New Ilgynoth whispers (SPOILERS)

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(Sorry for the thread spam, i thought that these two issues were kinda worthy to discuss on their own without mixing them up with the rest of PTR info)

Il’gynoth : Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast.
The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.
When their mistress beckons, nine ravens take flight. Each seeks a prize to earn her favor.
The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green.
Five lanterns, now darkened. The flame they seek will light the masters’ way.
The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom.
The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.

There are some interesting bits here.

Most of the older ones already came to fruition, and these ones seem like rather relevant and plot-tied.

I find these two rather interesting:

The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.

The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.

Could they be a call on the new Horde leadership? Referencing both Calia and the Council that rules the faction.
The former might be indicative of some negative outcome for Calia’s reign, while the later could simply point at the Loyalist choice.

Any other ‘hint’ that you think is worth debating over?

God of death

I’m a bit unsure about what the “crown of light” (not even capital “Light”) would mean here.

And I kind of doubt they will another “Forsaken ruler brings darkness”-plot that soon.

But yeah, while Anduin, Turalyon, and possibly someone like Odyn might qualify as the golden one, too, Calia seems most likely, since she is the only one with an obvious vacant throne to claim.

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It doesn’t need to be that her rule will directly bring ruin.
The “bring darkness” bit could point at her rulership baiting Sylvanas and the darkness/undeath or whatever to come raining down on her and the Forsaken that support her.

Or maybe it does hunt at a future plot that indeed has the Light dominance having negative consequences.


that is most likely xal´tath beeing up to something not so good.

Maby Yrel, she seems to be all holy now anyways, maby she decides Draenor is not enoug, though only real Vacant throne is the fosaken though, so most likely Calia.

Maby Valeera is gona go super mental for some reason.

has to be N´zoth, could easily meen he knows he is gona loose the battle, something he planed all a long, maby something realy bad happens if he gets defeated.

if you rember the quote from N´zoth, she might be the first but she is not the last, N´zoth most likely had someone else take over if Azhra failed, he probably even knew about Azhara deciving him.

this indicates that there is eighter 6 old gods on Azeroth, something we are not aware of, or that there is 6 olds gods overall but one is the master of them all.

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The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.
‘Six seats at the high table, six mouths that hunger. One will consume all others. -The veil wanes’
I think they are related. Six death entities?

The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness. What you wrote in the other post is interesting.

The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom,
Azhara? Metaphorically is correct. She is tortured in the raid so it could be literal also.


I believe this quote clearly refers to Nzoth, either seriously affecting Azeroth before we defeat him , or succesfully piercing the veil in reality to ressurect the Black Empire.

I , too, clearly believe this is directed at Calia. There is a Forsaken leader vaacuum (vacant throne) and she is a “puppet” to the Naaru, and we have all seen the bad side of the light in “rejection of the gift”…

This could be anything really, from Azeroth to Azshara or Sylvannas… its too vague imo to tell

I believe this refers to Malfurion, or “Life” forces overall, could include Green Dragonflight. The reason is not only as green is the colour related to life magic, but also how slowsly the cosmic forces, their representatives, and their desire and motivation to win, are revealed more and more through various storylines

The quote “darkened” could refer to inactive or “lost-their-power” so my guess is this is either the Pillars of Creation again OR drum-toll The Dragonflights!! Who recently help us, in their pursuit to salvage lost power, “the Flame they seek will light the Masters Way”

By the way, this is a good point to say I dont believe “The Master” refers to Nzoth but some higher void entity thats either about to be awakened, or invade Azeroth.

I’d say the obvious choice is Sylvannas here. Scepter of Bone could refer to her mastery of Death, but “blind queen” could refer to her being seriously misled (either by the Valkyr or the vision she had on her death)

Again I believe this refers to the cosmic forces (life, death, order, disorder, Light, void) , just like Ilgynoths last whisper “Six mouths that hunger, one will devour all others”


According to wowwiki the Father of Sleep could be Mueh’zala a death Loa.
Question is who is the last shadow that falls? Could this either be a name for N’zoth or could this be a reference to the veil between Ny’alotha an our reality?
Or will it simply be that N’Zoth causes some major harm (death) to Azeroth before he dies?

