New mechanics

What if you started adding , for the new expansions, some skillshots or aoe melee attacks like plunderstorm has where u have to aim and be more action based with less tab targeting and maybe slowly by the years evolve to wow 2 where you have to play the game by the visuals and not the UI ?

Maybe i am wrong who knows
What you people think? You guys prefer the tab targeting?

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I don’t like skillshots. So no, I wouldn’t want that.
I definitely prefer tab targeting.

Let me start by saying I absolutely hated Plunderstorm.

I don’t like having to place abilities either as a melee. I even have my Final Reckoning macroed to drop at my feet because it’s too awkward mid combat to place it.

So if this was like a special pvp mode that came up on rotation or was available permanently then go for it but I don’t want to have to endure any of that gameplay again personally.

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I prefer action targeting and actually bound tab to a clear target macro. Only speaking as melee MW ofc, and I miss an interrupt every now and then, but this style is more comfortable and guarantees the mob I’m trying to hit is always within range and in front of me.
As for aimed skillshots…not really a huge fan in WoW.

Oh man imagine playing paladin and you use ur templar strikes 3 times like Riven’s Q in league where u also had a knock up at the 3d attack xD i dunno that would be dope, maybe not all skills should be skillshots but most of them.

Wrong kind of game for it. I do enjoy skillshots but not necessarily in this setting.


How about none of them? That sounds way better to me.

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I think we are just the wrong audience for this :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

yea i guess, wow players kinda old for this hehe

Tah and I are just a very small selection of the wow playerbase. There must have been people who enjoyed Plunderstorm gameplay. It’s just not us two.

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I’ve never been a fan of action combat stuff. My hands, wrists and fingers are important to me. :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t mind if it was introduced in PvP. To make it even more based on skill.
But outside of that; nope, I want none of that.

I’ve never liked that type of gameplay; not as kid, not as a teen and not now as a grumpy old codger.

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I don’t think it’s an age thing, it’s just not the type of game people are here for. It’s like saying hey what if we made combat turn based? Or replaced basic attacks with clicking on the heads of the enemies.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with those things, but for so many reasons they don’t necessarily fit here.


Yea to be honest as a pvp mode i liked it, cause it was fast paced skill based and kinda balanced. And that kinda of combat felt good for wow.

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I enjoyed plunderstorm but the WoW engine / netcode held it back at every possible opportunity.

I earned 1,000,000 and ended on something like an 11 winstreak in solos before stopping, it would need a lot of work to be even close to serviceable as more than a minigame.


I look gameplay in other mmos that have took the skillshot route and it looks tedious on long run, imagine ranged and having to aim every shot for several hours row. And in pvp this end up as gameplay where ppl just roll around each other and to me it looked just horrible tbh, pvp in new world example. I prefer the tab target type more in mmos.

I watched pshero play some rogue type character in new world and aim musket shots at some wizard, he aims a shot that does barely nothing and the wizard sends some machine gun barrage of spells, then he aims and misses and the mage sends his machine gun barrage of spells another time. Gameplay becomes super tedious for some classes that have to fire from afar, its easyer at close for melee that can just swing attacks left and right without much aim but play something that shoots from range and I wouldnt want to do this for day in mmo. And melee just roll 360 around range dps then and it becomes the largest aspect of gameplay to just be able run circle around your target. If any wonder if they would like skillshot type gameplay in mmo watch new world ppl roll around each other trying dodge each others attacks.

I already miss arcane orb sometimes when tanks move mobs for no reason. We have enough of those. Also the healing arcane orb aka temporal anomaly because, again, people like to move for no reason.

Well you gave a very bad example of an mmo :stuck_out_tongue: New world was super bad imo.
A nice mmo for archers for example is bdo nice mobility and shooting with soft lock i think and skillshots to land.
Sad that game has horrible gear system and very bad sync where in his screen he hits you but in urs you dodge and you teleport back and get killed xD

No way i say make wow bdo or new world.
Just closer to Plunderstorm or maybe steal some mechanics from league bdo b&s and other games that could compliment wow’s fighting.

I havent watched much bdo, I have to look into it. New world did it terrible I agree, I watched the gameplay of ppl just roll around each other for pvp and decided not buy it.

Exactly what i did too , never played it because i checked the combat from videos and streaming. Very awkward playstyle imo.

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No thanks… lag would be an issue, more so people intentionally making themselves laggy making it very difficult to land hits on them as they rubber band about that was pretty prevalent in Plunderstorm.