Graphics macros for better fps (Updating for new forums)

Hi, a long time ago I posted these macros for better fps due to the crazy amount of particle effects in wow now haha.

Set graphics to lowest settings then make these macros and press them once.

Credit to forumgraiine for messaging me ingame to update for the new forums.
First macro.

/console m2Faster 1
/console ffx 0
/console hwPCF 1
/console shadowlod 0
/console timingmethod 1
/console showshadow 0
/console showfootprints 0
/console showfootprintparticles 0
/console ffxGlow 0
/console spelleffectlevel 2
/console particledensity 1

Second macro.

/console overridefarclip 0
/console farclip 177
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console detailDoodadAlpha 0
/console groundeffectdensity 16

Third macro.

/console groundeffectdist 1
/console smallcull 1
/console skycloudlod 1
/console characterAmbient 1
/console extshadowquality 0
/console environmentDetail 0.5


Thank you for reposting!

This is one of the topics I had both bookmarked and saved from the old forums, because it has helped so many.

These settings were originally posted a long time ago, and while I’m not certain that every one of them works the same now as originally, I know that cumulatively they have a significant effect, because I just helped someone with a under-spec PC by getting them to use them.

The original thread still exists for now, at

for anyone who is interested.


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