Well Calia seems to be fitting, but the first thing that came to my mind was Anduin. (We also have the boy king quote still being unresolved).

9 “ravens” having a misstress sounds very much like Sylvanas and her Valkyr doesn’t it? I mean ravens do feast on the dead, which the Valkyr kind of do aswell when they reanimate them.
I always wondered what happened to Sylvanas’ Valkyr when they perished, I mean some might have taken Sylvanas’ place whereever she was, but that means they still exist in a way.

Is there someone who could be a “vassal of life” and has been corrupted by the legion? Maybe some Nathrezim still being around? Eyes of green usually is what happens to fel corrupted people/things.

“Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path.”
If this is about the dragonflights (probably being the most prominent number of 5 in WoW) than what flame are they seeking? Maybe the purification from madness Wrathion is looking for?

Maybe the blind also points at Tyranda because her eyes have turned black? Well either way it being vengance or that it sounds like Tyrande might be messing with powers that could become a problem.

There is a quest called “A tale of six masters” which is for the warlocks green fire, could the shadow council still be up and running?
I’d think that’s a mere coincidence though and rather go with some other constellation of 6 but who would that be?

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There was an interesting theory about this one, and the aid we receive from Valithria.
Some think it might be indicative of some underlying corruption going on, that turns said green dragon against us (much like it happened with Alysra in Hyjal).

People ruled out Malfurion because it’s said that Druidism for elves turn their eyes golden, not green. But it could indeed be some metaphorical expression.


Who is actually leading the green flight ever since Yseras death?
Also I just remembered that void corruption that was in the cave at the heart of the emeral dream, that thing cannot be there for nothing. Especially since it was the very place Yseras “spirit” form went at the end of the Emerald Nightmare raid.

So maybe the shadowlands (as in death realm) have been infected by the old gods just like the dream.

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Just to explain, Malfurion’s eyes changed from gold to Emerald Green in the Novel Stormrage when Ysera sees that she states that there is nothing more she can teach him. He has a shade of gold but most of them Emerald If you look at his model in game and cinematic it reflects that.

You can zoom in using the model viewer.

(Zarao) #11

Didn’t know that! Must admit that I never fancied Stormrage novel.

But if that’s the case then it might indeed be talking about him…

(Vankya) #12

It’s Anduin claiming horde as a warchief and a king of the alliance.

Calia, she is the symbol of light for the forsaken.

This remains me of the raid “Sunwell Plateau” Kil’Jaeden. It might be Sargears.





This is actually Sylvanas. Because the 9 ravens are her Val’kyr.

Either Talanji or Azshara. The latter one is so pride of herself and her desire for ruling all lesser races of Azeroth, that she is blind to N’zoths macinations.

The 6 primordial forces of the universe.

(Warferno) #14

“The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green.”

Due to recent datamined screenshot of the keeper of life from halls of origination I believe this refers o him. He’s got green eyes as well.


and so does li lil stormstout hehe, though that would be redicilous, but brilliant at same time.

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“The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.”

With the incoming Horde council this may refer to loyalist players serving the now ousted Sylvanas while falsely pledging to five of the Horde’s main leaders. Cunning is - mostly - to achieve through deceit after all.

This assumes that the council excludes Allied Races, Pandas and the Forsaken, whose council representative is less clear right now.

(ßubbletea) #17

The cunning ones I think refers to us Sylvanas loyalists , we are playing along with the new Horde rules, but we serve Sylvanas!

The vacant throne is most likely Calia , light is not right my friend


Bolvar has… had? green eyes.


think so, but so did one of the titans, not sure now wich one of them had it, and illidan to some extent.
know npcs that I recall on top my head whit green eyes.

  1. illidan
  2. li li stormstout.
  3. valeera sanguinaar.
  4. one of the titans.
    5, the new life dude in halls of origination.
  5. lots of blood elfs, know and unknown.

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Mathias Shaw also.