New M+ season is melee unfriendly

This season has been pretty fun, but so far I’ve noticed just how melee unfriendly alot of these DF dungeons are… Especially this week with storming.

Brackenhide: Those warleader gnolls pretty much instantly kill you with their spin attack, there are these smaller gnolls that fixate onto you as a melee, later on in the dungeon you have this hyena spawning boss that can be absolutely terrifying as a melee because the hyenas one shot you and you’re pretty much at the mercy of the tank positioning well.

Algethar: The first ‘‘room’’ of the dungeon where you pull like 30 mobs it becomes really hard to to stay on top of the mobs when there are swirlies everywhere, storming is keeping you from attacking the mobs, the tank is constantly moving, later on in the dungeon there are spinning mobs that make pulls really hectic if you run out of cc or you have the enraging affix.

Halls of Infusion: First few pulls you have the tiny mobs that do pretty lethal frontal bleeds, the little frogs that put poison on you, the first boss that forces you to run out, the mobs after the frog boss with the circle that stuns you, the icicle boss that forces you out of melee range constantly, especially if the tank is bad.

Neltharus: This dungeon is honestly pretty fair for melee, I think nothing in this dungeon is overly punishing for melee.

Ruby Life Pools: Same here, this dungeon feels pretty fair for melee.

The Azure Vault: Mobs in this dungeon are pretty lethal with their melee attacks, if anything aggros onto you (I’ll come back to this later) you’re pretty much dead. I think the biggest offenders are the mobs that put out a giant circle that you have to run out of.

Nokhud: Big mobs at the start with their consistent frontal attack and warstomp, a complete nightmare for melee especially melee that rely on actually being in melee range. Other than that this dungeon is pretty fair, I’d say it’s not easy for melee but it’s not that easy for ranged either, ranged probably have it harder in here.

Uldaman: This dungeon takes the cake, most of the boss mechanics are very melee unfriendly, every pack in the dungeon has these mobs with cleave attacks that are pretty lethal, there are gnolls that do stomps, ugh. This dungeon is legit one of my least favorites because you have to constantly think about your positioning and if the tank moves in a strange way you’re just screwed.

and last but not least my last point, I don’t know if it’s because my class has a tendency to rip aggro or because I’m more geared than most tanks, but aggro has been a real problem this season so far. I can’t get into a pack without pulling aggro, I’m talking about taking aggro from tanks that were 3600 last season, I can legit wait 10 seconds before doing damage and I will still somehow rip aggro from a cutting edge title tank. I think playing a game of threat management is very unfun for both melee and for the tank and tanks could honestly use a threat buff. Sometimes I feel I can’t play the game and I’m just praying I don’t rip aggro even though I give tanks plenty of time to group the mobs and do some damage. In alot of these dungeons ripping aggro means that you’re getting hit with some kind of tank buster and instantly die. I really hope threat becomes less of an issue in the future.


With practice, you get used to doing funky tricks like not standing in frontals or in the AOE damage circles. I played s1 and s2 as melee and had no difficulty with the current dungeons.

One small tip that I think will work for monk (although I don’t play it myself):

Try using tiger’s lust and just standing in this. Paladin’s blessing of freedom keeps you safe, so I think tiger’s lust should as well.

It doesn’t because pala freedom prevents roots and tiger’s lust doesn’t.

Also, I’m not saying these mechanics aren’t dodgeable or preventable, I’m just saying the dungeon mechanics this season are relatively unfriendly towards melees, much more so than the previous seasons.

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Melee are extremely bursty atm - especialy retro palas burst like crazy and ofc take Agro from undergeared Alts.

Another isssue are people who dont even give a chance for tank to take Agro - like for example germiantion on treeboss in AA - people go full aoe brr when im still avoising spawns and trying to agro mobs

Let me tell you something :

There is a TON of phisical damage nukes.

AND there are a ton of mobs casting stuff.

Plate/mail wearers, with multiple CCs and a short CD kick… its gold…

Sorry. :frowning:

Every dungeon and almost every raid in history is melee unfriendly.

Oh, so you couldn’t even immune the floor damage on the Waycrest food boss with tiger’s lust. Damn melee unfriendly boss.

If the tank is a DH remove about 1000 rating.

Yeah, tigers lust is basically a bad freedom. Freedom is preventing and removing slow stuffs, tiger’s lust is only removing. When there’s a damage component the monk is just getting the damage.

That not alone for melee also for casters those are bad.

Casters says hello to the bleed. So also unfair to casters, not to forget the bowman there are annoying.

Let me guess u are those kind of players that goes in and go boom boom u wanna see the numbers instead playing smart.

it’s always easier to play ranged


have you read anything I typed…?

Gosh, I’d hate to be contrarian but they quoted the bits and replied - what do you think?

You: “Waa AA lashers force you to move”
Them: “They force casters to move too”

These threads always have a hint of bias in them. I think its fair to say that the DF dungeons just have too much “stuff” going on and its less than fun. Thats why the seasonal affix was removed but now we’ve revisited the dungeons and nothing has really changed. It also doesn’t help at all that the first week was storming that just adds an extra layer of annoyance.

For algathar the spinning mobs you can z axis. In other words if they are tanked at the top of the stairs you can be down one step and they do zero damage to you. Same if they are down one step you can be up one and not take damage (yes I know there are others later).

I’m not saying these mechanics don’t target ranged players, I’m saying that alot of these mechanics and spells are more punishing for melee than they are for ranged and I made an exception for Nokhud where the mobs are absolutely lethal for ranged.

Again, I’m not saying these abilities can’t be played around, but it requires the tank to position the mobs correctly and it often happens that 2-3 packs are pulled into the little hall before the final boss, but yeah I wouldn’t call those spinning mobs the most egregious thing for melee, but they’re not exactly melee friendly, if you ever get caught by a tick of the spin + an arcane missile cast you’re dead.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t read what I wrote down, I specifically said in my post that I often rip threat even after giving the tanks 10 seconds to group everything and do damage, it’s not like I go in immediately when the tank pulls.

I also said nokhud is probably a harder dungeon for casters.

But they’re not because (most) ranged are what’s known as casters. That means any movement costs them dps, just the same as moving out of melee range costs melee players dps.

This is what stuns, knockbacks, silences, etc are for. In most of the groups I’ve been in, they don’t get a chance to spin. Hell, pulling the last pack onto the boss is a common strategy.

I doubt this. I don’t often rip threat as a devastation evoker with giantkiller, and I don’t wait that long.

I don’t know if you tank, but we can do a key and I’ll show you. It doesn’t happen as often with good tanks and when it happens it’s usually when I pop my trinket, but with lower rated tanks it happens constantly. even when they say they’re playing correctly.

By which you mean lower geared, I assume. If you outgear the tank, you will rip threat, especially if you burst on a target that the tank isn’t focusing.

Have you considered… not standing in front of the mobs and dodging the frontal and cleave that way? Maybe it’s just me but the solution to your problem seems very obvious…

But… zug zug?


Do you not see how a mechanic that is lethal for melee that they have to actively watch out for is more unfriendly towards melee than ranged?

Also, I’ve seen people with 3700 rating get cleaved by those mobs, it’s not like I’m playing with bad players. Sometimes the tank moves the mobs in such a way that’s it’s insanely hard for melee to stay on the pack without getting cleaved.

No there’s an addon called it tracks your experience and gives you a rating based on the level of keys you’ve done. I tend to rip aggro from lower rated tanks regardless of ilvl, but it also happens to a lesser extend with higher rated tanks, even after giving them time to group the mobs.