New M+ season is melee unfriendly

I suppose we’re to ignore how m+ in genral was ranged murder the first 2 expansions?

I have seen casters do that as well.

And in Uldaman with tight corridors… they get 1-shot by melee hits as well.

Ah… and that one time a destro warlock took agro from the mobs in Uldaman. 3 or 4 turned around… casted a cleave just at that exact moment… and killed me and the rogue.

Just like that.

I have been having the same issue.
I heard that DH aggro is bugged and sigils sometimes don’t produce aggro, though might have been fixed.

I have been thinking on waiting more before using CDs and switch targets time to time cause it’s so bad to just die to aggro.
The only tank I don’t have aggro issues is with bdk.

I played in legion and alot more in BFA and cant recall ranged having a harder time. For one thing skittish was a thing and that nuked melees alot more than ranged.

Ahh the wonders of remembering what helps your argument today…

Well it was quite comon the to say ranged had raids, melee had m+

I mean for the most part the first 2 expansions the meta was rogue, mage and another melee, mostly ww or dh…

Hell, season 2 of BFA it was 2x outlaw and a ww to buff the rogues for example…

And if you looke at df, while it seems ranged has better time, melee has taken over in raid, take Amirdrassil… 8 melee vs 6 ranged on world first for the dps… and to.of the ranged were there to buff the melee.

It’s bias towards your role though, let me guess… you were melee because you’re strongly remembering one affix from 5 years ago that came up once every 2 months as justification.

I don’t really have skin in this game but I just think posts like the OP are weaksauce manufactured whines. “Some mobs cleave and we can’t be in front of them”. So complicated.

It’s actually crazy how dominant mages, evokers, priests along with druid healer and dh tanks look. Don’t think it has ever been this unbalanced. I wonder how people who play warrior or rogue dps would even get into high keys this season outside of their own.

Im not talking about the meta, if thats what you were talking about then absolutely melees have dominated almost every meta every season since 2016. If i tried i could prob remember every time a ranged has been meta and in which season it was, like destro locks end of BFA, godcomp aug spriest in aberrus etc. But could never do the same with melees cause there are just too many examples lmao.

I just figured we were talking about how “comfortable” it is to play ranged vs melee, cause the examples OP brought up were just that, how much sht does the 2 parties have to deal with and with that in mind cant recall that ranged had a harder time.

Just my character portrait is melee doesnt mean i dont and have never played ranged. I played both in 2016 so i wouldnt say i have a bias.

You shouldn’t lecture me on what’s hard or not when the highest keys you’ve done are plus 10 and you’re parsing green.

At what stage does one become qualified to disagree with you?

This type of argument is as weaksauce as your OP because the logical conclusion to this line of thought is the highest score = the most valid opinion :thinking:

But you’re saying I’m whining because I’m complaining about mechanics you deem easy and not complicated.

I would argue having cleave mobs in every pack makes it alot more complicated

The level of complicated is the same. The difference is that you can survive screwing up on low keys; you can’t on high keys. (Rather like the primary difference between normal and mythic raid.)

Its not. I don’t know what you are talking about…

And even if it was, just move and keep hitting stuff. If target is out of range, tab target to closest one and keep zugzuging.

Meanwhile, as a ranged every GCD you spend moving is a DPS loss.

Melees are prefered in M+ generally speaking because they ALL have short CD interrupts. Unlike most casters.

So, if Blizzard does its job right of balancing performance in DPS between all specs, in M+ just because of that fact, melees are preferred.

And whenever it has not been the case, it was 100% because blizz failed to do its job and had casters with OP DPS. Basically.

its been generaly a good idea for past 20 years to give tanks at least a chance to pick up agro before you start pumping.

some people though dont give even 1 sec and then make surprised face when they die.

retri paladins specialise in this for years - thats why bubble pull+pump was a good idea since they removed the no dps while in bubble mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:

yes - challenging key difficulties are challenging.

thats why lower keys exists.

and why rewards are capped at certain point to ensure that only people focused on pushing - push higher keys.

yesterday i did some random hc dungoens on my neglected forgotten 420 itlv evoker and i must say that epxreince was exhilariting after season after seaosn of only m+ :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen the current meta brother?

I have. So? What is your point?

Melee “utility” was replaced entirely by VDH and Aug. Both aberrations that need to be nerfed.

Your point being?

Cause right now you are saying : There are 2 OP specs that can shut down packs for 40 s non stop wile the other 2 DDs just zugzug away…

That is nowhere near an argument that disproves my claims.

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I’ve played both ranged and melee this season and ranged feels way safer, especially in uldaman.

Most of the melee specs are hard target capped and don’t scale particularly well. You have shorter interrupts, but on monk for example you can’t interrupt during fists of fury(without it being a dps loss) and your interrupt is melee range. Mage has a ranged interrupt that can be reset, mage also has two stops and a ton of control.

The meta specs, which are all ranged, do alot more damage to large packs and there are a ton of them. I also don’t think the meta specs outside of the 2 you mentioned lack any sort of utility

I never said that the meta picks don’t lack utility.

And to be honest, even SP has an interrupt. Both ST and AoE.

But its not baseline, and its not on a 15s CD.

And also, its not like melees don’t have AoE stuns like a mage has. Warriors for example also have 2 stops, plus 1 stun, plus a 15s interrupt. And don’t forget the mini-stuns of charge weaving. And Arms also has uncapped AoE with Cleave.

So there are options out there.

I gave you the reasons why THIS season you got a ranged meta. And why in all PREVIOUS seasons, 90% of the time the meta were melee.

I dont see where in uldaman would this be an advantage. The only thing dangerous about the trash in Uldaman are cleves. Which is fixed simply by standing behind the mobs.

And then bosses : Bromach has a non-neglible amount of phisical damage from adds. And plates take it better. Plus that 1 add that needs to be constantly interrupted (short CD interrupt). Also, melees tend to be more bursty. Less uncapped AoE, more prio damage. Perfect for that totem.

The snake guy… dot is phisical damage. Im not sure if clothies are better off here. Elemental? Tons of orbs to dodge. Its a net dps loss for ranged. And Chrono guy? Puddles. Puddles everywhere. Not nice for ranged either.

So I dont see where your claims sit.

Also… Speaking of “meta” top of the planet. Those dont care if its safer or unsafer to play a spec. They will play it perfect and do 100% of damage 100% of the time. So it should not matter to them outside utility and raw DPS.