Nerf trickster rogue


Seeing how long we had to complain to have eviscerate nerfed by 10%, let’s start calling for nerfs now.

Trickster rogue - the new anti-class for WW monk and Arms warrior. Why you might ask? Just read the first talent… (spoilers - when you press Feint your attacks cannot be parried)

Also, the whole talent tree is a giant soup of damage modifiers and huge PVP buffs.

Please nerf trickster today, thank you :smiley:


so this means, he dont have to waste his step when u try to pre parry his kidney with fury fist, means rogue have to work less to use a kidney, and also safe his mobility cd with it who can use it to kick the enemy heal while the ww monk is in kidney

wish the rogue dev could move to other classes too, rogue getting so much love

Exactly, not only did they have shadowstep and cheap shot from shadowdance, but now they can also use feint and 2-3 abilities to trigger the new buff and hit through parry :smiley:

Warrior uses Die by the sword - np. Feint and Kidney

yeah i hope they make it “works only in pve” we clearly dont need more toxic spells/mods like this

Well, at least feint costs a good chunk of energy and is one of the few sub rogue ability buttons which have a GCD. So if he uses feint during the burst setup the rogue will definetely lose parts of his total dmg which matters a lot for a ultra setup-based spec like Sub.

The difference is, Feint is just so you get it 100% while you can get “Fazed” from pretty much majority of your skills aswell.

Yes, but it gives like 10 damage modifiers, just read the talents :smiley: crit, crit damage, increased damage, stacking eviscerate buff…

ehh, i think they dont care about the 35 Energy, rogues dont have the big “energy downtime” like other classes

but i think it have a faster Gcd than other spells or no?

Why? he use it, then kidney, and then burst

You might want to read abit more, its not only “Feint” which give the effect “Fazed”.
Its just guaranteed with no effort and gives you 2 combo points with Feint.

Ah as I said before its the cyclone of the Rogue class. There will be 10 different one shot builds that will get trickle nerfed bit by bit until its balanced a bit last week of season until new season starts and then we get the new 10 one shot builds!

This does look good but you people seriously need to stop acting stupid and opening threads full of nonsense. None of you know what the SPEC TALENT TREES will be like. None of you know how the spell tuning can be. None of you know about set bonuses or other borrowed powers we might get.

Obviously next expansion won’t be the current game with current tuning PLUS those inter-spec trees.

I mean … have you look at ONLY the first talent of the Evoker one ? Without even looking at any of the other talents of that tree, do you seriously believe that Devastation will be the same as now WITH DISINTEGRATE ON ALL 3 MEMBERS OF YOUR TEAM EVERYTIME ?

And if you do believe it, you chose to open a thread on a solid talent tree, but keep silent about Disintegrate hitting 3 people ?

“But Rogue …”. Crazy.


this new faint talent needs to be removed, rogues farm wws so hard alrdy.

everyone know it will be a mess, and that’s enough, everything else isnt relevant.

i mean it´s normal, its the most hated class after Dh, cuz it´s always op, is also alyways annoying to play against, live with that.

and yes Peoples should not overreact, but don’t hold it against them blizz edited by moderator multiple times, when they introduced a new thing when it comes to talents/ class balance/ rework which were fully pve oriented and not tested in pvp

will it gatekeep them to hit duelist,elite,glad? no, will it be another annoying thing to deal with it? thats for sure!

im just tired of seeing new pve garbage, what isnt tested in pvp, like corruptions, pve trinkets in the past, azerith traits with no pvp mods, broken artifact weapons, broken legys etc

its just boring

until dh stays s+ and people will create multiple “nerf dh threads” again

Wish we could see tuning in the current xpac


This " Fazed" debuff is a direct QoL improvement for trash rogues who don’t use shadowstep vs DBTS or simply dont switch targets. Do rogues have hard time killing warriors? Shouldn’t be that way?

When something is OP by design it needs to be called out. All other hero talent trees are weak and inconsequential for the most part, and the mechanics they introduce are rather mediocre and forgettable. The rogue one stands out a lot - not in terms of damage (these things get tuned sooner or later) but in terms of mechanics and design. It’s levels above anything else they’ve shown so far.

The devs asked for feedback, AND SPECIFICALLY FOR FEEDBACK ON DESIGN AND MECHANICS, NOT NUMBERS - well, this is my feedback. The Evoker one seems OP - yes, but only in terms of damage, not in terms of mechanics. That’s why I don’t care about it. Damage will be normalized across the board before release.

no one knows how it will be but from past xpac everyone is almost certain one rogue spec will be busted at the start as is tradition.

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I think you haven’t really read, or understood, a few of them then.

“One point in, and they’re already completely busted” - Venruki

Watching his reaction to the trickster tree reveal :joy:

Agree nerf DH in WarW

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Honestly, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Warlock and Rogue trees.
My tree is literal garbage. It’s in a state that absolutely whatever they put into disc-shadow - I’ll pick disc-shadow. Like literally no matter what’s in there, it’s going to be better lol.

Rogue tree looks amazing to me. But calling to nerfs without seeing the actual spec tree, abilities and numbers is a little too much imo.

Demon Hunter has been removed from the game. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :pray: