New player looking for friends to play together!

hello~ I am a new player to wow and I am looking for friends to play together! Myself is a priest and looking foward to play more healer specs, if you are looking for someone to play together too, please reply!

Welcome to Azeroth :smiley:

I’m afraid you might not get many replies here. Not many people come to the forums. And nearly everybody is at level 70 - it doesn’t take long to reach 70.

My best advice is to keep levelling, and look for guilds on your realm. When you reach 70, consider joining Communities and Discords to find other people to play with.

thx for the advice!

I think the best thing to do would be to get on a full realm before you level your character too far.

@Raavenn: This thread might be of some use…

Also, as Dottie noted Sunstrider is part of a pretty small connected realm so picking something bigger would increase your chances of finding people more directly… In any case, welcome and good luck! bows


OP, feel free to post your ID here (it’s a name, followed by a # and then 4 numbers) and I’ll add you in-game. Can help you get started on my high population realm. You would have to play horde, though. I’m happy to sort of mentor you, on retail.

I’ve been playing for 18 years, know this game in and out. Main a tank, active PVE only.

its sautehamster#2668

Will add you today or tomorrow! See you ingame soon

I am new and would like to have some friends to play along side with

thanks guys! I am currently playing a lv70 priest on twisting nether , my battlenet id is sautehamster#2668, feel free to add me up!

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