New Action House

Well, at first sight i fell in love with the new AH, but after trying to sell a few times, i’ve gotten allmost nothing sold. And that is good that usually sells like warm bread.

People undercutting with a few silver, makes a mess out of the AH.

Maybe make it so, that if you want to undercut, you have to undercut with at least 10%. Make a button on the seller page that is just “undercut”, which will cut 10% off of the lowest price. Then we wont have copper bars to 10g, 9g99s, 9g98s and so on

Feels like the prices are unstable and there’s no real demand right now

Gotta wait until next week for season 4, this may solve this issue.

Don’t forget that the AH > Mail system is F.U.B.A.R right now. There are many players who are reluctant to buy or sell because they don’t know when their money/items will arrive.

Try selling direct in Trade chat for the time being ^_~

I don’t think forcing some 10% undercutting would make any difference. In current AH, undercutting actually isn’t really needed, because just posting with same price will get you infront of previous seller. Only reason someone would need to undercut is that price is too high.
I think major difference is that before you were competing with only players who bothered actually playing the auction house (getting addons and learning to use them), but now you are competing everyone who posts into auction house because how easy it is to use new auction house.

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Exactly, everyone is essentially using auctioneer now that automatically inputs the “right” price and all undercutting does is set a new default price for everyone posting after you.

You might want to contribute/keep up with this post as there are updates being posted in it, as and when:-

It is good for undercutters like me, I liked it. Last in first out… I get muh gold faster now.

Sounds like a you problem, i’ve sold more than ever to the point of running out of stuff & it’s a nice convinience buying stuff

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