Nerf disgusting mages

Because Orcs were utterly broken for two or three expansions in a row and female Orc is moderately less hideous than male.

They’re still strong now but not so strong as to mandate you being one on any class that can.

Death grip is annoying. Knockback mechanic is totally broken. If you fight on any terrain with verticality you can be thrown away like a trash can and forgotten about. No need for sheeps or stuns or any gameplay. Cant be countered or predicted as its instant cast except maybe with spellrefect, but you have to be on discord with enemy to know when to reflect it.

Any ability that throws you around like an old sock is just garbage game design.

It should be removed for the sake of broken keyboards

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i fully agree

i feel exactly like that, especially when i getting knocked back, into a blink, the mage is already in africa and can poly without fearing a kick lmao, this mage rework which was intended for “pve purposes” was such an bad decision if it comes to pvp

conspiracy theories.

2x rolls, flying dragon meme, teleport,m that u can use twice, incap, legsweep, giga defensives, freedom+movespeed, fof slows af, ring of peace AND you delete them when u even touch them. But mages are broken? Okay.


Yes mages are broken and either need higher cd on alter time and displacement removed + slow on blastwave taken away and even if they did all this mages would still be insanely good.


The Thing is, WW monk is Broken, BUT MAGE is even MORE broken :joy:

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well nerf ww damage but give it a better cc kit and do the above to mage.
ez fixed game.

This applies to Windwalkers more than anything, speaking from personal experience.

You see a Mage against you, you kind of just wanna hit something else and pray for the best, cause it’s a waste of time. You think to yourself “ok he blinked twice and blinked backwards and has no Alter time and no knockback, maybe now I can finally reach him and kill him”. Think again again buddy, enjoy the DB > sheep, and blink is back off cooldown btw.

You Describe exactly my misery when i play against a mage, i also play ww, but even as Feral, im be honest with you, it was never as difficult as now, to reach a mage, even as a feral druid

Also what is going on with the alter time cd they can spam it on cd now or what?

i rather chaising a mw monk than the current designed mage

OR imagine u play against a mage in the blade´s edge arena

and as ww it doesnt even matter if u use port vs mage because if the mage uses ur port position to his advantage he can just blink side to side and ur kinda owned

Yup. Mage and Paladin are hardcounters to Windwalker, even moreso than they are to Warriors.

You literally have to be playing with your feet to die to a Windwalker as a Mage

Or Db you into ring of Frost, it feels so bad to use the port into mage setups

To be fair, mage got “too” much love with the new Rework, i really dont complain about the dmg or something, but about the short alter time cd, paired with the insane not needed knockback, they didnt need it in Sl,Bfa, Legion, why do they need it now?

Shadowstep is a literal “teleport me behind my enemy anytime” and has 2 stacks :wink:


what love did mage get on the rework ?

Mage is the most broken thing existing rn

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I agree with OP

just watched super op mage go 0-6 and waste everyones time cause his queing arcane into mm, arms, ret :slight_smile:

i kinda wish he would go raid molten core or something instead, have to be something wrong with people if they que mage into this shuffle

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Funny. i dont see any mages top 100 in 2s. But there is Hunters and druids and rogues. Wonder why? Cause mages are not S tier


Why are you looking at 2v2 which is always dominated by Rogues, Druids and Hunters and not 3v3 where:

  • Fire Mage is the 6th most represented spec above 2400 and 4th most represented DPS
  • Mage has 6 Arcane Mages (5th most represented specialisation, more than Hunters and Rogues) and 3 Fire Mages above 2800 (top 90).

And in solo shuffle where:

  • Mage is the most represented class in EU above 2700 AND in NA.