New pc specs

Hey. my old pc is breaking down so im getting a new rig from pc specialist. Currently they have rig for max level warcraft that runs on an 8bg video card but some guys on wc chat said i would need a 16gb graphics card to run the next expansion. The only other game i play is Eve so im just asking if a 16gb card will be enough or should i save and get a more expensive card closer to the release of War Within.

you can easy run it on a 4070 ti but your gfx card isnt the only thing to consider since cpu and Ram also have an impact.
it dosent help you if you have a 4070 ti but a 4790k cpu since then the cpu will be your bottleneck.
also i would recommend to go for at least 16gb RAM and preferable 32gb.

tyvm Brainmanager. i have customized my rig specs to a 4070ti which was 12gb and my current cpu is intel 14 core and 32 gb ram so this is only like a hundred and fifty pounds more so i think im good :slight_smile:

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then you are good to go since that system is a very good one :sunglasses:

ty so much x

you are welcome :sunglasses: hope you will enjoy the game :sunglasses:

Might want to go for AMD and AM5 platform with a 7800X3D.
Best gaming CPU for the money and also AM5 will be supported for at least 2 more CPU generations.

Hey Aimjinx. I looked into the amd option but the rig im building has an intel only option. i cant link for some reason but im fitting the pc around the pc specialist warcraft mythic extreme build. as i said i bumped the graphics card up to the 4070ti and added x2 16gb ram with an i5 14 core processor and im on budget. have added a little extra with thermal paste and a liquid cpu cooler :slight_smile:

What is the exact CPU model?
The CPU ist the most important component for good FPS in WoW.
It should be a 13th or 14th gen Intel.

You can link with the “preformatted text” </> option here.

ok i found the website
It says DDR4 RAM, this is outdated garbage for a 14k CPU.
You need to get DDR5 and also swap out the motherboard for a DDR5 one.
Sorry to say this, but it looks like just any other rip off prebuilt seller.

i see. i have always bought my rigs from pc specialist but im not really clued up on the specifics on building my pc. ty for the advice im going to look around maybe check alienware. if you could recommend somewhere else that would be much appreciated. my only other option is to get the components myself and build it but i dont think i have the skills :frowning:

Alienware used to be high-end but then DELL bought them and it’s just a brand name now.

I’m not so familiar with UK vendors but i can take a look.

That would be the best option. It’s not that hard, there are plenty of videos out there and at some point you might actually want to learn more about hardware and how to build a PC :smiley:

So i’m building something on part picker uk now for you.
What’s your budget?
Also, do you want to play current and upcoming AAA titles?
If not, then you won’t need to spend money on a 4070 TI Super, the 12GB 470 Super (non TI) will be just fine for WoW.
What resolution are you playing at? Or better, what’s your display?

Thanks Aimjinx.

I didnt even know about alienware xD My budget is around ÂŁ1850 i would really like a build that will play final fantasy online, Eve online and ofc the new Warcraft expansion without needing to upgrade for at least 3-4 years which is how long my current pc lasted. My current display is a 24 inch monitor which im hoping to keep but i could stretch to getting a new monitor. thanks again for your help im not going to get a pc specialist one if i need that ddr5 ram i will wait till later and see if they update their ram.

display 1920 by 1080

Here you go:

Some notes:

-obviously you can choose whatever case you like :slight_smile:

-the 7800X3D is THE best gaming CPU overall atm (also best for WoW)

-i chose the cheapest 4070 Super because it is so very efficient that the extra cooling doesn’t matter on more expensive models

-you can add more storage if needed

-i wanted the 750W model first but then i saw that the 850 is cheaper atm :smiley:

-added a 27" 1440P / 165Hz G-sync display since you should have a proper one for the new hardware… would be a waste on 1080P (60Hz?)
Especially the high refreshrate is a must these days for gaming, even for WoW i do not want to miss it.

-once again i strongly recommend you start bulding your own PCs
You just gotta be a bit careful with the CPU and cooler, everything else is mostly like LEGO these days :slight_smile:

24" at 1080 wont be needing very beefy GPU so one option would be to get cheaper GPU (maybe used), focus on CPU and others and then get new GPU when you get a new bigger and higher resolution monitor.

Buying prebuilt is not a outright bad idea, especialy if you don’t want to spend your time to figure out parts and then potentially to assemble them - time is money, too. And provided extra warranty for the whole PC is nothing to scoff at - troubleshooting potential issues with custom build can be annoying and time consuming especially if you are not familiar with the process. Many PC stores also provide services to assemble custom selected parts outside of their prebuilts or such.

If you are not familiar with PC parts, building and troubleshooting and are not interested to spend time to learn them I would honestly suggest sticking either custom builds or prebuilts which both should come with some sort of warranty/support in case of hardware issues.

I would switch Samsung 1 TB SSD to eg. Western Digital Black SN770 2 TB. 30 more for twice the capacity. Games these days tend to be very big and while Samsung is faster in practical use it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks for taking the time to do that Aimjinx. That build looks great and under budget too :smiley:

good point. guys at pc specialist give you the option for a 3 year warranty so i will def think about it.

ty guys for your help i will have to decide what to do now :slight_smile:

If you buy the components you still got the warranty for each though and you don’t waste money on their “shelf-warmer” hardware :smiley:
You get exactly what you want and need and at a better price too.
No bottlenecks like that DDR4 scam or their 3050 which is utter garbage for the price :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

hehe :sweat_smile: :rofl: im so glad i posted here i would have bought that rig this month if i hadnt. phew :slight_smile: i have saved that page with the custom build will look over it tonight. thanks again x

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Component warranty doesn’t help that much if the owner is unfamiliar with troubleshooting and doesn’t know how to figure out which component is likely broken.

I would also check any stores which offer custom build computers and their terms. Least here many offer 1-2 year warranty on the assembled PC which includes troubleshooting if there is a problem. This in addition to the individual component warranty which is usually longer at 2-3 years.

The store you mentioned also has AMD machines so Intel is not the only choice. Similar spec computer to the pcpartpicker would be around 1900 GBP with taxes, but would not include monitor. Instead you’d get assembly, some sort of warranty (read details of what it covers) and retail Windows license. For the pcpartpicker you would need to assemble it or order parts from a store which can do fully custom builds and have them to assemble. For Windows license there are cheaper “less official” sources as well so that doesn’t necesserilay cost 100+ GBP or whatever but I doubt talking about those is allowed here.

if you’re quite happy on 1080p for now you can cut back on the gpu to a 6600xt/7600xt (or whatever the nvidia equivelant would be- 3060ti/4060?) and probably liquid cooler, the pcs air coolers are fairly decent.

you can always upgrade your monitor and gpu as you see fit further down the line, but you don’t need to waste money on overkill components based on 1080p.