Need some suggestion about my pc

Yo guys, how are you going?

I’m running wow on a 128GB SSD alongside my windows 10. My wow runs just fine but I’m experiencing huge amount of lag in crowded areas ,usually first pull of the dungeons and loadings are not too slow. currently I only have 7GB left on my drive I assume that the lag is cause of lack of space.
In case if you are wondering I have i7 gen2 and an 8gb DDR3 ram with 2gb nvidia 1050gti graphics

I’m planning to upgrade this system and I wonder if I should buy another SSD or the lags will gone if I just add another 8gb of ram.

thank you in advance

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If by lag you mean a lowering of framerate then lower you graphics settings, some make a huge difference to FPS but very little to the graphics look.

Also make sure the game is using your graphics card and not your CPU.

I have a similar card and system but my card is 4gb and I have 16gb of memory.

Lots of other things can effect it, like memory speed.

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What are your graphics settings?

Have you tried without any addons?

These are the first two things to check, and you didn’t mention thsm.

Set your graphics to lowest (1) in System menu, and you can try these macros for extra value. A few of them are now obsolete, but many of the settinga are still relevant

The one change I would make is that you NEED to then set Projected Textures back on. You really can’t play if you can’t see the bad on the ground.

OK, so let’s say things are still not good.

My first suspiciion would be your graphics card. The 1050 may be within spec, but 2GB is light, and the devs just keep cranking up the requirments like they have their money all invested in nVidia shares. You would think they’d be on our side in this instead of tring to force us to buy more silicon. :frowning:

I really doubt that lag during a pull is at all related to disk space. Lag on a loading screen, sure: NOT FPS lag in high activity.

I have a remedy to cure all your PC eilments.

What you need is upgrading your GPU and all your PC related problems will be gone.

Preferably Nvidia GeForce 1070 or 1080 8gbs or if you are going cheap get AMD Rx580 8gbs card.

Because I’m sorry to say nowadays 2gbs is not gonna cut it for gaming these days i tried i had 2gigs card before.

The card is fine, it’s something else causing the problem.

Maybe for you but it isn’t for me cause it fixed my problem.

I ran taksmanager on background and tracked the processes, I found out that there I had an old HDD ( almost 12 years old ) which was causing Disk usage to be on 100% while playing WoW.

Thank you for replies. : )

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