guild is right for you - Once your trial period has come to an end, you’ll be granted the rank of Vulture – cementing your position within the guild.

The Brokers are the officers of the guild, and they serve two functions and that’s to make sure the OOC and IC operation of the Vulture Company runs smoothly and to have a steady flow of events and new areas to traverse. Other than that, Vultures have a large say in how the guild progresses, some examples include: Vultures vouching for you to end your trial period and make you become a fully-fledged Vulture, anyone that breaks the rules will be judged and punished as determined by the other Vultures – the Brokers will merely mediate the process and more.

Roaming and Commitment

RP is well known for its strictly guild-based roleplay, but we want to encourage people to RP with other guilds and individuals where possible. The loose rule we are running with just now is that you’ll be expected to attend at least one event per month – again this isn’t a hard line, and we completely understand that real-life events happen without any warning, all we ask in that case is a wee message, so we know you are still interested in staying with us. Your character is free to come and go as they please just in case you have friends in other guilds that you enjoy interacting with or you want to take a momentary break from the harsh mercenary lifestyle to party it up in Dalaran. To that extent when your trial period has ended, and you’ve reached the rank of Vulture you will be given a Hearthstone ICly which is bound to the ship – just to make coming and going as easy as possible.


Given that we are operating as a mercenary company there are times when the ’jobs’ we take won’t exactly be morally right. OOCly we will always give a brief description of the event we are running via Discord so you can decide in advance if this is the kind of job your character would do. ICly there is always a briefing before we head out so you decide if your character would be convinced to partake. Your character is under no obligation to attend any job which they personally wouldn’t wish to do. We try to run a variety of events to cater to socialites, murderhobos and more so we completely understand that not every event type will suit every character.

Thank you for your time

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Teáleaf (Accented a)/ Gwénifér

Valdrís (Accented i)



Let’s gooooo!!!


Good luck with the guild, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun for everyone who joins, very talented guild leaders and exceptional dm’s.


This has been a long time in production - I am glad to see it launch, and glad to be a part of the team! Onwards to the future!


Orgrimmar (April)

The Vulture Company is currently doing a series of small jobs in the city of Orgrimmar and will be here for the next week or so before moving on to our new destination. If you want to find out more about us, wish to join or simply want some RP then drop by!

Having concluded our main job in Orgrimmar which involved recovering a counterfeit Warchief banner for a client, the Vulture Company has now moved on to Dalaran to assist with the protection of a Kirin Tor debate with regards to allowing the study of necromancy once more.
(We will be doing our events in Old Dalaran but our casual RP will in Legion Dalaran if you wish to stop by and take part)

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What a month that was!

The Vulture Company’s contract in Dalaran centered around a Kirin Tor debate - whether or not to allow necromancy to be studied within the city, as part of the formal curriculum of the Kirin Tor.

Though a contentious issue, the Vultures did not have a professional stake in it - politics being out of the remit of their pay packet. Instead, their duties focused on the bodyguarding of the two major debaters who would be involved - both of whom having a difficult time, complete with threats, angry mobs, and undead assassins. Eventually however, the two got to their debate safely. Whether or not anything changes is now up to the will of the Council.

Coming next for the Vulture Company… an expedition to a newly rediscovered isle.


The Vulture Company has been called to the mysterious Dragon Isles by the Kirin Tor to investigate a rumoured artefact and the disappearance of some Kirin Tor researchers.

So far our journey in the Azure Span has led us to a cavern which contained a frozen researcher (that was saved) and some menacing ice elementals that have some sort of connection to the artefact.

(If you wish to join or want some more info please DM one of our members)

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No researchers were in any way harmed or knocked unconscious during the rescue and any claim to the contrary is slander undoubtedly coming from competing mercenary companies.

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With the mysterious artefact recovered, the Kirin Tor assisted and a traitorous Mage exposed; the Vulture Company set sail once more. For the next week they will be traversing the open waters as they make their way to the jungles of Stranglethorn where a group of servants to various Loa have hired them to help make shrines.

As always we will be available down in Stranglethorn for both casual RP and recruitment. DM any of our members and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.


The Servants of the Loa have tasked the Vulture Company with helping them to restore shrines to the different Loa in Zul’Gurub. So far Hethiss has been appeased but there are still four more to go.
(DM a member if you wish or join or want more info otherwise find us in Booty Bay for casual RP this month)

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The Vulture Company having completed their task in Zul’Gurub by aiding the Servants of the Loa are now back on their ship and sailing off to a new destination where hopefully riches and opportunity awaits them.
It is rumoured that they will be making port in the Wetlands.


The Vulture Company have once more docked on dry land! This time they find themselves in the Wetlands, hired by the dwavish Thane Khazban to help him retake a small village that has suddenly cut contact with Ironforge… and killed his unit when he went in to investigate.

Who knows what dark secrets they will uncover along the way?!


The Vulture Company is taking a short break in Dalaran (Legion).
With the Wetlands job complete, the mercenary company found themselves needing some R&R before taking on their next job.
Rumour has it they next set sail for Stormheim.

(DM a member or find us in Dalaran if you wish to join or simply want to take part in some casual RP)

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A goblin from the Bay has tasked the Vulture Company with checking in on his brother. The brother in question has set up shop in Stormheim and hasn’t been sending coin back to the Bay as part of the agreement they have - something seems to have went wrong.
(DM a member for more information or find us at Valdisdall to join in on the fun)


Only recently returned from a Dreadlord’s palace in the Twisting Nether on a personal mission from one of our brokers, The Vulture Company is now about to land in the Dragon Isles to do some business on behalf of the Bronze Dragonflight. We sure get around.


Our very own Celadys will be working as the Vulture Company client for this month.
We will be arriving in Suramar to help out with a matter regarding artifacts!
(DM a member for more information or find us in Suramar)

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The Vulture Company have gone uncover to investigate “strange things” happening within a luxury holiday resort for the rich.

Posing as tourist is it’s own challenge for this lot.


The Vultures are still at a luxury holiday resort for the rich.
We’ve tried our best to pose as tourists however- there was a big arcanic explosion and now a dragon is threatening us to return an egg which we may or may not have found.
If you’d like to get involved in the shenanigans - DM anyone in our guild and they’ll point you to the nearest officer.

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The Vultures are back in Dalaran this month, Enjoying the RP the hubs has going on - with a few Winter Veil events planned - Taking it easy over this before we return to our Sands of Time storyline in January.

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