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Hi friends,

I’m completely new to WoW and really interested in started playing the game, especially when it comes to RP.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by people of the server’s warm welcome. Having seen that I was new in my TRP3 extension, many people messaged me and took time to answer some of my questions for which I am really thankful !

Still, I am overwhelmed by the game’s lore and content and don’t really know where to begin. I would like to ask you guys some questions :

  • Is it worth playing the game’s content nowadays ? I’m playing through Shadowlands and it’s really lonely, does it get better at the end ? If so, is it possible for a new player to keep up with the rest ?

  • How do I go about starting to role-play with other people ? I’ve been eavesdropping on many conversations and events and I’ve loved it so far ! I just don’t know how to start actually participating in them without sounding weird.

  • Last question : How do I unlock cool appearances ? The ones I’ve been unlocking this far are kind of dull…

That’s it for now ! English isn’t my mother tongue so please don’t hesitate to correct me was I to make a mistake.

Thank you


Quests, dungeons, raids, professions, you name it from previous expansions may drop some awesome looking stuff. That, of course, depends on what you’d like to see. Collections-> appearances can give you a rough idea as well as you can see full sets from the sets tab again in appearances :slight_smile:

First start with making a simple character concept. You are a human, so that is one of the easier races to start with. is your friend, that is where I find most of my lore

And once you have that, you can try just chime into the conversation, ask where something is or if they have seen a person you may or may not be looking for. Just like how you would in real life!

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There’s many RP guilds that’ll give you a warm welcome and intro into RP!!
Alliance on Argent Dawn is my go to due to the massive playerbase ratio and the amount of stormwind and other places like kul tiras walk up RP. When it comes to guides there’s many on the internet! Actually there was one on the forums about how to RP in WoW and terminology. Great stuff all over the place!
When it comes to transmogs, leveling in different zones gives you cool stuff, but its always good to think what kind of design you want - depending on that it’ll be better doing one thing or the other, at first I’d say focus on enjoying some questing though and casually RPing.
Good luck and may your journey be full of adventures!

If you need some help, at the top of this forum is a series of guides that go into some details about roleplay.

I am currently in the process of writing a new ‘Power Levels’ guide and rewording the old one to be more focused on RP fights. But hopefully it can give you some pointers.

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First of all Welcome! to Argent Dawn, as someone who has roleplayed for years in games I believe World of Warcraft is some of the best out there cause of how open it is and the amount of lore for those who are interested in it.

As a lot of people claim in the community who had played other MMORPGs that World Of Warcraft Dungeons/Raids is some of the best in gaming, personally I once in a while enjoy running a mythic dungeon or group finder raids.
I would say from my own experience that you don’t need Shadowlands to enjoy RP fully but the expansion itself has a nice story regarding the four covenant zones The Maw and anything past 9.0 isn’t too great, the end game stuff is nice.
(Also good to mention most of the roleplaying community straight out ignores shadowlands.)

Simply enough make a character concept you think you will like think of a race + class combo you think will be fun to roleplay with do a little bit of research about that combo and then make a character, in terms of finding RP you can check out [Argent Archives](h ttps:// for public events, or search on the forums for events.

Otherwise, you can travel freely around the open world for the alliance you will find a bunch of roleplay in (Stormwind, Duskwood, and even Broken Shore Dalaran).

In terms of approaching people well… that can be difficult at times, I just suggest randomly trying to start a conversation with characters you think are interesting or even join one of the many epic roleplaying guilds around the server.

As mentioned before by the commenters, you unlock appearances automatically by playing the game (doing quests, dungeons, raids, etc…) -
However some appearances can be purchased from the Auction house, you can search for appearances in - (h ttps://

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Welcome to the server.

you already gotten solid advise, but i’mma a toss in a copper or two.

  1. Shadowlands is perhaps the weakest part of current wow content, at least in my opinion.
    Mind you i’ve been playing for a long time and I am stuck loving some of the older content more than the new one. still I think wow it is worth doing quests and dungeons if nothing else than to experience the story of each zone, really dig into the side characters and lore tid bits you can gather from some optional quest is something I find worthwhile to do.
    As for end game content, right now its probably a little quiet, as we are all taking a breather until dragonflight comes out, but blizzard have means of letting you catch up quickly once you have gone through the hussle and bussle once.

  2. You have already been told to make up a concept, so I won’ tell you that. instead i’ll give you a bit of advise.
    Be open and social, waiting around hoping to interactions is a poor way to start, instead find a reason to approach people, the reason doesn’t matter as long as it provides you the ice breaker to get talking or interacting
    for instance i’ve started RP as a merchant, asking pass byers on the street if they might be interested in some of my wares, or i’ve gone up to strangers and asked for directions, i’ve even stood outside of a town and warned players of the dangers in the woods, like hungry wolves attacking travelers.
    sometimes this has lead to entire events, small adventures where they joined me on some small task i literally made up on the fly as we went.

  3. drip is earned through content, you should have a wardrobe in your collections menu, look through it and find something that looks cool, check the name and look up where you can get it, that’s how I gather all the cool appearances I want.
    I might add transmog as we call it, is automatically added to this wardrobe once you pick it up, you can tell if you have it or not by a purple line of text which says as much.
    and do note it is limited to whatever armor and weapons your class can use.

Hope this helps.

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WoW’s pve content is pretty solid. Mythic + is far easier to get into than raiding but mythic + is also better for gearing up alts, fresh characters etc.

The best way to start M+ is simply get some starting gear and then push your own key (You can get one from the NPC next to the Great Vault in Oribos). From there, gear will eventually end up falling into your bags with the more keys you do and then you just upgrade it all with valour points that you’ll naturally get.

As for the raiding scene, you can find raid groups in the group finder however these tend to be pretty volatile. Saying that, raids this season are quite easy so getting into a normal raid should be simple enough and it’s a good entree route for higher difficulties. My advice though is if you can, find a nice casual raid guild. The social aspect makes raiding a lot more fun.

Getting engaged in RP can seem pretty daunting at first but it’s actually very simple! All the previous posts pretty much cover what to do, so I’ll just offer some basic pointers that helped me.

With your profile, I’d say less = more. All you really need to be successful is a name, possibly a title, a class/job/role and some first glances. Writing up a novels-worth of backstory in your about info I feel takes away the mystery of engaging with a new player. Plus, no one is really going to sit there and read it, they’d rather have it told to them through RP.

As for actually getting engaged, just walking up to people and starting a chat usually works. The weirdness will go away almost instantly once you’re in the flow of things.
Or, if you see a scene happening, ask questions about it. This prompts people to engage and answer you and then things will flow from there.

The easiest answer is: Everywhere.

If you see a piece of gear you think really looks cool and you wonder how to get, just look it up on Wowhead and it’ll tell you where it’s from.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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