New Fresh Start Realms Available with Pre-expansion Patch

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take a shower sweaty

I think there’s a LOT of people who are wanting to jump back into Wrath were hoping for a Fresh PvE server so, to repeat what many have already expressed…WTF Blizzard?


Same reaction about lack of a PvE server in the US. Might still change their mind.

I can understand the weariness about opening multiple servers due to the fact that all but 2 SOM servers died and you just closed over 20 servers permanently however you might be underestimating the interest in Fresh servers.

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I’ve updated the original post in this thread.

Following a great deal of feedback from players, we will open two new Fresh Start realms during maintenance on Wednesday:

Thekal (PvP)
Giantstalker (Normal)


THANK YOU. only took 5 hours. but thank you

and just to show my appreciation. i have now re-activated my Sub. again, thank you


Amazing. Giantstalker <3 Thanks to this you’ll have my subscription for a very long time to come.


Thank you for listening to us Blizz


Thank you kindly Kaivax :slight_smile:

Thank you Kaivax, you rock!!! Danke, Danke, Danke, Danke!!!

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Thank you Kaivax, you rock!!! Danke, Danke, Danke, Danke!!!

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Thank you for the due reconsideration.

I’m assuming in our (EU) case it will be after the Wednesday maintenance though?

Thank you.

Me and my guild thanks you for this consideration. Kudos.

Wise move. I wasn’t enamored about playing on a PvP realm. PvE players rejoice!


Look at this people. Some child afraid of world pvp and want playing classic as retail. And beg for pve servers. There is a lot pve server but every time there were empty in month. At vanilla there were remain just pvp server at tbc the same and now we witness of this new pve for u guys but we will see that fall again in the hand of simple pve players :slight_smile: good luck with that and dont forgot to /kiss to opposite side :slight_smile:


eek ook la, good little monkey.

The biggest EU server is a PVE server. Nice try tho, troglodyte

People are acting like levelling on a fresh PvP server is doomsday. Hilarious. 99 % of people just want to reach end-game and start preparing for Wrath. There will be multiple layers due to the sheer amount of traffic. The odds of you running into some dedicated corpse camper is beyond extremely unlikely. I get it though. If you really can’t stand dying a few times to an enemy player while on your way to max level AND you want to level on fresh, then it actually looks like you are out of luck this time. Now you can choose to bite the bullet and just play on this PvP server (and trust me, most players aren’t gonna touch you, especially if you level in a duo or group), or you can roll on one of the existing PvE realms. Or you can miss out on Wrath. Your choice. :person_shrugging:


That’s ok, they will now be able to roll on the Fresh Giantstalker PVE server :slight_smile:

Well look at that, they got what they wanted. Great, case closed. Now we can shift the narrative back to complaining about RDF. :expressionless: