[Network-RP] The Crafters' Congress: A List of Traders and Sellers 💰


I’ve happily noted a recent interest in crafting/trade-based activities amongst the community, so in hopes of generating more RP I decided to see if we can build a list of roleplayers who create and sell different wares. Much like the trinket thread, this list is also a wiki that can be edited by everyone!

In order to edit a wiki post, scroll to the end of The List and click:

If you have a character who makes things and sells things, please fee free to add them to the list!

For the ease of browsing, please use the following format (it’s okay to just copy-paste everything in the frame below and fill out the information):

**Character Name**:
**OOC Contact**:

Quick explanation on how to fill the form:

Character Name: Put your in-character first and last name (if you have one) here.
OOC Contact: Put your game name here, so people can PM/mail you.
Faction: Pick ‘Alliance’ or ‘Horde’
Profession: Put your character’s trade here. It can be one of the ones you can learn in the game (such as engineering, cooking, enchanting, and so on), or if needed even a custom one (such as, for example, carpentry). You can also skip this if you can’t find a good profession to describe what your character does.
Details: Here you can put some short information about what kind of stuff your character sells, be it Sin’dorei-style ball gowns, carefully brewed poisons, fish from around the world or ancient ogre artifacts.
Cross-Faction?: Pick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on whether or not your character is willing to sell to the other faction.

The list can be found below this post!

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Character Name: Tixi Silvershiv
OOC Contact: Tixi -Moonglade
Faction: Horde
Profession: Alchemy, speciality in poisons
Details: Not at all carefully brewed poisons, also able to be commissioned to R&D new poisons from exotic and newly discovered plants. Conversely, also sells antidodes at a 200% markup.
Cross-Faction?: Yes

Character Name: Rei Winterbrew
OOC Contact: Rei-Moonglade
Faction: Horde
Profession: Cooking
Details: Healing food and beverages. Mostly Pandaren-style (but not only!) dishes imbued with healing powers of the Mistweavers.
Cross-Faction?: Yes

Character Name: Shara
OOC Contact: Shara-SteamwheedleCartel
Faction: Horde
Profession: Jewelcrafting
Details: Traditional Highmountain-style jewellery and accessories made from wood, beads, feathers and crystals. Hair decorations, nose rings, earrings, pendants. Can also be commissioned to carve totems.
Cross-Faction?: Yes

Character Name: Linaria Duskweaver
OOC Contact: Linaria-SteamwheedleCartel
Faction: Horde
Profession: Enchanting
Details: Very expensive but also very high quality enchantments of all sorts (offensive, protective, utility). Object of the enchantment must be provided by the buyer.
Cross-Faction?: Yes

Character Name: Sazja Botwatts
OOC Contact: Sazja-Steamwheelde Cartel
Faction: Horde
Profession: Engineer
Details: I make all kinds of robots that make life easier!
Cross-Faction?: Yes

Character Name:Maradan
Faction: Alliance
Details:Maradan is leading a Jewelcrafter’s school: lectures,expeditions and the such.Maradan produces jewelery,gems,and anything mineral related.
as far as crafting and selling goes,he is open to any oppertunity.
Cross -faction?: yes

Character Name: Verroak Krasha’s many employees
OOC Contact: Eodhain-Moonglade, Verroak-TheSha’Tar
Faction: both
Profession: Alchemy
Details: Most basic consumables, as well as some rare and exotic items such as Brain Bleach, Hangover Cure or Elbow Grease.
Cross-Faction?: yes

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The upcoming [N-RP] Shattrath Market 29th will be a good opportunity for all traders and buyers–don’t forget to show up!


Another market incoming! What are you going to sell this month? :moneybag:


Should probably include some Botanists here…

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