New Fresh Start Realms Available with Pre-expansion Patch

WHY u even ask for a PVE server???

GOD dont u have enough PVE servers ???

Gehenas Firemaw GOlemagg all pve servers OMG


If things stay the same then you’ll only see one fresh realm listed when pre-patch goes live. That is not two! If Blizzard had announced this new realm as PvE then I would have supported calls to also have a PvP realm. Choice is the important thing here and both the PvE and PvP camps are large enough to deserve equal consideration. Why should one preference deny the other?


those worried about splitting the community are forgetting something. up untill now there where 3 types of fresh players.

  1. PvP
  2. Undecided
  3. PvE

now there is:

  1. PvP
  2. still undecided
  3. Current realms
  4. Canceled SUB.

the interesting thing now is how many follows me into catagory 4.
how many subs are needed for a server to be economicly viable? 100. 200?
lets say 1000 players decide not to play due to no FRESH PvE realm. do NOT claim that 1000 subs are not enough to run a single realm with the hardware blizz allready has. it does not cost 13’000 € in power and bandwith to run the realm. all the staff is there anyway due to other servers. they allready have the hardware. so going for ONLY PvP seems like a financial loss


I unsubbed about 3 weeks ago while i waited for pre-patch. So in my case i just wont re-sub. unfortunately i cant really protest by unsubbing


lol. No PvE. Well played Blizzard, well played.

Well ruined.


When did I mention that I prefer a PvP server. I have no preference, if there was only a PvE server I would have been satisfied with that.

I’m just talking about concentrating the players on one server instead of two. You keep complaining on the forum that your servers are dying but you want to open a bunch of new ones.

Nobody cares about the players who threaten to stop their subscription as soon as they are not happy. On top of that most of them play anyway and accept their fate (otherwise we’ll have a little less queue the first days thanks to you <3)

It’s not all about money, of course it doesn’t cost Blizzard anything to open up an extra realm. It’s just a question of distribution of players. If there are too many realms, there is too much risk that they will empty, and that they will open up transfers with the current servers (they mentioned that this was a possibility), and that would destroy the whole point of fresh servers.

then its a good thing its allready canceled. i assure you it no empty threat. it is allready done. the thing you are forgetting here is that even tho you cancel. it still recognices existing game time, that has to run out. in my case thats september 6th

My wife and I were going paladin/hunter duo. Now we need to change around on spec, where to level etc to survive on a pvp server. Both need to go pvp specs while leveling.


Blizzard. If you have any integrity at all left, I need you to do one thing.

Look at all your wrath classic announcements. Count your OWN post likes, and those with the opposing view. You are wrong on so many counts here.

Don’t look forward to seeing me next week.


No PvE Server kinda blows. Hope we get one prior to release of pre patch.


Mmmm hillsbrad :heart_eyes:

Paladins are pathetic

It would be very weird to announce one, and no others without saying more are to come. But, what I do hope is that they see the response and, look even if they have to pretend it was their plan all along to save face. I’ll take it.


Wtf. I even re-subbed in anticipation for a fresh experience, and now you’re saying the only option will be a gank fest that very soon will become mono-faction like all other PVP-servers.

No more sub from me.


There are plenty of pvp servers too. Doesn’t mean anything. I was looking forward to a fresh pve server because I have no interest in playing on a pvp server where as soon as one faction becomes stronger, everyone from the other faction will jump ship and go back to whatever already dominated server they played on.


I haven’t made any such complaint!

Ah come on blizzard! Why only a PvP realm. My whole guild was looking forward to a PvE based realm… we’re a bunch of 40+ people that have gathered to start the fresh experience… and we were looking forward to a PvE realm. This is such a pity I hope you change your mind about this or that you are only checking the demand. Some of us don’t fancy PvP based realms. If I want to PvP I go to the BG, Arena or Wintergrasp. That is enough for some of your playerbase.


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Gewöhnt euch dran Tommies!


I hope that’s not their reasoning because it’s painfully obvious that won’t work. It’ll be no different from other pvp servers where one side dominates and the other leaves. No transfers won’t change that. The only plausable option would be to enforce faction balance by not allowing new players to make characters for the dominate faction. Which is a solution that kinda sucks.

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Bye, bye Blizz?