New Realm Connections are Underway

Couldn’t you do this at stupid oclock in the morning instead of my night off work. You sure do pick your times.

The Kilrogg-Runetotem-Nagrand/Arathor-Hellfire connection has been a massive success! We’re listed as a high pop server, and I haven’t seen trade chat this active in years. Already seen a lot of guilds recruiting in chat, people actually talking and people selling items in t-chat writing “ wts -item-“ haven’t seen that in years. Let’s just hope we aren’t invaded with boost services spam…
Just shows people actually like realm connections when they can understand the people, they are connected with


While I really hope this, I admit Blizzard’s progress on these realm mergers has me deeply concerned. I hope today will have new announcements, because we didn’t have new English mergers last week, and Blizz seems to have scrapped one planned connection already, and continues to have trouble with others.

I’ll take any merger for my small RP server at this point. Honestly Shadowlands is looking great. If we also get a merger, Blizz will be having one very happy customer in me.

I feel like Last week they were trying to catch up on servers they announced earlier, because the list of EU connections that were announced but never fulfilled was piling up… All together in the 4 regions blizzard runs its servers in 13 connections were announced, 9 were successful (including 4 in EU).

For reference, this week’s successful connections are:

  1. EU (English) - Kilrogg / Nagrand / Runetotem connected to Arathor / Hellfire
  2. EU (German) - Forscherliga / Die Nachtwache connected to Todeswache / Zirkel des Cenarius
  3. EU (German) - Durotan / Tirion connected to Arthas / Blutkessel / Kel’Thuzad / Vek’lor / Wrathbringer
  4. EU (Russian) - Подземье (Deepholm) / Разувий (Razuvious) connected to Галакронд (Galakrond)
  5. TW (Taiwan) - 冰風崗哨 (Chillwind Point) / 寒冰皇冠 (Icecrown) / 尖石 (Spirestone) connected to 暗影之月 (Shadowmoon) / 眾星之子 (Quel’dorei) / 語風 (Whisperwind) - This connection happened on Friday however when it was announced to be done Wednesday.
  6. US (west coast) - Eldre’thalas / Korialstrasz connected to Akama / Dragonmaw / Mug’thol
  7. US (west coast) - Korgath connected to Cairne / Cenarius / Perenolde
  8. US (east coast) - Blood Furnace / Mannoroth / Nazjatar connected to Azgalor / Azshara / Destromath / Thunderlord
  9. US (east coast) - Dawnbringer / Madoran connected to Azuremyst / Staghelm

Announced but never completed was:

  1. EU (German) - Echsenkessel / Mal’ganis / Taerar to be connected to Blackhand (was called off & put on hold like an hour before the other EU servers went down)
  2. US (east coast) - Andorhal / Scilla / Ursin / Zuluhed to be connected to Eonar / Velen (server was offline for like 2 hours but ultimately not connected)
  3. US (east coast) - Garona to be connected to Icecrown / Malygos (server was offline for like 2 hours but ultimately not connected)
  4. US (west coast) - Hyjal to be connected to Proudmoore (obviously this was called off earlier)

In addition there is a Russian connection (Borean Tundra/Blackscar) they announced in early July, attempted once and never followed up with since.


@Anroka: I am sometimes forced to rely on data that is not always reliable and so some of my conclusions are slightly suspect, but it appears that many German RP realms in particular are in even worse shape than the English ones, which may explain some of Blizzard’s order of urgency decisions. EU region is also naturally trickier in terms of overview as we have multiple languages in use and some messages seem to be defaulting to client language only ingame or are only posted in a specific language forum.

I sincerely hope they figure out what is plaguing certain details (guild memberships and guild banks, some AH items, etc) so they can spend more time on adding more connections and less on fixing the ones already made.

As for the next announcements, I suspect we will see them Monday, not today… but I might be wrong. :slight_smile:

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Ohh, interesting, wasn’t aware they were doing new connections for backwater regions too!

About that, do you play on every single region of the world?

That’s good to see ofc, but I believe it will be an alliance-exclusive show, since the horde side is downright minuscule in comparison, on both ex-realms.

I play EU mostly, though my US account is my original account… I have an account on TW/KR that I can check if things went through or not with but I don’t actively play in those regions.

Both Asian regions are really interesting cause there really isn’t much there… Taiwan has 25 servers now connected to 8 clusters with no standalone servers left. 4 of these clusters are in the bottom 10 servers worldwide in terms of population, and the region as a whole is easily the lowest populated of the bunch. suffice to say group finder ques are a bit of a problem there.

Korea is interesting cause it has 9 clusters, however its really Azshara which has like 60% of the regions population and is horde dominated, Hyjal which is the alliance server and 1/3 of the size and then 7 pretty dead servers including the lowest population server in all of wow (Kr-Durotan).

Ahhhh, yes, indeed, I took a look at some of these numbers on wow progress, however I wasn’t able to find any chinese ones, can we not see those?

China Uses a different API from the other regions (It’s servers are hosted by Netease and not blizzard due to Chinese compliance laws)… this makes it really hard to find reliable data for the region, you can go to the server list and get a list of servers and there is a thread on the Chinese forums where they have announced a few connections but I have no idea what servers were connected even from before and wouldn’t know where to find that data.

If your interested the thread announcing server connections in the CN region is here:


I’m hoping all RP realms get merged, Defias has a population but go into the forums for defias vs AD, it’s dead in comparison, AD has a great RP community + more players to raid heroic + progress into mythic… It’s likely we will just realm change to AD regardless of the merges because DB is not ‘healthy’ tbh, been on this realm for yeaaarrss and it’s got nothing to offer that AD doesn’t exceed with. idk how likely/unlikely it is to get a defias et al + AD merge, but one can hope :slight_smile:

The community there is very strong willed to keep it a RP realm, from what ive heard all the other RP realms got ruined by people who dont RP, my opinion is that i think its not a good idea to merge anything with Argent Dawn.

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But in that respect AD has a much more strict report the OOC players and action gets taken upon them, those not willing to RP/try ruin any aspect of it will get penalties/leave to a realm more suited to them, players like me would love to be a part of the AD community, hence why if no merge I’ll probably join anyway haha

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Under the assumption you do rp, a good ground will be that, IF they do this, they need to up their support for when reports do come through and take action to all those who impose on others RP.

on the other hand, the suspension that will be given out will only be temporary and they just carry on and find different ways to disrupt RP.

But AD is a full realm though, the outcry will end up just like the Hyjal merge did.
AD has an extremely vocal community xD

i completely agree with you :slight_smile: that’s why i’d be happy for the merge to happen, For the totally selfish reason of not wanting to pay for all my chars + keep their names but also happy to change realms to join in :slight_smile:

good job, better late then never

@Finn: RP 11-way is currently not looking probable and you have to keep in mind Blizzard has to account for population activity spiking once Shadowlands launch. Unless Shadowlands flops totally, Argent Dawn, like Silvermoon and Draenor will suffer from overcrowding even as is…

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No, no, no, no, that’s crazy! Argent dawn alone, defias + moonglade + dmf = 2x argent dawn sized servers, that’s what you can do.

I’m not talking about any specifics related to argent dawn, just about size.

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Why not simply have this info in the launcher, beside the login screen, estimating how long it will take? I haven’t been able to play since wednesday now, paying for 4 days I cannot play not even knowing the reason why, never mind missing the warfront, how long can it possibly take, 5 days for a merging?

the information is posted on the launcher a few days before they happened… there shouldn’t be anything that prevents you from playing certainly not any connections. All the servers are online! :slight_smile: