Is this a bug or something. I’ve used the AH everysingle day since 8.3 went live. Mostly BFA enchanting mats, and I haven’t had a single shard or anything sell since the patch???

Is the AH bugged? I just keep getting my items back in the mail after 24hrs/48hrs. How am I supposed to make my gold lol.

Edit: AH is actually bugged. Just hoping I receive my gold at some point when they fix it.

AH had a lot of bugs and there’s no demand right now (folks stockpiled in 8.2 and won’t need anything before next reset)

Some ressources and BOE gear still sold on my server tho


I went from making around 150-200k a day to 0 profit.
Herm… -.- let’s hope this settles down asap. We’re losing money. Not a single sell been made since the patch launched, on my side.

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First off there is a bug where your stackable auctions vanish into the twisting nether when they are sold. Blizzard siad that this is a mailbox issue and they have a record of every transactions.

Secondly, when you undercut, make sure you actually undercut by a silver, instead of choosing the same price as someone else.

Third, alot of people have been stockpiling for the new auction house and raid, which results in a way to high supply/demand ratio.

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That’s definitely what’s happened for me. Just checked the auction house now, and my shards are all gone on the auctions, but no money. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the fix :sob: Thanks!

You might want to add your feedback to this discussion which also gets blue update posts

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I noticed the same thing. Also what really bugs me with the new AH that it does not show required level for a piece of armor / weapon / ring you are about to buy. Just lost few golds for buying a ring for my alt which I am leveling

All my stuff sells within the hour.

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How?! I’m always happy when I sell things for 1k in total or so!

It sells, just you are not getting money delivered atm.

But sure, with new AH, you need to babysit and move your items more often than before.

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Nothing that investing 10 hours on how to use TSM properly doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:
Once you get used to it, you’ll find any other AH addon obsolete and time consuming. TSM looks scary and puts many people away, but it’s very very easy.

I mean, now it doesn’t, but will again. You can literally double money by flipping / selling profession items that aren’t stocked in the AH.

1 hour a day at max, and you’re set. Not forgetting to store a few stacks of the daily quests / world quests items when they’re cheap, and sell them on the days those quests are active, that way you make 5x the profit. But you gotta wait.

There’s so many ways. Be creative :smiley:

Noticed this. I have around 400k missing. I only can hope they’re somewhere in the void and soon will come to my mailbox. They’re not in the AH / Bags / Guild Bank or Personal Bank either.

Oh alright. I try to sell mats from scrapping and herbs I gather and some things I make from cooking but doesn’t seem that proffitable x.x

None of my items sells despite old mats, mogs, new mats, new items sells in the AH.

Remove the new AH. It SUCKS!

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you will not ever be selling anything ever again unless you drop your price between 40 and 60 percent, the reason is that if you put your mats up, they will sell the last item on the market first, which means if they do not sell in the first hour, then they are not going to sell at all.

I guess so, but I’ve noticed now I only get partial amounts of my shards back. The rest are missing (which I assume means they sold) It’s just not giving me the gold right now because it’s bugged. I had around 1k+ veiled shards, and I only have 32 in my inventory, and none up on the AH.

I hope I get my gold back anyway.

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