Nerf disgusting mages

Im sorry but all 3 mage specs currently are absolutely disgusting, you could have a 1 legged donkey play this spec to glad.

Their manoeuvrability and crowd control is absurd.

X2 shimmer (if you don’t take shimmer can blink stuns and cast whilst moving?)
x2 Frost Nova
Ice Nova
Alter time (with speed increase when you alter back)
Barrier (removes all slows)
And sheep

The list is endless, it is so miserable attempting to kill a mage on a melee class and they cannot be punished for playing badly because of this ridiculous toolkit.
People talk about Aug being broken but imo mage is 10x more broken currently especially into melee comps.

Either lower their damage or remove stuff from their toolkit


i totally agree

give warriors 2 more charges (into battle)
give monks snare immunity (with the wind)
reduce dk grip to be 10 seconds cd (death’s calling)

increase chaosbolt damage by 10%


I think the most important thing would be: nerf caster movement speed by 100% so I will have a chance to reach them…


Monk has unlimited charge and god’s damage, pls stop complain


And nerf warrior mobility while at it.
It’s like those 2 are fighting to be the most broken class atm

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Warriors now can only equip wooden sticks

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Love the lack of self awareness from melee players. Complaining that there’s 1 class in the entire game that they can’t use their mobility like a clown against to have max uptime on like they do against everything else.


What’s the point if you are never allowed to cast it? It’s like when they keep buffing UA and now every game vs affli is either you run him down without him doing a single spec of damage or you have to live through 9999999999999990 damage from dots. No inbetween. Thanks blizzard, very enjoyable.

If I had a penny for every time a body type two Orc Windwalker came to the Arena forums to complain I’d probably be wealthier than the lone intern responsible for PvP balance.


I said it before and said it again, nerf Mage mobility AND nerf Warrior mobility as well. its a literal arms race between the two and warrior can run down any other non-mage caster bc they have too much movement that is specifically made for mages in mind.


Can’t agree more, its disgusting!
There is nothing i can do vs mage, they counter everything while being able to perma slow ppl.
The class has is all, insane dmg, great defensives, PERMA SLOW… its just to much!
Especially the perma slow, and freedom doesnt help bc they just steal it, can blink out of Hoj, 2 blocks that give you back full hp, i mean wtf!?

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Depends on how much u get per monk appearing xD

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Me no like me need 2h weap in steal me killing zug zug

Its frostjaw talent that I really hate…

just nerf mage please

ww cant do anything vs a good mage rofl

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they didnt buff any dot damage
its still capped at 18k dps per target, all good
although even after the buff people playing mw/restodruids/restoshamans/hpalas/hpriests spam dispel ua anyway XD

you re right, also the knockback is annoying

The slow after the knockback is what irritates me the most. Turns into walking simulator…

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Can somebody explain why every pvp tryhard plays orc female? Like 90% of the time you already know by seeing this race combo, is there a secret cult or smthg?