New expansion thread

So since tomorrow we get the release of the next expansion I found it right to make an extra thread for it. Anything related to the topic can be posten here. Alright. Have fun. See you all tomorrow. After the first meltdowns of the community. Let’s hope the thing will be good.


I hope that the next expansion has some interesting ideas. Shadowlands was a big disapointment.

WoW as it is has one maybe two expansions left.

I don’t think so. There are still at least 5 million subs. WoW is still big it just got a bit of list in bfa. There is still room for improvement.

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WoW is not king of the hill anymore, and does have to fight to keep its spot with the top MMOs. And if there were a third dud of an addon, I don’t find it unlikely that it would be well on its way to irrelevancy and probably whale milking.

Now, with that said… I think it’s pretty easy for them not to mess up this time. Playing it save would probably be enough, and doing an azerothian addon with a lot of fanservice content can easily do that. Most of what turned the fans against them were pretty unforced errors. They have been experimenting with endgame progression, reward systems and narrative reframings… well, if they stopped the experiments now and used the data they gathered, it shouldn’t be too hard not do pee on people’s parade. Just don’t make us jump through too many hoops to be able to play the content we like, don’t be too in-your-face with a too ludicrous story, and throw in some of the many possible crowd-pleasing additions, and many players will grab onto the excuse to continue playing and some will return, like they always did.

The story really isn’t that important. As long as it’s inoffensive, most people don’t care. They came for badass orcs and soldiers spouting Metal lyrics, not Shakespere. In the case of the dragon islands they only need to stick to the nature of the flights and give us the expected content for each and it will be fine. They can include their cosmic reveals, as long as they don’t make the story all about them again. Even retcons don’t matter much for most, if the story at least makes sense within the addon. So it really shouldn’t take a genius to get a “well enough” at this task.


Blizzard need to get out of this mentality of trying to explain the ins and outs of the cosmos chart.

I don’t care about it, in that depth.

Just give us a simple, but detailed story. Legion, despite it going quite heavy into the Arcane, Fel and Void - was kept at the more basic level. No ins and outs of what each source of power was; just that it was there.


I agree, wow can be saved easily, just few improvements and that’s it, also no flying would be a great thing if it is possible, world felt so much more alive in first phase of shadowlands then later on… and no more hyper farming with skinning and aoe pulling boe farms, I mean that stuff is so bad I cannot even go to explain why it is bad… If there is one thing I wish for them to remove in open world that is hyper farming, I am really honest now.

Are you sure about 5 millions subs? I think at its highest peak (during WotLK) WoW had 10-11 millions subs at most…even just half of that amount would be a lot for today… :stuck_out_tongue:

my friend said there are less then 1million people playing today, but I think no one can know for sure.

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Back in the glory days of Blood Elf focus being on their Mages and Rangers.

I loved playing a Blood Elf Arcane Mage back in those days. (truthfully, I do prefer the old white light affect for Arcane spells rather than this purple arcane colour which only fits the Nightborne.)

my mage is fire. It feels to me like this is the most natural path for blood elf mages to take. Humans chose frost. Blood elves fire. That is a contrast.

It sounds silly, but I remember a Sunfury Blood Elf Mage mob in Netherstorm who is Arcane and when I saw her and how powerful her spells were hitting (Arcane Blast and such) I was like - “gotta be a Blood Elf Arcane Mage!”

For me, I love Blood Elves using raw Arcane magic as well. I felt truly powerful. I was Arcane when I went into Cataclysm as well and I just loved it. It felt like the spec that Blood Elves can also choose and they still make an impact.

Back then though, as you described, it was:
Blood Elf = Fire
(also) Night Elf = Arcane
Human = Frost

I was playing Mage during WotLK too (mainly fire) ! But back then I was a Draenei because

A) I didn’t know almost anything about the lore
B) my friends were on the Alliance so I had to raid ICC with them

then in Cataclysm most of them left so discovering the lore I liked the Blood Elves more, and rerolled Hunters, Warlock and other classes.

Draenei fire mage wasn’t that bad, tho…even if I was on the Alliance I felt quite demonic to play a fire goat against Undead :smiling_imp:

Blasphemy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dragonmaw Clan attacking Silvermoon in the new cinematic !?!

Or maybe just a flashback of the Second War…but back then Alexstrasza wasn’t among the Red Dragons burning the forest… and the most famous leak did mention Silvermoon would turn into a “hostile city”… let’s prepare for the worst (or best?) as Blood Elf fans tho :sweat_smile:

Imagine if the Horde Orcs get to ride on dragons again. The alliance would stand no chance in another war.

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Is that a Human or Orc statue though? Certainly doesn’t look like the female statues we see around Silvermoon.

Because last I checked, the Horde never made it to Silvermoon City, during the second war.

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I don’t think that’s the kind of details WoW devs care about when making a point with a flashback. Also… Bronze dragons can always include timey-whimey shenanigans. For good or ill…

It could be Grim Batol too, or elsewhere…of course on Mmo-Champ forum it’s already almost sure for everyone that’s Silvermoon -.-

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Dragonmaw Clan is allied with the Horde. They have no reason in attacking Silvermoon.

No need to guess who thinks that…honestly those idiots are so desperate for another red vs blue expansion, just so they can have another shot of getting Quel’Thalas.

EDIT: After the response to Teldrassil from the Night Elf fanbase, do they really think Blizzard are going to go down that route again? Especially with the harassment that Christie Golden went through.

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