Nerf Mythic + spiteful

I know I will probably get much hate comments here but can you please address Spiteful mechanic like you have no chance in hell to react of a ghost that spawns and hits 70% of you base health through a shield and I’m not complaining but this new mechanic isn’t fun when you die and die on aoe pulls as shadow .

Spiteful shouldn’t hit as much as it does on a low lvl key its unfair game play.


They take a second or two to spawn, and you get a pair of eyes above your head if it’s targeting you

Its not that pairing spiteful with volcanic is like double suicide you cant see that bloody thing in-between 20 other adds,

Stay out of melee? Wow, much hard.

The shades lose 8% health per sec, just CC and run away.

Also this week imo is easier than any previous week imo… both are very avoidable affix


try that in Sanguine Depths, when they hit though a shield and you get much other stuffs going on.

So fear them?

If you’re trying to “react” to them spawning, then there’s your problem. You know exactly when they’re going to spawn - and that’s when a mob dies. Keep tabs on mob health, and plan accordingly. If you’re not preparing, that’s entirely on you.


I does but they hit even when feared

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I’m gonna need a video of that happening.


I need to get close to them to fear them yeah right ? then he melees me through 70% of my health and a 5% shield their damage done is absurd

I dont really find them to be an issue. I get that they can be a pain in melee, but we use different cc available to slow them down and just run to next pack. Things like ring, earthbind/erathgrab totem, binding shot, stuns, priest fear.

they need to nerf this mechanic so it doesn’t spawn of every Bleeping add in game.

They are a nuisance, they don’t target someone while spawning, it takes a moment and they seem to have incredibly long reach as well.


Yeah their reach is kinda iffy, that i can agree needs to be looked at.


They need to address this mechanic it’s such a big mify fiesta

Like i said, i dont really find it to be a big issue.

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Not you perhaps but their hit boxes are like insanely unfair and unpleasant to play against even if not ranged or melee like i can get monks DH and any no brainer classes like mage or druid has it easy here but still shouldn’t hit like 70% of you health when not even close to you.

My only issue with them is they put you in combat, so in places like SoA or ToP u gotta wait till they die and then u can take portal/bird, so annyoing, wasting more time on those travels than fightin…


Funny, I manage to fear them just fine without getting hit.