New Hotfix - World Buffs in Raid Log

Wasnt IT kaivax who said they are focusing on the most spoken topics to fix the game. Well another Lie since servers are still locked

No because, its like going to the gym with steroids or going there naturally. Going to the gym naturally will take more time and be be more challenging.

Tbh the worldbuff problematic is one of the most spoken on the forums/reddit.

I don’t care about it and the game has bigger problems, but you can’t blame blizzard on that one.

What is the point of this? So that you can check classic warcraft logs and see what buffs you had?

Not really a good parallel there. Cause parses are determined between players, and are not related to.a.fixed number… so it would be like you messure strength between ALL the people who arent going to the gym/exercise… I mean I dont care how.they parse, just saying they will still have best parses… only their time to clear will be longer

Yeah, parses are a kind of ladder and right now if you go in raids without WB you score really bad. Many guilds/players feel pressured into getting WB to get a better score.

The idea behind this change is probably that we’ll now have a separate ranking with/without WB. That way you can play without WB and get good parses in that “category”.

Imo it is a smart change. Removing WB altogether would have caused an outcry.


Yeah I suppose you can now try to lobby your guild to compete in no WB category. Or guilds on heavily faction biased realms can compete in something as well. Good change. Removing world buffs in raids would have been better.

Please do something against boosting thanks. I can no longer get gear from 5 man dungs on my war alt.

Why change this but not add combat log support for totems?

to much coding it can make a mess within the source code cracking a hole in the matrix i would advice u to not make such stupid claims

alliance can cheat and use warchief’s blessing despite the buff being intended for horde only

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Ok havent checked that… however i dont see how its related to this topic:)

Noob question, what does this mean and what is the effect?

probably because u play on some rp or pve realm

Even if you are tanking?

Horde usually just camp BRM lately, so most of the alliance guilds on my realm raid without world buffs usually.
My guild for instance usually has most of our guildies still above 80-85% parses.

Not really going to change though.
The difference between world buffs and no world buffs is like 10-20minutes for us.

that is the issue even if I am tanking which is my intention.

And horde make profit out of it.
You also ask alliance priests to mc npc when someone pop ony head unscheduled

no i dont.

cross-faction collusion is antithetical to WoW gameplay

Can we get separate parses/logs for people who DON’T use world buffs?